Lunch with two ladies who love food as much as I do. They sent me a link and I fell in love with the food here. The food presentation is pretty nice and I would like to a few food there. For my first visit, I chose the Egg benedict and the two ladies chose the Norwegian rosti.

The food does not need to take very long to be served after we placed the orders. I believed the two persons in the open kitchen are the chefs here and probably the owners’ of the cafe.

The Norwegian Rosti
See how hearty the food presentation of this rosti.

The Egg Benedict.
It is not easy to make the Egg Benedict and the pictures from the Internet attracts me to try it as my first try. Only one egg is cooked to its perfection and other one is slightly over-cooked. It comes with some vegetables and a soft bun.

A unique discovery is the Luncheon Fries.
It gives us a great idea on how to cook luncheon meat also. It tastes just the same as normal luncheon meat that we bought from supermarket. You can dip the luncheon meat into the special sauce or go original.

Address: Kitchener Complex Blk 809 French Road #01-50 Singapore.
Opening days: Mondays to Fridays.


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