Mentorship Program

It was back in February 2018 when I saw the mentorship program under the Data Science user group. Like everyone else who wanted to be mentored, it was a golden opportunity to get advice and guidance from the experienced people and move into this field. Two months later, I received an email notification from the user group and informed me I was chosen to be part of the program.

Know your mentor before meet up.

Alright, I should admit, I did not know anyone from the list of the mentors and I did not do any further checks on their profiles to find who is the most suitable person to be my mentor before submitting the application. I did not do an extensive search on my mentor’s profile, I just did not want to appear to be a stalker.

Know what you want.

Our first meet up was a bit awkward as I appeared to be unprepared and I was confused what should a mentor do and what should a mentee do. I wanted to understand what mentor has had to do so I can figure out what path I should take. However, the mentor asked me what I want to do. At that moment, I was not clear.

Mutual mentorship.

Do not underestimate the mutual benefits of the constructive mentor-mentee relationship for both parties. For the mentors, the satisfaction of helping someone else achieve his or her goals is undeniable. My mentor has asked me to read up more articles and blogs to get more sense of the information and resources and attend the regular user group meet up.