Hotel Istana

Hotel Istana – Taman Sari Brasserie, Malaysia.
I was here with my aunt to have lunch together. Instead of going for the hi-tea, we ordered the ala-carte and it took quite sometime for it to be served as the waitress informed us before taking our orders.

While waiting for the food to be served, the waitress served us the Mushroom Soup from the hi-tea area with some breads. It is not part of the ala-carte order, so I guess it is their hotel courtesy to their customers who wait for their food to be ready.

Fish & Chips
It is quite surprising to see this Fish and Chips. How come so small fish? I have no idea too, and according to my aunt, her previous visit to the same restaurant and ordered the same Fish and Chips was quite a big piece.

I am not sure what kind of fish was used to cook this Fish and Chips, the fish, vegetables and fries were okay.

I ordered the Pasta with Bolognese sauce and it turned to be generous portion. It is beef bolognese sauce and the minced beef portion is reasonable.

Another ordered was the Assam Fish. I am sorry that I have taken the picture from my seat. According to my aunt’s friend, the Assam Fish was quite spicy and reasonable portion. They gave quite a lot of chilli sambal to eat with the rice too.

Address: Hotel Istana, 75, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

20F Specialty

20F Specialty Coffeehouse, Singapore.

Inter-departments lunch on the last day of work before we were going for Chinese New Year’s holidays. Yea, it is quite late to post this entry.

The above picture showed all the food that we ordered. The food was cooked and served with heart. We enjoyed so much eating our food. This is the best description I can give to share my dining experience at this shop. It is good and tasty, although it may look pricey. None of us complaint about the quality of the food.

It is worthy for a good dining experience especially when you are eating with a group of great people.

Address: 20 Foch Road, 209261, Singapore.

Nam Hwa Chiang Fish Head Steamboat

Nam Hwa Chiang Fish Head Steamboat – North Bridge Road, Singapore.

After jogging for about 30 minutes, five of us went down to North Bridge Road for dinner. One of my jogging kakis suggested to try here and we do not have enough money to try their steamboat. Besides that, one of our kakis was not eating.
Nam Hwa Chong
We settled down our own plate of meal. I ordered the Fried Hong Kong Noodle with a glass of cold lou han gou. I liked the fried noodle because of its “wok hei” and dryness of the noodle. The portion is generous too although it does not have much meat.

This restaurant has quite a lot of patrons at night especially families. I will definitely come back here one day to try the steamboat and other dishes too.

Address: 808/812/814/816 North Bridge Road, 198779, Singapore.

Cold Sweet Pear with Longan

The weather is getting warmer lately and it is good to have some cold and refreshing drink. I try my luck to boil the sweet pear with longan and wolf berries. The ingredients can be bought from any supermarkets. Clean or wash all of it, bring the water to boil and put all the ingredients into the pot.

Boil it for an hour in low fire. Once it is ready, you can add rock sugar to make it sweeter or just leave it as it is. Cool off before you add the ice cubes or put it into the refrigerator to make it cold.
 The cold sweet pear with longan and wolf berries is ready to refresh your day.

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro – Beach Road, Singapore.

Another Friday night’s outing with friends after working hours. I went down to get a table at The Ramen Stall at North Bridge Road while waiting the other three friends to join me. As the queue was quite long before us, we decided to walk down the road to check out other restaurants and cafe.

Then, our Muslim friend suggested to go to Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro because it is Halal. It was quite a distant from our first location and we just walked all the way while checking out other shops around the road.
We ordered our own individual meal and we added the Cold Meat Platter named SMÖRGÅSBORD in Swedish. The cold items include the pickled herring, smoked salmon, turkey ham, Skagen with Swedish roe, hard rye crispbread, cheese and a small side salad. And the hot items are meatballs, grilled chicken, Black Angus sirloin served on a bed of mash and asparagus wrapped with bacon.

I ordered the Garlic pasta with meatballs. VITLLÖKSPASTA MED KÖTTBULLAR ELLER GRILLAD KYCKLING in Swedish. I have no idea how to pronounce it and I just copied the name from their website. In short, it is Linguine pasta, garlic, olive oil, parsley, chilli flakes and meatballs.
The spaghetti was cooked al-dente and the garlic and chili flakes make it smells good. It came with five medium sized meatballs. The portion was generous. I completed my meal with the Lingonberry Juice which suggested by my friend to try it.

The spread of good food on the beautiful and happy Friday’s evening. 🙂
It is really a good place to gather with friends and eat and talk. It is a great night spent together.
Address: 257 Beach Road (Corner of Arab Street and Beach Road), Singapore.

Supper at Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar – Tampines, Singapore.

On a rare occasion on the Friday’s night, I stayed back to wait for another two other colleagues to go for dinner after another colleague was asking if they want to have dinner in Tampines. Yes, it was initially a dinner but ended up as supper because we reached the Al-Azhar Restaurant at Tampines St. 21 around 11.00pm.

It is a very crowded coffeeshop even at late night. People especially the Malays are here for food, drinks and talks. We managed to get ourselves a table and we looked through the menu slowly. There are a lot of food selections.

Eating at this hour is not good for health and I chose to eat something sinful too. The fried kway teow in Thai Style. The fried noodle is just a simple one with normal ingredients on it such as few sliced chicken meat, some shredded cabbages, egg and spring onion.

A plate fried noodle has 744 calories on it according to the source at and I need to jog for 4 days in order to burn all these calories away.

Address: Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1105, 524201, Singapore.

Nong Khai

Nong Khai – Golden Mile, Beach Road, Singapore.

Small gathering for dinner of three people at Nong Khai Golden Mile on a beautiful friday’s evening. It has been quite long we did not meet up and it is great to have a short 2-hour catch up with great people. I happy to know my brother, Wan is going to be daddy and I love to see Myo bro is happier than last time when I got to know him.

That is why I decided to immediate write the review today and do not want to miss out any points to be mentioned. When I reached the restaurant located at the ground floor, there was no crowd yet and shortly after 7.00PM, it was full house. We ordered full table of food which consists of tom yum soup, two appetizers, two meats, and a plate of vegetable. It does sound a lot for three persons. All our food as medium spiciness.

I would to share the great ones here, the Papaya Salad and Glass Noodle.
Nong Khai
My friend ordered the glass noodle and told us to try it with the dishes. Indeed, it is really nice with I ate it with the Papaya Salad and the tom yum soup. The spicy sauce from the salad gives extra taste to the noodle.

When the glass noodle soaks the tom yum seafood soup, it gives another level of satisfaction. Maybe, I have not tried eating the Thai glass noodle and the experience is refreshing. The ingredients inside the soup are generous with prawns, squids, fish balls, crab sticks and mushrooms.
Nong Khai The other foods that we ordered as the spring rolls which are simple yet nice. We have grilled chicken and grilled beef too. The grilled beef is salty for my taste bud and have to go with rice, while the grilled chicken is just okay.

Address: #01-73/74, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, 199588, Singapore.

Breakfast at IKEA

IKEA Restaurant – Tampines, Singapore.

On the day, after I submitted my blood for test in order to renew my work permit, I hopped on to the free bus to IKEA at the Tampines One. It was 9.00AM in the morning and there was no queue at the bus stand. My left hand felt so weak and I was really hungry for food. No many eateries in Tampines One is ready to serve the customers.
IKEA Restaurant
Hopped on to the bus was a good choice as I did not have to walk all the way back to my house to prepare my breakfast or buy my breakfast from the opposite block. And, I found they offered free coffee for early birds. All patrons who pay their bills before 10.00AM will get free coffee of the day. Everyone was greeted with the same messages from the cashiers.

I ordered the French toast with baked beans and a sausage set. Simple breakfast. Since, I could not move much with my left hand, I settled down at one of the closest table to the coffee counter, just next to a couple with two kids. The kids are cute, a boy and a girl with their parent.

I am not lonely eating in the restaurant, anyway. Hahaha 🙂

Address: 60 Tampines North Drive 2, 528764, Singapore.