Thai Boat Noodle

Thai Boat Noodle (TBN), Bedok Point, Singapore.
My friend brought me to try the Thai boat noodle at one of the Thai restaurant in Bedok Point, weeks ago. Since the place is near, so we met up at Bedok at 1.30PM and walked up to the restaurant.

There is no crowd at this restaurant during our visit, and there are plenty of seats for your to choose. We ordered the basic noodles as our first round. It consisted of the original soup and dry type noodle and I added on with a tomyam based soup meanwhile my friend ordered the fried pig skins.

It is my first time to try the Thai boat noodle. I did not even try it in Kuala Lumpur before, even though I thought of trying it in Melaka last time. To be honest, I do not really like the idea of eating the boat noodle. The reason is very simple. I do not feel satisfied with such a little noodle on my bowl and it could be just finished in two or three mouthful.

Between the soup based and dry type, I prefer to eat the dry type as it tastes better. The original soup broth is not good enough but you can try the Tom Yam soup in which I find it is good for my taste bud while the spicy one is a little too spicy for me.

All the ingredients inside the bowl are the same which consists of a small size pork ball, few sliced of pork, some bean sprouts and some noodle.

According to my friend, the Green Tea Milk Tea is nice but I did not try it personally. I ordered the hot Thai Tea.

Address: #02-32/34, 799 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Point, Singapore.


라떼야 (삼청점) Latteya, Seoul
By searching through my receipt I get to find the name of the little quiet cafe that I visited. The coffee isn’t fantastically nice but the surrounding environment is super relaxing and quiet while looking at the autumn foliage. No regret for paying ₩4500 for a cuppa of 커페라떼 (coffee latte).

See below for all the pictures that I took at this cafe.

Pagoda Steamboat

Jiu Mao Jiu, Pagoda Steamboat, Selegie.
Three girls decide to conquer the four-layer steamboat tower on one of the Saturday. This steamboat shop offers buffet style with wide selection of meats which include the chicken, pork and beef and vegetables. All the vegetables will be cleaned and cut into smaller pieces before served. The drink is not included in this buffet.

We choose to have two different soup based, the hot spicy soup with lowest level of spiciness and the clear soup. The clear soup we add the radish, corns and the prawn heads to make the soup tastes sweet and better than just a clear soup. You can add other ingredients into the clear soup to bring up the taste. Even, putting the meat into it would make the clear soup slightly tastier.

Since, the steamboat comes with grilled pan, we marinate our meat with butter and garlic before putting it to grill. You can marinate it with little sesame oil and soy sauce, will do. The marinated meat tastes better than the raw meat that we just take from the fridge.

There is no time limit of how long you want to eat or you can eat. The buffet does include a crab per table and two big prawns per person. We then, add in the crab into the clear soup to make the soup based even better. If you wish to eat the crab, best it steam it with garlic and some parsley.

Address: #01-16, Pomo, 1 Selegie Road, Singapore.

Cucina Italian

First time to explore this new shopping centre called, Aperia Mall which also has office tower that houses some big companies such as Intel, McDonald’s (according to a website’s information, This shopping centre is not crowded with people at the moment and there are plenty restaurants around.

The first restaurant I tried is called Cucina, an Italian restaurant which is located at the 2nd floor of the shopping centre. During our visit, they were doing the 1-for-1 promotion and five of us tried their promotion offers and ordered other side dishes too.

Their dishes do not come with drinks and we have to order our own drinks, and even if you choose to have plain water, they do charge for plain water.

Duck Confit – gently sumptuous duck leg with berries sauce infused. Among all the dishes that we ordered, this is the nicest. The duck meat and the sauce go well together with the rest of the side vegetables.

Grilled Salmon fillet with special cocktail sauce. It is another nice main dish which we ordered, however, the fillet is quite small. It would be better if they gave us a bigger piece, judging by the price they charged us.

Grilled Ribeye with red wine sauce, tastes normal when I compared it with the above two other dishes.

Pizza al fruitti di mare – mussels, prawns, squids and tomatoes. The pizza is very cheesy and the ingredients are not many. I am not sure if my portion of pizza do not have all the ingredients on top of it.

Parma ham rolled is the starter which we ordered. I was told that it is a must to try when visiting an Italian restaurant.

Overall, the food here is still okay and acceptable for a try.

Address: Cucina Italian, #02-10, Aperia,12 Kallang Ave, Singapore.

5 Little Monkeys Cafe

The raining season is back and almost everyday it rains in the afternoons and evenings and some days it rains during the lunch time. It will be great if we can get our lunch without going out from the office building.

Today, eight of us, comprises of people of different departments, we went to the  to try their food. It is a pretty nice cafe, good environment and spacious.

And when looked at the menu, there are plenty of food I would like to try and of course the prices are all reasonable. For the first time. I tried the Fish and Chips. A few of us wanted to try the same dish but it left 4 sets, so they have to change their lunch to another dish.

This is how the Fish and Chips looks like. The portion is reasonable good with one fish fillet, some chips and vegetables. I do not expect to have some vegetables as salad, so this is a bonus point. The fish fillet is not oily when it is served, tastes okay even if you do not eat with the tartar sauce.

Address: #11-00, Pico Creative Centre, 20 Kallang Ave, Singapore.

The Old Malaya Cafe

The Old Malaya Cafe sells mostly Singaporeans and Malaysians local food. You can find the basic curry noodle, clear soup noodle, wanton noodle and rice here. I was here for lunch with a colleague. It was only two of us.

The restaurant space is very limited and it is crowded during the lunch time too. We are lucky enough to find a small table for 2 of us. Then, we started queueing to order our food. Seeing some people ate the curry noodle, I decided to try the same. I ordered the Curry Meehoon and my colleague ordered her Wanton Noodle. The curry noodle consists of few sliced fish cake, some long beans, one chicken wing and some potatoes and beancurb puffs. The curry taste is pretty fragrant and it goes well with my meehoon.

We ordered the popiah and shared it together. It has been quite long I did not eat popiah, kind of missing the days when my home prepared and made it for dinner. The taste is okay, and of course the ingredients are just normal ones. You can order either with or without spicy. We chose without spicy.

Japanese Gourmet Town

I travelled all the way to Harbourfront to meet up with my brother who was on his business trip to Singapore and he was staying around VivoCity Shopping Centre. I was searching around in the Internet to find out which restaurants are good for dinner and let him to make a choice. We ended up at this Japanese restaurant.

The menu has quite a lot to be chosen and it comes with set meals too. If you wish you can have additional side dishes.

Pork Kimuchi Ramen. The soup based by itself is nice with the sesame oil. It has half an egg, some meat and cabbage, kimchi and ramen. The set comes with a drink of your choice and a side dish. The portion is generous and filling.

Pork Tomyam Ramen. The tomyam taste is just nice and is not too strong. The ingredients are quite generous with bean sprout and pork meat. And, our side dishes.

After finished all the food and drink, our stomach was so full and we called it a day. I sent him back to his hotel before I head back to East side.

Address: #01-157/158 Vivocity, Singapore.