MyeongDong – Stickers World

It is so fascinating to see youngsters to spend their time looking through each stickers shops in MyeongDong to find their favourite singer’s or band’s stickers, CDs and DVDs and posters collections. The craziness spreads to non-Korean people as well. One of it is my brother. He assigned me to get him some of the stickers for his collections. Oh Gosh~
Yea, I got some for him with a T-money card featured with famous artists. For the T-money card, it costs W10,000 each. I could remember how much a T-money card costs if we buy it from the kiosk in the train station. However, inside the card, there is not stored values. Hehehe….

I bought 4 other stickers sets which costs W2,000 each. I do not know how much does it cost in Malaysia or Singapore if any.

Besides crazy for artists’ stickers, there are people who are crazy for Pororo, the Korean’s famous cartoon. The sticker below costs W1,000. For those who like it, you can go to Daiso to check it out.
I found it at the Daiso shop in MyeongDong, Seoul. They are selling items similarly to any Daiso that I have visited in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Japan. However, Daiso in Seoul sells items in different prices. Juat to take note.
Selling stickers in Seoul can really earn a big buck. It is a culture here. Even simple artists’ stickers can get so many people to buy it. Just fascinating~


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