Data Types : Statistics

Two main data types in the Satistics, the qualitative data and the quantitative data. In the previous topic, we discussed about the “Level of Data Measurement” in which we talked about nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. How does these measurements can be related to qualitative and quantitative data.

The qualitative data is the nominal and ordinal measurements which describe a “feature” of a data object. Meanwhile, the quantitative data refers to data can be counted or measured by numbers. The quantitative data is the interval and ratio measurements.

More examples to distinguish the qualitative data and quantitative data as below:

And, further discussion on the qualitative data where it has a sub level of data types called discrete and continuous. Both have differences in few areas, see the table below:

Discrete data is a whole number (integer) and it cannot be subdivided into smaller and smaller parts.

Continuous data continues on and on and on.



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