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Hai Di Lao

Hai Di Lao, Somerset 313, Singapore. Many of my friends told me the steamboat restaurant is nice and I should go try for once. It has extensive good services for their customers. This restaurant does not offer buffet style, all ingredients are on its ala-carte menu.

And, finally, I gave a try one day. Not being surprised that I have to queue up for my table especially during the dinner time and the queue can be as long as one hour. While you are waiting, you can walk around in the shopping centres surrounding because sometimes even after an hour, your table is not ready too!

If you choose to stay at the restaurant to wait for your table, then they will serve you some titbits and other services as well. You can do your medicure and pedicure where as well. What??! Yes, this is included in the waiting list services.

The next best thing about this restaurant is you can choose up to 4 different soups at some minimal cost. So, it is up to you on what types of soup you prefer to have. My picture above may look they are the same soups. We ordered the chicken soup, herbal soup, mala soup and mushroom soup. Seriously, the mala soup is very oily and the mushroom soup is plain. The herbal soup and chicken soup are the same soup based. We keep drinking the herbal soup for the night with our steamboat ingredients.

It is quite a lot of them but not as much as you eat buffet steamboat. The meat are fresh and nicely presented. They provide spring onions and parsley, so if you like them, you can put it into the soup and boil or add it into your bowl of soup when you drink it as garnish.

If you think you are not enough full, you still can check out their cooked food on the side bar along with the sauces. Some of the mala Chinese dishes are quite nice to eat.

Lastly, their waiters or waitress will come and check with you if you have any other orders, refill the soup occasionally and they even help you to dish out the foams and extra chili oils from the mala soup.

Address: #04-23/24, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, Singapore.


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