Lunch & Afternoon Tea, Singapore - Bugis, Singaporean Food, Western Food

Soup Spoon

The Soup Spoon, Singapore. Lunch date with two awesome friends at Bugis, Singapore. It was rare occasion that we came together and it was after few weeks I texted my friend if she was free to have lunch with me.

On the day itself, the weather was so cold and I wanted to have something hot for lunch, and she suggested to go to Soup Spoon. Then, I asked another friend of us to join in and she nodded.

We ordered the Salad Set which came with bowl of salads and drink. All of us chose the three different soups, however, we were not sharing the soups. If you want to share the soup with two persons, you can get the large bowl.

The Aussie Barramundi Dill Chowder with a small bread and a drink. The soup contains fish and other vegetables as its ingredients. Too many of it that I could not name then except the corns. 🙂 It is very thick and filling soup with generous ingredients. It tastes good as well. A step to a healthy life.

Last but not least, the Caesar salad which looks so great. I asked the girls whether eating salad will be filling too. It is surprisingly yes. I will try to have a salad meal for weekend to try it out. I will have some little write up on this weekend salad meal adventures.

Address: #B1-26, Bugis Junction, Singapore.


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