So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 3]

I am sorry I took a short break from writing blogs in order to concentrate and complete my final project for the Data Science Course that I am taking. It has been a long journey of 1 year to complete this course. Of course, I did take a month break from it before I finished my final project. It is really not a good idea to take a break from study.

In the part 3 of the “So You Want To Be A Developer?”, the third question the host asked the speaker was how do they learn the programming language and which language that they would suggest for beginner.

Most of them did not really specific which language to pick but did suggest if you do not have programming background, learn Javascript is the best to kick start. What do you think?

Personally, I agreed we can learn any languages that we like. It depends on individual and some may find it easy while some have to struggle in the beginning. Once you are getting familiar, you will be okay and when you keep doing, you will find yourself creating magic tools. Everything is just a click away.

I started with Visual Basic 6.0 and I jumped into .net immediately after learning Java. Do not ask me why. I did well for Java and badly for Visual Basic. Do you believe it? In the end, I decided to choose .net C# as my main language until now. I learned all by examples from the Internet, forums and books that I borrowed from the library during my college time. When I started to work, colleagues and Google have become my best pals to learn the language. Due to work nature, I stick with C# for the past 6 years and now I feel it is time to move on to learn others.

Recently, Python and Ruby on Rails are getting popular but young developers. Maybe, we should try it out. How about you, have you thought of which language you want to try?


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