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Segar Village

My colleague found this Halal restaurant which serves crab. She wanted to eat crab and wanted to bring our Malay colleague along to try it. We went to this restaurant for three times on separated occasions. She suggested to try the crab beehoon after another of our colleague mentioned about this delicacies. And so far, we have yet eaten with the colleague who mentioned about it.

The crab beehoon is great especially when the beehoon soaked with all the gravy in the claypot. It is best to leave it for a while before eating it. Then, the beehoon will taste better and will not feel hot holding the crab. The size of the crab is reasonable big for 3 persons. 😀

We ordered other dishes as well and the food cooked in Chinese style. The taste of each dishes are delicious and I can feel the home-cooked aroma too. Our table was full of food when it was served.

We ordered the tofu cooked in hotplate, vegetable with meats, salted egg squids and seaweed soup. 

On another occasion, we tried their fried noodle and although it is sinful to order this fried beef kway teow, it is really aromatic when it was served.

During our first visit, we saw few tables are Malays and they seem liking the food here too. It is worthy to give a try to eat here whenever you want to bring your Malay friends to try Chinese food.

Address: 19 Sims Way, 388831, Singapore.


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