[SQL] Why an insert on a certain table is slow?

It is a good topic database question to discuss. There are many reasons why an insert on a certain table takes a little longer than usual. The online article that I found has listed a few reasons. Let me look into it:

  • Existence of INSERT TRIGGERs on the table
  • Lots of enforced constraints that have to be checked (usually foreign keys)
  • Page splits in the clustered index when a row is inserted in the middle of the table
  • Updating all the related non-clustered indexes
  • Blocking from other activities on the table
  • Poor IO write response time

In the same article, some of the replies suggested doing the following:

  • Reduce the batch size from 10000 to something smaller, like 2000 or 1000. In SSIS, reducing the batch size according to the allocated buffer memory size is a great help. It may take a while but at least it lowers the chances of getting batch processing errors that resulting from the failed insertion.
  • Try turning on IO Stats to see just how much IO the FK lookups are taking.
  • Run the query with SET STATISTICS IO ON and SET STATISTICS TIME ON to see the execution time and read/write io for each insert.



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