Yayoi at Somerset 313, Singapore.
The Japanese Teishoku restaurant.

Shima Hokke Teishoku
It is the Japanese name of the dish that I ordered during my first visit to this restaurant. It is a grilled Atka mackerel set that comes with a bowl of rice, Miso soup and cold dish, the cold Japanese tofu.

The mackerel is a little tasteless and I ate it with some pickles. The pickles help to bring up the appetite and it goes well with the rice too.

During my second time visiting this restaurant, I ordered another dish to try. It is called Pork Mix Toji Teishoku which comes with sliced pork and pork cutlet, fried prawn filled with egg set. It is tastier than the previous dish.

Both dishes are quite a lot and if you think you can eat a lot of rice, it is refillable.

Green tea is chargeable for person and it is refillable. You can choose either hot or cold green tea.

Generally, the service and quality of food are acceptable, the restaurant is quite spacious and no problem to look for a seat during dinner time.

Address: Somerset 313, Orchard Road, #B3-33/34, Singapore.


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