5 Little Monkeys Cafe

The raining season is back and almost everyday it rains in the afternoons and evenings and some days it rains during the lunch time. It will be great if we can get our lunch without going out from the office building.

Today, eight of us, comprises of people of different departments, we went to the  to try their food. It is a pretty nice cafe, good environment and spacious.

And when looked at the menu, there are plenty of food I would like to try and of course the prices are all reasonable. For the first time. I tried the Fish and Chips. A few of us wanted to try the same dish but it left 4 sets, so they have to change their lunch to another dish.

This is how the Fish and Chips looks like. The portion is reasonable good with one fish fillet, some chips and vegetables. I do not expect to have some vegetables as salad, so this is a bonus point. The fish fillet is not oily when it is served, tastes okay even if you do not eat with the tartar sauce.

Address: #11-00, Pico Creative Centre, 20 Kallang Ave, Singapore.

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