Woman: Still Very Much In Love

Let me start my blog with a song lyric, it is a Korean song from the K-drama Goblin.

It’s a beautiful life
Beautiful day
미치도록 널 사랑했었던 날
Beautiful life beautiful day
너를 잃고 싶지 않아

The English translation is as below:

It’s a beautiful life
Beautiful day
The day I loved you so badly
Beautiful life beautiful day
I don’t wanna lose you

What is in my mind lately?

I talked to a friend who I met during my volunteer days recently. My friend works in the same building as my current team is located too. During our talks, I shared my thoughts about love relationships. My friend did an analysis of my future partner. The finding was not something that I was looking forward but I still listened.

I went back home and thought through it again. I felt I have more things to talk to God. I went to Bedok Reservoir again and sat near the holy place.

Seek visions and wisdom

There is a place at Bedok Reservoir where I feel at peace and blessed during one of the evening walks with a colleague who stays nearby Bedok Reservoir. There was one moment at this place, my colleague shared her thoughts and prayed for me. Next things, two of the things that we talked about came true. That is why I named that place my holy place.

Silently, I tried to express all my feelings to God. Since I was in a public place, I tried not to cry when I got emotional. I shared my thoughts on a few things that happened at this point in time. That included searching for a new place to rent, my HDB plan, my love relationship and my health.

That was when I felt something was deemed important to me that I could not afford to lose it. However, I did not know how I could achieve it. I prayed and asked in God’s name for His blessing, visions and wisdom.

When is the right time?

I do not wish to wait but I always get the message of waiting for the right time. Trust that God will provide me with an answer at the right time. I am still patiently waiting for you.

This is a screen captured from the K-drama that I mentioned. The drama is called Goblin. It is a scene where the buckwheat flower given by the Goblin Kim Shin to Eun-tak means a lover. This is what the flowers look like. Personally, I love tulips. Red tulips mean ‘confession of love’.

Author: liyenz

A bit about myself, I love to eat and take pictures of food and share it with everyone. I do some writing on my food hunting experience but I am not a blogger who write reviews for the restaurants or websites. Just have fun while viewing and reading my blog.

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