Pagoda Steamboat

Jiu Mao Jiu, Pagoda Steamboat, Selegie.
Three girls decide to conquer the four-layer steamboat tower on one of the Saturday. This steamboat shop offers buffet style with wide selection of meats which include the chicken, pork and beef and vegetables. All the vegetables will be cleaned and cut into smaller pieces before served. The drink is not included in this buffet.

We choose to have two different soup based, the hot spicy soup with lowest level of spiciness and the clear soup. The clear soup we add the radish, corns and the prawn heads to make the soup tastes sweet and better than just a clear soup. You can add other ingredients into the clear soup to bring up the taste. Even, putting the meat into it would make the clear soup slightly tastier.

Since, the steamboat comes with grilled pan, we marinate our meat with butter and garlic before putting it to grill. You can marinate it with little sesame oil and soy sauce, will do. The marinated meat tastes better than the raw meat that we just take from the fridge.

There is no time limit of how long you want to eat or you can eat. The buffet does include a crab per table and two big prawns per person. We then, add in the crab into the clear soup to make the soup based even better. If you wish to eat the crab, best it steam it with garlic and some parsley.

Address: #01-16, Pomo, 1 Selegie Road, Singapore.

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