So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 2]

The second part of the session, the host asked another question, what is your daily routine as a developer?

Well, my daily routines for the beginning years as a software developer were limited to few things only. It includes checking daily reports whether we sent and received a copy of all the daily and monthly report without errors.

Next, it would be checking if there is any emails to reply to my customer services team and their emails always top priority in my task list. Being a small fries, I did not have to entertain the bosses and management flying-emails and external parties emails.

Other than customer services team, I could receive emails from other project teams asking for different kind of supports, ranging from data extraction, developing ad hoc applications and applications’ enhancements and attending ad hoc requests. Support and maintenance of the internal applications are the daily routine as a software developer.

Usually, a developer will handle one project at a time, unless you are working with small company where you are required to multitasking on different projects to meet the dateline. It is advisable not to do multitasking. Just concentrate on one project and finish it soonest the possible. It is because the longer time you used to complete a project, the less motivated you are to complete the project. I do believe some of you agree with it.

At times, when we have projects to live on the day, of course, we have to standby and sometimes, when we have applications or systems that need to do maintenance or migration in the midnight, we have to stay late and support too. It depends on the nature of business of your company, sometimes the migration can be done during weekend only.

And, tada… then it is end of the working hours, 6PM.

For some companies, the do have 24/7 support. Sound familiar right? Yes, when you are on the on call support, you have to handle calls, emails and etc that come to you at odd hours. I think it is most tiring moment when someone is on 24/7 support. I was lucky enough that I did not need to be 24/7 support but just normal standby to attend any calls. 😀

I think this is pretty much for a developer. Other than that, I think as a developer, we must constantly learn something during working hours too and has it as part of our routines.

So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 1]

As soon as the sharing session of the “So You Want to be A Developer?” at Google SIngapore’s office completed last week, I have the intention of writing my experiences as a girl in IT industry. I would love to share my experiences, from how I started until where I am today. It is not something big to be shared but it is good to be shared and I would love to hear some feedback.

I took the opportunity to attend the session (also skipping my monthly SQL meetup at Microsoft Singapore’s office) because I wish to know how is the developer nowadays. I was a software developer after a year completed my Degree in Computer Science, majoring Web Development. It was a short stint being a developer, before I moved on to be a Database Administrator cum Developer and now, I am upgrading my skills to be a Data Analyst or Data Scientist one day.

The first question the host threw to the speakers of the day was, how did you get started?

As a student who just finished her O-Level and did not know much except Mathematics and Accounts, it was quite obvious that people would think that this girl most likely would be going for Accounting or Business Administration course. I wanted something different but I did not want to be a chemist as my lifetime career. It was another subject that I loved so much in school back then.

Without waiting for my final result, I enrolled myself into a college to start of my journey in IT course. I was not good in computing, both hardware and software. I felt fear whenever touching them. And, I think that is the reason why I chose IT. Learn something that I do not know.

Two months after, I dropped out from the college. Haha. It was not because I could not cope it. I transferred to another college because I thought, if I were to graduate from a prestigious college or university, I would have higher chances of getting hired. Not only that, I did a apply for a scholarship, went for the interview and subsequently I got it from the same college I was studying. It was a wonderful moment, right.

From there, I started to learn how to code and my first programming language was C. The book C How to Program was my best pal. I still remember the first assignment was to build a console application that rolls the numbers (dices) and add the numbers together. It was so much fun trying to make the application works, debugging the bugs, and displaying the result in the black-and-white console screen.

That is how I got started.

How about you?

Steamboat at Liang Seah Street

Liang Seah Street at Bugis, Singapore is very famous with many steamboat restaurants. The whole street houses more than 10 steamboat restaurants and some of them are similar styles. I have been here for few times and different steamboat restaurants. When it comes to steamboat, the most important ingredients must be the soup based because the rest of the ingredients are not marinated and it cooks inside the hot pot.

Head down to the city if you wish to have your steamboat fix for today since it is a wet Saturday 🙂

Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak Thai Bangkok

Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak Thai Bangkok

I went to try this highly recommended, best Thai Boat Noodle which I found from some of the food bloggers. It is my first Thai boat noodle in Bangkok and I am not sure if this is the real authentic one. There are few different types of soup based offered by this stall which is located at the back of the shop-lots. You may not see it from the front row of the shops if you get down from the overhead bridge. Just walk inside the small side lane. Alternatively, you can go through the Soi Roy Ran at the Victory Monument.

We tried all the three different soup based and with different type of noodles. What soup based do they have and how much does it cost for this small bowl of noodle? Below is the price and the soup that they have.

Personally, I prefer the thick soup over the sour soup. And, their soup is not spicy at all. So, where does the spiciness comes from? Maybe, we need to add our own chili. Their thick soup is thickening clear soup and it is different than the one I tried in Singapore, Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle.

They have limited side dishes, we chose to have the fried dumplings which turned out to be some fried wanton skin. I do not eat see if there is any meat inside. It is just crispy wanton skins.

For 12 baht a bowl and able to try everything on the menu, it is still reasonable and different experience over here in Bangkok.

Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle

Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle, Sim Lim Square, Singapore.

Since I just back from Bangkok for about 1 week or so, I would like to write about my Bangkok trip and the food that I have tried during my short trip in Bangkok. Many of the food that I tried in Bangkok are based on the recommendations from the fellow Singaporean bloggers. And, I would like to compare those recommended ones with those that I tried in Singapore.

This entry marks the first type of Thai food that I would like to compare. It is my second time to try boat noodle in Singapore and first time in Bangkok.

For the second time of trying the boat noodle, I was greeted with the spiciness of the soup which they marked as “Normal Spicy”. My friend suggested me to go with glass noodle and now, yes, I understood why the Thai glass noodle is so nice to go with their food based on my previous dining experience at Nong Khai.

The ingredients inside the bowl are not much and in fact, it has nothing to shout out also other than the feeling of the spiciness. I am not sure if this is the best Thai Boat Noodle in Singapore, perhaps you can give me some feedback.

I ordered the big bowl instead of the small bowl with starts are $1.90 per bowl. When you order your bowl of noodle, you just follow the steps listed on the menu to choose. It is simple menu and they do serve side dishes too.

If you want to have a Thai Milk Tea fix, you can have it here. The level of sweetness is controllable and it is not very sweet at all.

Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, #01-06 Sim Lim Square, 188504, Singapore.

Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen, Plaza Singapore.

I went down to city to meet up with my cousin and my aunt. Since my aunt is in Singapore for a stay, we meet up pretty often and usually we meet up during the weekends. And, this time we were at Plaza Singapore.

I suggested to them to try the food at the Tokyo Walker since my aunt likes Japanese food so much and I was attempted to eat Japanese too because a lot of my friends went to Japan in March and April.

Ginger Pork with Karaage Chicken

I ordered the set that comes with sliced pork cooked with ginger and Karaage chicken set that comes with the gyoza and a bowl of soup. I also wanted to eat gyoza lately but I cannot finish all the gyoza if I were to buy the big packet from the supermarket. So, this meal is sort of a stone kills two birds.

The set is pretty generous with number of chicken and the sliced pork. It tastes good as well as the pork is well marinated before cooked with the ginger. The Karaage is usually oily, however, it is still fine to eat with the sliced cabbage and rice.

I do not see their table has the mayonnaise for me to go with the cabbage. Maybe, I need to request and it is very plain to eat it without any sauces.

Address: #04-01, 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapore, Singapore.