Short Break

I took a short break from writing and posting the stuffs I recently learned such as the Python and R languages. Both are awesomely good and interesting. I attended the R language workshops recently, I was taught to learn using the plotly.js for data visualization, one of the leaders in data science. Hope, I will start learning the data visualization on my own, juggling between Python and R. So far, I have not been exposed to visualization in Python, I am not sure how does it works.

I had a short talk with the workshop’s instructor on the last day, she mentioned about Scala is also being used for analytics. Well, my current job uses it but I never learned it well. I asked her whether she would pick up Scala, she did not say ‘No’ but at least not for now.

Looking back the past weeks after I started posting the Python and R languages’ posts, both entries have equally numbers of audiences and that showed me both languages are important for people who want to learn data analytics.

For myself, I will concentrate on one language first, get the foundation before moving forward to another language and hope I can learn and develop something from it. It has been a while I did not code like a developer 🙂

What do you think?

Next month, I might have something to come up with another topic as I needed to pick up MongoDB again for my upcoming project.