Christmas 2017

This year Christmas is truly the happiest Christmas I ever had in since I moved to Singapore, mainly because this year I spent most of my time in this holy season with the positive people surround me. They are wonderful, awesome and funny group of colleagues and my closed relative in Singapore.

It is be a blessing from God who plans for welfare and not for evil, to give me a future and a hope. My cousin just refreshed my memory of my first experience at the church’s prayer room where I was anointed. Thank you, God.

For the first time this year, I setup the Christmas tree with my colleagues. There was a gift exchange event held in the office where we picked a colleague’s name a month before the event to prepare the gift and placed it under the Christmas tree until the Christmas gathering lunch.

Is it a wonderful picture of a Christmas tree? Also, I liked this Christmas decoration at Orchard Road. I took a picture of it when I walked passed after the dinner with my colleagues.

Back to my story…

After the craziest activity with the new stool from the new office, we continued with gift exchange. We called out names to pick up the gift, unwrapped the gift and guess who was the secret Santa. It was a fun event, we laughed a lot and made a lot of noises and received complaints. But, who cared?

I am blessed with great people and their blessings. Here is some of the pictures of the gifts I received from them for this year Christmas.

The abundance of loves and cares from my awesome colleagues. This year Christmas’ Santas give a lot of attention on my needs by giving me some lip care products and a replacement of my spoiled earphone with a Bluetooth earpiece which is good for running. It is not the price tags that count, it is the sincerity and heart of giving, wanting the best on a person. And ya, not to forget the ‘Sweet’ Santa who gave sweetness to everyone. Last but not least, another gentle body care product from a sweet young girl.

While I thought these were the last Christmas’ gift received for this year, my cousin told me that she was going to get me a pouch which she saw it last week when she went to the church service at Star Vista. I chose my Christmas gift at The Rock. The dark brown leather pouch for myself. Thank you so much everyone.

I am feeling blessed, and you are blessed too. Thank you. God, I love you.
Happy Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018! 

Bad Mood

Bad Mood. As I mentioned in the previous post, it has been a great day in the past few days. I have no ideas why it suddenly took a turn into a Friday’s morning with lots of bad news, errors to be fixed and comments to be read and reply for both projects that I am handling.

It disturbed my mind. I was not able to immediately handle all of them and I fell into bad mood. I told myself I needed to ignore them temporary and I told this to my friend. She suggested me to drink a can of cold Coke and let go the distraction.

It has been a long time since I drank the last can of Coke. I have been stopped drinking soft drink in order to cut down the sugar intake in the past two years. I quite regretted to drink this can of Coke, it was gassy, unsatisfied and I felt like wanted to throw up after that. 😦

Good Mood

Good Mood.
I have been keeping myself in the good mood since Wednesday. I shared it in my Facebook status, which mentioned I felt great after finished working and on my way back home. Life is fullness at that point of time.

I understand that in our lives there are times when we are up and happy, there are times when we down and sad. We always say, it is our choice to make the day happy or sad. While there is time we cannot control things to happen, we just have to keep calm and take a baby step to handle the matter positively.

It is a picture of my Thursday’s breakfast with the Tong Kee’s bakery egg tart and a cup of black coffee from the office’s pantry. I learned how to use it from my colleague. Every now and then, when I have a feeling for coffee, especially black coffee, I will make one from the machine.

Once bitter, Twice sweet.

Dinner at Pasar Malam

Since there is a pasar malam at Tampines Central and I invited my friend to come over after her working hour to join me for dinner and a drink to talk about our lives. I suggested her to have dinner at few restaurants in Tampines Mall and Tampines One. And, in the end, we chose to pick some local food from the pasar malam.

Ramly Burger
It has been umpteen years I did not eat Ramly burger. It is not an healthy food. I do not even remember when was the last time I tried the Ramly burger when I was a student in my home town, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There are two stalls, one at each end, selling the Ramly burger and we simply chose one which ended up queuing for more than 30 minutes to get 3 burgers. The cook prepared the burgers in batches, each batch his team and himself can prepare 32 beef and chicken patties.

Next, we bought six takoyaki with mixed favours. Somehow, I feel this takoyaki does not worth buying at all.

Thai Milk Tea
It is not as sweet as the normal Thai milk tea we usually can get from the Thai restaurants or those stalls in Bangkok, Thailand. It is slightly diluted and I find it just nice because I do not take much sugary food.

That night, our topics of gossip included stories about our normal day to day lives, work and people. Interestingly, I shared about someone I liked again (I used to like). Since, I was quite busy with another project and my previous group of teammates have not been making their stories about the client and me, things seemed back to normal. Moreover, the family trip with my friends to Tasmania and Melbourne in September gave me a strong influence that I need to find someone into my life. I am grateful the illusions and feelings which confused me back in August to October has gone. Although, I have been opened up to look a guy, a life partner after joining a seminar organized by the New Creation Church for Singles, I think it is something I can slowly work it out.

Ippudo Japanese Ramen

Ippudo Japanese Ramen
Address: #02, 19, 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617.

I was at Star Vista to attend a church event organized by New Creation Church for Singles. I went down earlier to explore the restaurants there for my lunch. It is my first visit to Ippudo.

It is one of the best ramen shops in Japan as some bloggers wrote. I ordered a bowl of ramen during my recent visit at Star Vista’s branch. I cannot remember the name of the ramen, however, I think it maybe called, Tsukemen. Thick and chewy noodles, dipped in rich bonito fish flakes and pork broth blend as claimed in their website. It is topped with pork cubes, spring onion, and bamboo shoots.

Hall of Fame 2017

Hall of Fame 2017.

With the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2017 ended earlier this month, my Hall of Fame 2017 is completed. This year, I ran for 8KM, 10KM and two 21.1KM. They are the CCK Big Farm Walk and Run, Sundown, 2XU and SCMS. It is a real excitement to run in these marathons especially when I feel being able to run and complete the race for the prestigious marathons in Singapore.

Why I want to run a marathon when we can just run in the park for free?
Well, it really gave me a different experience when running alone in the park, running alone during the race and running with thousands of people. The race’s route, weather, atmosphere and people are different during each race.

For example, running for an half marathon, the race will begin around 4.30AM in the morning. It is cooler and windy when run at this hour as compared to a 10KM marathon which usually begin at 7.30AM when the sun arises.

Besides that, it tests our endurance during the race, determination to complete the race and satisfaction and sense of achievement upon crossing the finishing line. The feeling of running toward the finishing line is great especially you are cheered by strangers standing along the street and keep telling you, “it is almost there, 100m away, come on keep running” and when you are very close to the finishing line, someone will shout “just another 5 seconds of running!”. Sometimes, we could get consolation prize when the person next to you congratulate for your victory.

Having group picture after the marathon to show off medal.
It is a great moment to be captured and shared in the Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately this SCMS, we did not manage to take a group picture together at the race village when my running partners flagged off at different timing then mine due to two of them were at the baggage deposit area for an hour. Anyway, we are planned to meet up for the post marathon dinner or pre-Christmas gathering, it is just giving ourselves an excuse to meet up again!

Do I stop at each kilometer signboard to take picture?
Yes, in my earlier years when I started to run and I got to know a friend at one of the signboard when I ran for Standard Chartered KL in 2015. However, right now I did not do it anymore. These signs reminds me that I have completed 1st quarter of the race,  1/3 of the race, 1st half of the race and 3/4 of the race which give me a positive thought to complete the race with determination.

I will feel of signing up for the next marathon each time I completed one.
Yes, I am keeping a close check on the RunSociety for the next half of the year 2018’s marathons. I am not too sure if I will still continue running for Sundown or 2XU for next year, however, I am interested to run for other marathons which I have not tried before. One of it is the Income Eco Run 2018.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

#scms2017. This is the hash tag for this year Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

My last participation in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore was in Year 2015, few months after I completed my Standard Chartered Marathon Malaysia. Both were 10KM marathons.

This year I signed up with my three ex colleagues who wanted to run for half marathon after our 2XU. Four of us registered when the early birds registration opened and with one of us has the Standard Chartered’s credit card, we got extra discounts. It was sort of a good deal with all these discounts. Back then, we would have six months to practise and prepare ourselves well.

Unfortunately, after my 8KM Big Farm Run at Choa Chu Kang in October, I did not practise for the half marathon because I fell sick with stomach flu for a week and my body got weaker.

I focused on my food intake a week before the marathon by taking mainly the pasta, breads and oats with milk.

The night before the marathon, I went to have a great Japanese food with my cousin and my aunt. Again, I loaded plenty of carbohydrates and the salmon which are recommended food for running and pre-marathon preparation. On the same night, I went to my friend’s house to stay overnight. She stayed pretty near to the city and we could walk to the starting point.

It was 4.00AM in the Sunday’s morning, we walked on the closed, emptied road toward Orchard Road, where the full and half marathons would be flagged off. At this wee hours, I could see people who just finished partying were sleeping or sitting at the bus stop to wind off while thousands of people heading down the road to run 21KM and 42KM marathon. What kind of silly thing to be done!

Even without the practise, I was grateful that my first 8KM with my friend’s friend and able to complete the marathon in the end. It is not my personal best timing at all.

I was able to surpass my 13KM marker before my legs started to stress up at 15KM. Also, I was able to surpass my 18KM marker before I completely walked at 19KM to 100m before the finishing line. I love running this marathon because we run like a king on four-lane roads.