The Writer, Li Yen.

I am a full time and experienced IT professional who is based in Singapore, working in the software development industry as a BI Developer who manages data governance for government and SME projects while doing research on anything related to data and databases to improve my technical skill as well as the products used by the company.

Some of the research work have been published into articles in my blog, Medium and LinkedIn as part of my sharing. I love writing and keen to improve my writing skill and share knowledge and experience to people.

Prior to this, I was a database administrator for 6 years. I have experiences in using MS SQL Server, MySQL and in this 2 years, I am working with MongoDB in my project and would like to focus on MongoDB, other noSQL databases and server architecture to build my new strength and move into Data Engineering and BigData.

You can check out my LinkedIn’s profile for my 11 years of working experience in both Malaysia and Singapore, from programmer, software engineer to database administrator and now BI Developer. Here, I listed all my technical and soft skills which I acquired during each projects.

Li Yen Yoong

My favourite quote in my LinkedIn’s profile reads as,

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.

What I do like to do in my spare time?

I love travelling, experiencing different cultures and meeting up with people of different countries. I believe that to learn about a country, it starts with people and food in which it tells most of the stories.

While it is not very often my current job will bring me travelling around, I still try my best to mingle around with different people, some are coming from different industries, some are foreign expats and some are local entrepreneurs that I met through various platforms during the talks, seminars and etc.

The world is so much bigger than your brain.

This builds my social network and expand my horizon. My life is not limited to just doing with what I am paid for but I can always do more such as giving back to the community. I am attached with TechLadies Singapore as one of their volunteers. I focus on study groups activities.

What technologies I have been working with?

I have been learning and using MongoDB for two years. It is such a lovely NoSQL database and there is more to explore. Other databases in my belt are MS SQL Server and MySQL. I have been managing databases, writing complex queries and preparing DDL and DML (SQL query scripting language).

I am able to code, review code but not at the expert level, preferable to maintain as a casual programmer, who can code when it is required. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and R language to name some.

I am picking up Power BI for data profiling, cleaning and visualization. I have personally tried Tableau, QlikSense, SAS and YellowFin taught by some local communities. I am fine to pick up any tools to learn and use when it is required.

Lastly, I acquired some knowledge in .net (C#) and SPSS Modeler in my earlier days of working.

What projects I have been working on?

In the past, most of the projects I worked on were sensitive to be shared publicly because it involved data privacy issue. However, there are some websites I involved in the integration work can be shared here.

Li Yen Yoong

J-Space is a statistical portal for Singapore’s industrial property market managed by JTC Cooperation. In this website, user can view the market statistics, access the map services and download the market report from the portal.

Li Yen Yoong

It is the Playpark’s member page which authenticates user account, it has various payment gateways and manages the game accounts for the mobile games or computer games published by Asiasoft Singapore.

Li Yen Yoong

Also from Asiasoft Singapore, i-gacha is a website allows users to get in-game items which are not available from the game, MapleStory and use them in the game later. iGacha borrows the idea of the Japanese’s vending machine mechanism.

What I am doing right now?

I am going through the AI Singapore’s program to learn Python for Data Science and studying at Temasek Poly for Specialized Diploma in Business Analytics. I am inspired to be analytically good dealing with data and be competence handling data and server architecture. I always see Python is at everywhere when we touch on the data analytics’ topics and I want to get a job role which uses Python for data analytics.

On the other hand, I am doing some proof-of-concept using my company’s product which I cannot showcase it here yet.

Other than that, I am also working on gaining knowledge on server architecture stuff, taking up some tasks which system engineers normally will work on.

My voluntary work with TechLadies Singapore.

Sharing the experiences with people is always as fun as meeting up with people. I do study group every fortnights except days when I am not feeling well. If you are keen to join me or if you have something you would like to share with our ladies, please contact me.

My passion in blogging about food and technologies.

How we can get connected?

For any good opportunities, I would love to be connected via LinkedIn’s.

Otherwise, you can check out my blog here and some stories at Medium. I am still developing the contents in Medium and it will be focus heavily on technologies.

I still devote myself into food blogging and also, write travel blog. I use Instragram to share photographs online and you can follow me on either or both accounts, @liyenz and @liyenzfoodprints or hashtags #liyenzwordpress. Besides that, you can find my Facebook Page at

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