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So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 1]

As soon as the sharing session of the “So You Want to be A Developer?” at Google SIngapore’s office completed last week, I have the intention of writing my experiences as a girl in IT industry. I would love to share my experiences, from how I started until where I am today. It is not something big to be shared but it is good to be shared and I would love to hear some feedback.

I took the opportunity to attend the session (also skipping my monthly SQL meetup at Microsoft Singapore’s office) because I wish to know how is the developer nowadays. I was a software developer after a year completed my Degree in Computer Science, majoring Web Development. It was a short stint being a developer, before I moved on to be a Database Administrator cum Developer and now, I am upgrading my skills to be a Data Analyst or Data Scientist one day.

The first question the host threw to the speakers of the day was, how did you get started?

As a student who just finished her O-Level and did not know much except Mathematics and Accounts, it was quite obvious that people would think that this girl most likely would be going for Accounting or Business Administration course. I wanted something different but I did not want to be a chemist as my lifetime career. It was another subject that I loved so much in school back then.

Without waiting for my final result, I enrolled myself into a college to start of my journey in IT course. I was not good in computing, both hardware and software. I felt fear whenever touching them. And, I think that is the reason why I chose IT. Learn something that I do not know.

Two months after, I dropped out from the college. Haha. It was not because I could not cope it. I transferred to another college because I thought, if I were to graduate from a prestigious college or university, I would have higher chances of getting hired. Not only that, I did a apply for a scholarship, went for the interview and subsequently I got it from the same college I was studying. It was a wonderful moment, right.

From there, I started to learn how to code and my first programming language was C. The book C How to Program was my best pal. I still remember the first assignment was to build a console application that rolls the numbers (dices) and add the numbers together. It was so much fun trying to make the application works, debugging the bugs, and displaying the result in the black-and-white console screen.

That is how I got started.

How about you?


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