Ponder Eventful Last August

Susan Miller says,
Think back to the eclipses that occurred in 2017 on February 10 (highlighting Leos born on August 14, plus or minus four days), and the next two that arrived August 7 and 21, ones that may have highlighted your birthday, plus or minus four days. Do you recall anything important happening on any one of those three dates? Of course, if August 7 or August 21 is close to your birthday, you were sure to see many changes in your life start to happen almost immediately. An eclipse opposite your Sun, in Aquarius, such as the one you will have February 15, if it touches a degree in your chart, would have just as powerful an effect too.

Events back in August 2017:
Aug 27: A friend from Seoul visited me and we spent some time together at Telok Ayer, Singapore.
Aug 26: SQLSaturday event at Microsoft, Singapore. I met a person who used Fitbit as well and we talked for a while during the break. Unfortunately, I did not keep in touch with him even I took his name card.
Aug 25: Celebrated birthday together with August and September babies.
Aug 24: Complimentary drinks from Starbucks.
Aug 22: These stories are giving me a lot of illusions and false hope that it works for us. Anyway, I am glad to see you tomorrow if I am required to attend the meeting.
Aug 20: Celebrated birthday together with my cousin and my aunt at East Coast, Singapore.
Aug 18: 16 people lunch together gathering for my birthday with healthy food. It is a blessed moment. One said, you just joined 4 months only, everyone comes to join your birthday lunch.
Aug 16: I’m extremely happy when my colleague shared us a word from our big boss. Project W’s owner likes our teamwork and asks not to change this team at all. Thank you team!
Aug 13: I have been worked almost 7 days a week for past 3 weeks to meet 2 projects’ due dates (developing concurrently).
Aug 6: Worked on the poor ERD.
Aug 4: Some colleagues say, I have two boyfriends named WY and Win. I’m thinking I’ll get a real one pretty soon!!
Aug 2: How am I supposed to answer my client when client asked, “How hard is it to comment out the extra parameters and upload it to AWS?” and I know the code has been changed by CTO yesterday and I haven’t tested it.

Indeed, these were the things that changed me a lot. For all things I did in past 6 years, it just happened to me within four months in the new environment. I am looking forward to February 15.


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