Solo Trip: Seoul

Hey, I decided to merge both my food blog and travel blog into single blog website. Do not worry those old entries for my travel blog will not be removed and I will make a copy over here, in my food blog. It will become a food and travel blog in single website. Let us begin with my stories about my  8 days travelling around this lovely city in South Korea, Seoul.

I traveled to Seoul by MAS and that means I traveled back to my home country on the Friday’s night and flied to Seoul on the Saturday’s night at 2330hrs. The airfare for this trip costed RM1,278 inclusive 30KG of  luggage, airport tax and etc. I will not say it is dirt cheap price but when I compared with AirAsia and other budget airlines as well big airlines like SIA, the MAS came out to be reasonable price. Of course, I can always check out my bill with AirAsia with below RM1,000 inclusive of 20KG of luggage. However, it is a night flight and it takes about 6.5 hours, therefore, MAS will be great option with food and beverages and entertainment in-flight.

While waiting for take off, I saat at the window seat of the two-seater of the right side of the flight. The flight was full with people and the seat next to me changed from a ahjuhma to a ahjussi. Well, I prefer the ahjussi more than the ahjuhma who sat next to me earlier. She was quite noisy. Ops~

Upon took off, we are required to fill up the immigration form from Korea and a drink was served too. The ahjussi did not ask me if I would like to have orange juice or apple juice, he just took and passed it over to me. Haha, I am fine with it though.

After about an hour, I started to entertain myself with a movie before I went to nap. And, at that point of time, we were served with supper! They called it as refreshment which consisted a cup of drink, a packet of peanuts, a packet of wafer and a box of bread and muffin. It looked good and everything was just nice, okay and no complaints.

About two hours before arrival, we were greet with breakfast. I chose the omelette set and as usual it comes with drinks and stuff. This time, I chose to have coffee, and it is sad… The coffee is too mild and close to tasteless. I do not know if this is to suit the Koreans’ tastes or what not, but yes, I will not ask for coffee anymore. Orange juice still the best!
I was greeted with the lovely sunrise at Incheon International Airport.

Throughout the whole journey, the ahjussi next to me really took care of me, including asked me for food and beverages. I felt the kindness and warm of Korean people.


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