Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan, Aperia Mall, Kallang, Singapore.
Hong Kong Most Famous Dim Sum.

A lunch outing with colleagues to the Michelin dim sum restaurant which is located quite closed to our office. I am a fan of dim sum and like to spend time eating dim sum and drinking the Chinese tea to spend time.

Of course, during office our we cannot afford to spend so much time for lunch and everything has to be quick within the hour. We ordered a few nice dim sum for our shares. It included the baked buns with BBQ pork, vermicelli roll with BBQ pork, congee with century egg, salted egg and pork, glutinous rice with lotus leaf and steamed egg cake.

The baked buns with BBQ pork is a must to try among others. The buns are crispy from the outside and chewy from the inside. The gravy from the BBQ pork is heavenly nice. Next, you should try their vermicelli roll with BBQ pork. I guess they use the same BBQ pork as the baked bun, that makes it so nice to eat.

If you like to eat glutinous rice, you can order it and it tasted nice too with generous ingredients such as chicken meat, mushroom and some inner stuff. Otherwise, their siew mai (pork dumpling with prawn) and har gao (prawn dumpling) are good as well.

It is my first time trying the steamed egg cake and it is so spongy and light. It is also my first time trying the congee, which turns out to be a simple congee. You can skip it altogether for other dim sum.

Address: 12 Kallang Avenue, #01-01/02/03, Aperia Mall, Singapore.


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