So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 4]

I could not remember what was the fourth question the host asked the speakers. However, I would like to use this space to share my experienced being a .net software developer during my first three years.

After I graduated, I did not get a job as a software developer but eventually I went into software house and started as my new life as software developer. I was completely new, fresh and naive. I felt so stressful back then until I went to ask my senior about my performance after a month.

I clearly believed that I am lacking a lot of programming skills and on-job-training was not a good choice for me as I felt tremendous pressure on me to finish the work while I was learning it. Then, I ended my career with my second job.

I went into another software company and have a short stunt with a group of great people who worked as a team. I loved the company, the management always motivate the staff to the level that I categorized it as “brain wash”. It was the only one company that I worked so far that adopted scrum.

However, I jumped back to my previous company and took another job role. It was a software developer cum database administrator. It was a wonderful two years working experienced with my team before everything fell apart. With the departure of my greatest teammate, another software developer, I took a big change and concentrated in database management only.

It is true to say, who you work with is very important. My working partner drove and motivated me to be a good software developer back then. I could not find anyone greater than my colleague for the next 3 years.

Then, I met a Thai senior. He became the next greatest person. He never failed me in any situations I faced. He once told me to pick up programming again and groom myself. It has been a year, I felt so sorry, I still have not chosen one to kick start.


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