The Old Malaya Cafe

The Old Malaya Cafe sells mostly Singaporeans and Malaysians local food. You can find the basic curry noodle, clear soup noodle, wanton noodle and rice here. I was here for lunch with a colleague. It was only two of us.

The restaurant space is very limited and it is crowded during the lunch time too. We are lucky enough to find a small table for 2 of us. Then, we started queueing to order our food. Seeing some people ate the curry noodle, I decided to try the same. I ordered the Curry Meehoon and my colleague ordered her Wanton Noodle. The curry noodle consists of few sliced fish cake, some long beans, one chicken wing and some potatoes and beancurb puffs. The curry taste is pretty fragrant and it goes well with my meehoon.

We ordered the popiah and shared it together. It has been quite long I did not eat popiah, kind of missing the days when my home prepared and made it for dinner. The taste is okay, and of course the ingredients are just normal ones. You can order either with or without spicy. We chose without spicy.

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