Scala Programming – Window Setup

It has been a year since after I left the Coursera – Functional Programming Principles in Scala course unattended. I joined the free course when I was told that my next projects would be all in Scala and Coursera offered the introduction course. I followed the first few tracks and stopped after I setup and wrote my first Scala code in Linux environment. From a Window based user to Linux, I admitted I struggled along the way until one day, I realized I did not really use my Window’s laptop as often as I used to.

Recently, I went through the same course again and this time, I would like to share the experience of setting up the Window machine. It is quite straight forward for Window’s users and it is easy.

Download the msi installer from the website and install it accordingly. After it completes, open the command prompt from Window machine and type,

sbt about

It ran through plenty of new directories and new files and then I received a problems summary, unresolved dependencies org.fusesource.jansi#jansi;1.11: not found and the last message received before the process ended was,

unresolved dependency: org.fusesource.jansi#jansi;1.11: not found
Error during sbt execution: Error retrieving required libraries
(see C:\Users\Li Yen\.sbt\boot\update.log for complete log)
Error: Could not retrieve jansi 1.11

I tried to re-run the sbt about from the command prompt again. This time, it was downloading files and updates. The process ended with the following information,

[info] Updated file C:\Users\Li Yen\project\ set sbt.version to 1.1.4
[info] Loading project definition from C:\Users\Li Yen\project
[info] Updating ProjectRef(uri("file:/C:/Users/Li%20Yen/project/"), "li-yen-build")...
[info] Done updating.
[info] Set current project to li-yen (in build file:/C:/Users/Li%20Yen/)
[info] This is sbt 1.1.4
[info] The current project is ProjectRef(uri("file:/C:/Users/Li%20Yen/"), "li-yen") 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
[info] The current project is built against Scala 2.12.4
[info] Available Plugins: sbt.plugins.IvyPlugin, sbt.plugins.JvmPlugin, sbt.plugins.CorePlugin, sbt.plugins.JUnitXmlReportPlugin, sbt.plugins.Giter8TemplatePlugin
[info] sbt, sbt plugins, and build definitions are using Scala 2.12.4

Does anyone encounter the same unresolved dependencies message and unable to retrieve jansi? Does it have any relations to Internet connection? I wish to know whether it will affect anything in the future.


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