For those who follow Pastor Prince, year 2018 is the year of God’s hesed wisdom. I picked this lines, “God wants to teach you how to make every moment count, make decisions that lead to good success, and turn around every situation of lack and defeat!” from his website and the video from the Youtube.

On one of the late Friday’s evening, just before I left the office, I overheard a conversation between my project manager with the team and part of the conversation surprised me. I walked up and reached them. I advised them the right way of doing thing. I believed it was God’s wish to deliver the God’s hesed wisdom through me. God has given me the wisdom to do things right.

However, I stunned with the reply which left me speechless. I felt time was just wasted and I decided to leave myself alone, packed my stuff and went back home.

In the video, the last words shared was God will turn the valley of trouble into a valley of blessing. So, I believed God, no matter how difficult the situation, He will lead me to the brighter path, a successful path. Amen.


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