Duck Rice

On two separate occasion, I was walking at Lavender neighbourhood area to look for lunch and randomly found there are these duck rice stall which have a number of queue. I tried both of the duck rice and they are uniquely different and tasted nice too.

Lavender 803 Food House
The white rice topped with the thickly roasted pork/duck sauce is a perfect match with the duck breast meat. The sauce is very generous as you can see from the below picture and it is more than enough to mix the sauce with the rice and eat with the duck meat. You do not even need to add chilli sauce on it.

This food court does have few other food that are worth to give a try as I can see  the crowd and the queue at the store. Will definitely be back with more reviews on other food that I eat here.

Broadway Food Centre
It is further down from the Lavender 803 Food Centre, just right after the Jalan Besar Stadium. The crowd over here is lesser than the other food court and yet there is an hidden gem too. The duck rice at this food court is uniquely different because of its rice. It looks like glutinous rice but it is not and it is flavoured with Chinese spices. The duck breast meat with the sauce and the hard boiled egg are well cooked with the spices. Overall, it is nice and delicious. It comes with a bowl of soup.

Mad For Garlic

The VIP came down to Singapore for business meeting with other people from different countries. We met briefly on the first day when he went over to my place to talk for a while. I felt bad because I owe him a lot of works have not done, even until now (I am spending my time writing this entry). I want to repay for his kindness, I asked for a lunch appointment on his last day of business trip.

It was a lunch appointment with another two colleagues from his team. They brought us to Suntec City and settled down at Mad for Garlic for lunch. This restaurant uses garlic, a lot of garlic in their dishes. You can even ask for more garlic if you wish.

Garlic Baguettes
It smells good when it is served on our table. It has 4 baguettes per serving. When it is served, I think of having the thick and creamy mushroom soup. The baguettes are quite reasonable serving and if you do not mind you can eat it with your hand.

The sauteed mussels with garlic cream sauce served with bread.
Another nice and delicious dish ordered by our colleague. He says, it is a must try/order food here. The garlic cream sauce is great when you dip it with the bread or even the garlic baguettes. However, for the mussels, it was over-cooked.
The lobster cream pasta with fried garlic topping. It is recommended main dish that my colleagues wanted to order more. And, lucky enough we ordered one portion only as we have other main dishes ordered such as the thin crust Garlic Snowing Pizza.

The sauce on the thin crust is so nice and special to me and it has a lot of cheese too! We did add on more fried garlic on top of the pizza.  Do not look down on their portion, it can be little but when you finish all of them, it is very filling. It is a total satisfied lunch for the lovely Friday.

Besides that, I get to learn more about how does a teamwork work. It has been a while, since the last time I worked in a team.

Address: 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-300/301 Suntec City Mall, 038983, Singapore.

Segar Village

My colleague found this Halal restaurant which serves crab. She wanted to eat crab and wanted to bring our Malay colleague along to try it. We went to this restaurant for three times on separated occasions. She suggested to try the crab beehoon after another of our colleague mentioned about this delicacies. And so far, we have yet eaten with the colleague who mentioned about it.

The crab beehoon is great especially when the beehoon soaked with all the gravy in the claypot. It is best to leave it for a while before eating it. Then, the beehoon will taste better and will not feel hot holding the crab. The size of the crab is reasonable big for 3 persons. 😀

We ordered other dishes as well and the food cooked in Chinese style. The taste of each dishes are delicious and I can feel the home-cooked aroma too. Our table was full of food when it was served.

We ordered the tofu cooked in hotplate, vegetable with meats, salted egg squids and seaweed soup. 

On another occasion, we tried their fried noodle and although it is sinful to order this fried beef kway teow, it is really aromatic when it was served.

During our first visit, we saw few tables are Malays and they seem liking the food here too. It is worthy to give a try to eat here whenever you want to bring your Malay friends to try Chinese food.

Address: 19 Sims Way, 388831, Singapore.

Pizza Hut

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, I went to the Pizza Hut to grab my late lunch with my aunt. We bought two sets of combo 2 which consists of a personal pizza and a bowl of mushroom soup. It costs MYR7.90 for this promotion combo set.
Pizza Hut
We chose chicken sausages and sliced chicken for our pizza.

It is really a simple pizza with chicken sausages and chicken ham, cubed pineapples and different sauces. The mushroom soup which I think could be instant mushroom soup and it is thick.

Big Apple Restaurant

Weekend Hi-Tea at Big Apple Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They offered the intercontinental hi-tea on the day I visited the restaurant before I took my bus back to Singapore. They offer quite a big selection of food, desserts and coffee and tea are included. The food comprises both cold meat, Sashimi and normal cooked dishes or cooked on the spot per request.

After trying few different dishes are the the best ones that you can choose next time if you visit here:-
Cold meat selection with salads.
The cold meats and salads are fresh and plenty to choose. For salads, they have few different salad dressings for you to choose from the salads bar. If you love breads, they have made few different breads and put at the baskets for people to choose. I tried it with the ham.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio cooked in a very small portion which I think it is good and we can try a little bit without wasting the food. I added every ingredients inside and added some salads from the salads bar. It tastes good and portion is just right for tasting.

For those who love desserts, the desserts bar has more than 10 different desserts to choose and you can find some local kuih too. Overall, their food is quite okay, portion of food is reasonable and they keep replenishing the food as well. However, try to avoid their steamed egg, it is totally overcooked steamed egg. It is hard and tasteless. Other than that, do press their coffee machine for some crafted coffee.

Address: Big Apple Restaurant, Level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bao Makers

Bao Makers, Lavender, Singapore.

The Bao Makers serves the steamed buns with favourable ingredients. It is located along the heritage trail of Jalan Besar, it serves other dishes, coffee and desserts.

At my first glance walking into this cafe, it is purely vintage and lovely place to hang out with friends and family. The cafe is spacious and quiet. I went there with another two ladies and we were ordering the baos’ selection with different flavours. We tried their Shrimps with Salted Egg, Bulgogi Beef and Chilli Crab.

I did not take the picture of the chilli crab, however, you can see many people are posting the pictures of their Chilli Crab Bao which I think is the most sellable or famous bao in this cafe. I chose the Salted egg with shrimps and it has a strong salted egg taste while my friend ordered the Kimchi beef is just normal one. Do it eat while still hot especially the one with steamed bun. Some of it are fried.

After finishing the baos, we hopped to another place for second round as the baos are really too little to make our stomach full. The baos and salads are just too little for the price they charged us. Maybe, they are using great ingredients or selling the gimmick of buns fusion. I think many of us who know how to cook at home, they can simply improvise it to something suit their taste-bud.

Address: 78 Horne Rd, Lavender, Singapore.


Yayoi at Somerset 313, Singapore.
The Japanese Teishoku restaurant.

Shima Hokke Teishoku
It is the Japanese name of the dish that I ordered during my first visit to this restaurant. It is a grilled Atka mackerel set that comes with a bowl of rice, Miso soup and cold dish, the cold Japanese tofu.

The mackerel is a little tasteless and I ate it with some pickles. The pickles help to bring up the appetite and it goes well with the rice too.

During my second time visiting this restaurant, I ordered another dish to try. It is called Pork Mix Toji Teishoku which comes with sliced pork and pork cutlet, fried prawn filled with egg set. It is tastier than the previous dish.

Both dishes are quite a lot and if you think you can eat a lot of rice, it is refillable.

Green tea is chargeable for person and it is refillable. You can choose either hot or cold green tea.

Generally, the service and quality of food are acceptable, the restaurant is quite spacious and no problem to look for a seat during dinner time.

Address: Somerset 313, Orchard Road, #B3-33/34, Singapore.