Feeling Free For A Day

February 2, 2018 – Friday.
I was quite free for whole day since I have done the testing for a project. I did not want to retest the whole portion. I think it must be the laziness hit my mind and I decided to end the testing after I received the final answer from my project manager.

I have no ideas, whether to welcome my on-and-off project manager back to the project team or just let go things and not to bother it. It seemed I could not bother much.

“There are words can be said, there are words cannot be said, because it could affect someone”. It applies to this situation too.

I was little surprised to see my client was in the office when I saw my client in the meeting while I was on the phone, however, since my project manager was back in the office, I avoided all the direct communication with my client.

Somehow, on that evening, I started to feel inconvenience. Just a question, “can I deploy to server?”, I have to wait the project manager to ask the client, who was just sitting in front of me. Funny, that was the first adjective in my mind to describe the situation. I was not getting used to this protocol again, after months we were directly communicated.


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