Poulet, Singapore.
Amazing French Roast Chicken.

Dinner time with two lovely girls. They picked this restaurant and it was my first visit. Being the first timer, I let both of the girls to pick the best ones, however, it was a little late when we reached the restaurant and some of the dishes finished.

We ordered the classic lemonade and ginger lemonade. The top view of the drink looks pretty good with the restaurant’s name as the background. I have no idea why the ginger lemonade has a piece of mint on it.

The two girls ordered the countryside mushroom soup, creamy and tasty.

I try something different that what is recommended. The Pissaladière – it is a classic dish from Provence.  I tried the Pissaladière de Poulét,  a puff pastry with its golden crust that was crispy to the bite. It has two types, I chose the chicken and another one is the mushroom. It is something unique to me, light yet filling.

My friend chose the signature dish, Poulet. The chicken or the drumstick looks tenders with the thick sauce on it. I believe it must be a very nice dish and it has a very good review on it.

Next, my another friend ordered the Salad de Canard Fume, a garden salad with smoked duck slices and raspberry dressing. The orange wedges and roasted pine nuts lent it a tangy flavour.

Since it was getting late and we did not spend much time to enjoy the food and drink to the fullnest. However, it is still a good dining experience here. Next time, if I visit the restaurant again, I will make sure I will try the Poulet and be there early to enjoy the signature dish to the fullness.

Address: Terminal 3, Changi International Airport, 65 Airport Blvd, Singapore.

Killiney Breakfast Set

Killiney breakfast with hot tea and, kaya and butter toast as breakfast. It is one of the normal breakfast choice in Singapore where they offer most of the common Singaporean breakfast selection. It is located everywhere in the Singapore Island.

A comment from my friend saying that the hot milk tea looks like tomato soup. Haha, it is a huge differences. Have you tried yours lately for breakfast?

So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 4]

I could not remember what was the fourth question the host asked the speakers. However, I would like to use this space to share my experienced being a .net software developer during my first three years.

After I graduated, I did not get a job as a software developer but eventually I went into software house and started as my new life as software developer. I was completely new, fresh and naive. I felt so stressful back then until I went to ask my senior about my performance after a month.

I clearly believed that I am lacking a lot of programming skills and on-job-training was not a good choice for me as I felt tremendous pressure on me to finish the work while I was learning it. Then, I ended my career with my second job.

I went into another software company and have a short stunt with a group of great people who worked as a team. I loved the company, the management always motivate the staff to the level that I categorized it as “brain wash”. It was the only one company that I worked so far that adopted scrum.

However, I jumped back to my previous company and took another job role. It was a software developer cum database administrator. It was a wonderful two years working experienced with my team before everything fell apart. With the departure of my greatest teammate, another software developer, I took a big change and concentrated in database management only.

It is true to say, who you work with is very important. My working partner drove and motivated me to be a good software developer back then. I could not find anyone greater than my colleague for the next 3 years.

Then, I met a Thai senior. He became the next greatest person. He never failed me in any situations I faced. He once told me to pick up programming again and groom myself. It has been a year, I felt so sorry, I still have not chosen one to kick start.

So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 3]

I am sorry I took a short break from writing blogs in order to concentrate and complete my final project for the Data Science Course that I am taking. It has been a long journey of 1 year to complete this course. Of course, I did take a month break from it before I finished my final project. It is really not a good idea to take a break from study.

In the part 3 of the “So You Want To Be A Developer?”, the third question the host asked the speaker was how do they learn the programming language and which language that they would suggest for beginner.

Most of them did not really specific which language to pick but did suggest if you do not have programming background, learn Javascript is the best to kick start. What do you think?

Personally, I agreed we can learn any languages that we like. It depends on individual and some may find it easy while some have to struggle in the beginning. Once you are getting familiar, you will be okay and when you keep doing, you will find yourself creating magic tools. Everything is just a click away.

I started with Visual Basic 6.0 and I jumped into .net immediately after learning Java. Do not ask me why. I did well for Java and badly for Visual Basic. Do you believe it? In the end, I decided to choose .net C# as my main language until now. I learned all by examples from the Internet, forums and books that I borrowed from the library during my college time. When I started to work, colleagues and Google have become my best pals to learn the language. Due to work nature, I stick with C# for the past 6 years and now I feel it is time to move on to learn others.

Recently, Python and Ruby on Rails are getting popular but young developers. Maybe, we should try it out. How about you, have you thought of which language you want to try?