Japanese Gourmet Town

I travelled all the way to Harbourfront to meet up with my brother who was on his business trip to Singapore and he was staying around VivoCity Shopping Centre. I was searching around in the Internet to find out which restaurants are good for dinner and let him to make a choice. We ended up at this Japanese restaurant.

The menu has quite a lot to be chosen and it comes with set meals too. If you wish you can have additional side dishes.

Pork Kimuchi Ramen. The soup based by itself is nice with the sesame oil. It has half an egg, some meat and cabbage, kimchi and ramen. The set comes with a drink of your choice and a side dish. The portion is generous and filling.

Pork Tomyam Ramen. The tomyam taste is just nice and is not too strong. The ingredients are quite generous with bean sprout and pork meat. And, our side dishes.

After finished all the food and drink, our stomach was so full and we called it a day. I sent him back to his hotel before I head back to East side.

Address: #01-157/158 Vivocity, Singapore.

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