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Nong Khai

Nong Khai – Golden Mile, Beach Road, Singapore.

Small gathering for dinner of three people at Nong Khai Golden Mile on a beautiful friday’s evening. It has been quite long we did not meet up and it is great to have a short 2-hour catch up with great people. I happy to know my brother, Wan is going to be daddy and I love to see Myo bro is happier than last time when I got to know him.

That is why I decided to immediate write the review today and do not want to miss out any points to be mentioned. When I reached the restaurant located at the ground floor, there was no crowd yet and shortly after 7.00PM, it was full house. We ordered full table of food which consists of tom yum soup, two appetizers, two meats, and a plate of vegetable. It does sound a lot for three persons. All our food as medium spiciness.

I would to share the great ones here, the Papaya Salad and Glass Noodle.
Nong Khai
My friend ordered the glass noodle and told us to try it with the dishes. Indeed, it is really nice with I ate it with the Papaya Salad and the tom yum soup. The spicy sauce from the salad gives extra taste to the noodle.

When the glass noodle soaks the tom yum seafood soup, it gives another level of satisfaction. Maybe, I have not tried eating the Thai glass noodle and the experience is refreshing. The ingredients inside the soup are generous with prawns, squids, fish balls, crab sticks and mushrooms.
Nong Khai The other foods that we ordered as the spring rolls which are simple yet nice. We have grilled chicken and grilled beef too. The grilled beef is salty for my taste bud and have to go with rice, while the grilled chicken is just okay.

Address: #01-73/74, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, 199588, Singapore.


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