Goodbye My Past

There was many minor versions of myself before and after I resigned from my last position. Now, it is going to be a complete new “product” of myself and no further support for the older version.

What does it mean?
I made a decision and took a drastic change in my life recently before I embarked my new journey. The decision was made upon hearing a message from an ex-colleague. The message contents was shared by a closed source with details of the people involved. Surprisingly, this person shared out what has been done and subsequently, it reached my ears one day. Yes, I do believe this person will do such thing.

Myself as a person who believe in Karma, what goes around, comes around. It does not require me to do anything as what the below image said.

Without further verification on the matter, I removed all the people related to this person, be it in the past or present from all my contact lists. I refrained myself from sharing information or updates on Facebook and Instagram recentlly. I stopped talking with all these people that I knew from the past. Ending the past relationships brought me into a brand new life whereby I am more openly to accept new people and things. Now, the past has become less concerns and let go more easily.

More importantly, I look each day and everything positively. Only with a positive mindset, things will sail smoothly with God’s blessing.


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