Mookata Charcoal Thai Steamboat

Mookata Charcoal Thai Steamboat at Vivo City, Singapore.
Address: #03-07, 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, Singapore 098585.

Friday’s night, after staying back and finishing up some works, there was a call for dinner and I did not know the location even when we took an Uber car to the place. When we reached the Vivo City drop off then I realised our dinner destination was at the west side, a place which recently quite popular by Pokemon players.

Without any ideas what we wanted to eat, we walked around to look at the information counter as well as the restaurants around the first floor. Then, we decided to try the mookata. It is my first try of mookata in Singapore. The word mookata derives from a combination of a Korean barbecue and a Chinese hot pot. In Thai language, Mu (moo) means pork meat and kata means pan or skillet. For Thai version of barbecue, they use charcoal.

For this mookata restaurant which is located at the level 3 of the Vivo City, it does not use the charcoal. It is using gas. It is just a name of the restaurant. It is sad that this restaurant is not using authentic method to serve. The selection of meats and ingredients lay on the two rows of counters and another row of counters with cooked food and desserts. We put most of our meat on top of the steamer and the rest of the ingredients into the steamboat pot. It is optional to have the steamboat, the price differences is just minimal.

There are various soup based, we chose the tomyam and chicken clear soup. We went for two rounds of meats and vegetables before we ended our dinner with desserts. On the other side of the steamboat, it is the  Overall, the dinner was just another steamboat and I do not really enjoy the fun of mookata-ing, I am not eating it authentically with charcoal.

Sanpoutei Niigata Ramen

Sanpoutei Niigata Ramen, Singapore.
Address: Shaw House, 253 #B1-04/05 350 Orchard Rd. Singapore 238868.

For some reason last month, I landed myself at this Japanese ramen restaurant which is located at the Shaw House and tried their signature ramen. It is my first time visit to this place and this restaurant.

I ordered the Tonkotsu soup ramen and it is no regret at all although it is not a highly recommended ramen from the menu. It comes with soft boiled egg, two pieces of porky meat and seaweed. At first, the portion does look small to me. As soon as I try the soup, I believe I will have a filling ramen as my lunch.

The six hours simmered tonkotsu broth to get the delicious and concentrated soup. It is rich and I love the soup. Do they allow refill soup? The ramen is said to be handmade and it is cooked al dente. I also noticed that it is different shape, slightly thicker and more filling. Oh heavely!

You can order other add on if you wish. Otherwise, a hot green tea is good too.

2D1N Soju Bang

2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant, Singapore.
Address: 46 Tanjong Pagar Rd #01-01, Singapore 088467.

When I search for the address of this restaurant to write up the blog, I came to know 2D1N Soju Bang and Ssikekk are under the same owner. I am not sure whether the second floor still have the Ssikekk restaurant which serves buffet style Korean BBQ since I do not explore up to 2nd floor. The 2D1N Soju Bang serves ala-carte Korean BBQ. Both of them are equally nice.

Today, I am here to try the ala-carte menu in which four of us ordered a few things to try along side with their side dishes. We order the fried chicken with spring onions, steamed egg and a pot of the army stew.

They serve us with six side dishes and it is refillable. The army stew has few selections to choose and we go for pork meat. They assist us to cook the army stew and refill the soup once as it is drying while we are eating. The ingredients in the army stew pot are quite generous and we add more kimchi into the soup to bring up the taste.

Personally, I like their soup based from the army stew, add with kimchi is even better and the fried chicken which is still crispy after it has been served a while ago.

During the weekday, they offer set lunch as well. You can drop by to make a simple set meal too.

Hawker Food

Recently I have been trying a few of the hawker food and I would like to share some of them here.

Kang Le Fried Prawn Noodle, Changi Village Hawkers Centre, Singapore.
Address: 2 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 500002.
The hawker centre is full with people during my visit on one sunny Saturday after my marathon. When I approached this food stall, there were six plates of fried prawn noodle in queue. The cook prepared all the fried prawn noodle at one go for seven portion including mine. At first, I am a bit worries about the quality of the fried noodle because he cooks in big portion. When the fried noodle is served, they put the chili paste and it is superb as per said by auntie, his wife. She said the chili paste is homemade and she even told the foreigner the chili paste is better than other chilies.   I’m not sure if it is home made or not.

Kway Teow Soup, Eastlink Food Court, Tampines, Singapore.
Address: 8 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529543.
Although I feel its slightly pricey for a bowl of noodle which some minced meat, fish cakes and fish balls, I feel satisfied for having a bowl of hot soup after a long day in the cold office. The soup broth tastes normal in the beginning and as it cooled off, I am able to taste the sweetness of the soup broth. I almost finished the soup. The uncle cooks with care as how I see him cooking for the first two customers.

The Western Co, Singapore.
Address: 30 Foch Rd, Singapore 209276.
Our colleague wanted to try this food stall which offers TWC Raclette Chicken which waited for an hour. The making process is more interesting than the chicken itself. The amount of cheese on top of the chicken chop is just right, however, the overall taste does not really match or blend well.