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So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 2]

The second part of the session, the host asked another question, what is your daily routine as a developer?

Well, my daily routines for the beginning years as a software developer were limited to few things only. It includes checking daily reports whether we sent and received a copy of all the daily and monthly report without errors.

Next, it would be checking if there is any emails to reply to my customer services team and their emails always top priority in my task list. Being a small fries, I did not have to entertain the bosses and management flying-emails and external parties emails.

Other than customer services team, I could receive emails from other project teams asking for different kind of supports, ranging from data extraction, developing ad hoc applications and applications’ enhancements and attending ad hoc requests. Support and maintenance of the internal applications are the daily routine as a software developer.

Usually, a developer will handle one project at a time, unless you are working with small company where you are required to multitasking on different projects to meet the dateline. It is advisable not to do multitasking. Just concentrate on one project and finish it soonest the possible. It is because the longer time you used to complete a project, the less motivated you are to complete the project. I do believe some of you agree with it.

At times, when we have projects to live on the day, of course, we have to standby and sometimes, when we have applications or systems that need to do maintenance or migration in the midnight, we have to stay late and support too. It depends on the nature of business of your company, sometimes the migration can be done during weekend only.

And, tada… then it is end of the working hours, 6PM.

For some companies, the do have 24/7 support. Sound familiar right? Yes, when you are on the on call support, you have to handle calls, emails and etc that come to you at odd hours. I think it is most tiring moment when someone is on 24/7 support. I was lucky enough that I did not need to be 24/7 support but just normal standby to attend any calls. 😀

I think this is pretty much for a developer. Other than that, I think as a developer, we must constantly learn something during working hours too and has it as part of our routines.


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