Food Court & Hawker Centre, Singapore - Lavender, Singaporean Food

Duck Rice

On two separate occasion, I was walking at Lavender neighbourhood area to look for lunch and randomly found there are these duck rice stall which have a number of queue. I tried both of the duck rice and they are uniquely different and tasted nice too.

Lavender 803 Food House
The white rice topped with the thickly roasted pork/duck sauce is a perfect match with the duck breast meat. The sauce is very generous as you can see from the below picture and it is more than enough to mix the sauce with the rice and eat with the duck meat. You do not even need to add chilli sauce on it.

This food court does have few other food that are worth to give a try as I can see  the crowd and the queue at the store. Will definitely be back with more reviews on other food that I eat here.

Broadway Food Centre
It is further down from the Lavender 803 Food Centre, just right after the Jalan Besar Stadium. The crowd over here is lesser than the other food court and yet there is an hidden gem too. The duck rice at this food court is uniquely different because of its rice. It looks like glutinous rice but it is not and it is flavoured with Chinese spices. The duck breast meat with the sauce and the hard boiled egg are well cooked with the spices. Overall, it is nice and delicious. It comes with a bowl of soup.


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