Sam Kan Chong in Singapore

I think it is rare to find Sam Kan Chong (pork ball noodles) in Singapore. Mostly, the hawker stalls serve the minced meat bak chor mee here. Last month, I went to Chinatown Food Complex for lunch. The food court is big. I tried to walk to a different area of the food court, not too far from where my colleague was seated.

Then, I saw a picture that looked like the pork balls that I used to eat in Kuala Lumpur. I tried to search the stall name on Google and found it is really serving the KL-style pork balls noodle in Singapore.

I am delighted to find one here but I am not sure about its tastes. The stall runs by an uncle, and no queue at the time I made my order.

However, I still needed to wait for quite a while for him to prepare the noodles. He did not ask if I want to add chilli to my noodles. By default, the sauce does not have chilli; it is the same style as those in Kuala Lumpur.

By the photo itself, it looks authentic. The sauce is a savoury black sauce, and it goes well with my kway teow. It comes with 3 pieces of pork balls and sausages. From Google reviews, the pork balls are said to be imported from Kuala Lumpur on weekly basis.

Overall, it is delicious yet it is expensive too because it is a rare gem in Singapore. It would be good if the uncle can consider not using disposable bowls and chopsticks.

Address: 335 Smith St, #02-118, Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore.

Author: liyenz

A bit about myself, I love to eat and take pictures of food and share it with everyone. I do some writing on my food hunting experience but I am not a blogger who write reviews for the restaurants or websites. Just have fun while viewing and reading my blog.

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