The Writer, Li Yen.

I am a full time and experienced IT professional based in Singapore, working in the data engineering and data analytics field as a data engineer, IT consultant, and BI Developer. I manage the data governance for government and SME projects while upskilling my technical knowledge related to data, databases and cloud technologies.

The research and learning work has been published in my blog, Medium and LinkedIn as part of my sharing. I love writing and keen to improve my writing skill and share knowledge and experience with people.

For my professional profile, refer to the LinkedIn profile above, where I shared my current job scopes, previous working projects, experience and skill set. During my leisure time, besides keeping myself abreast with new technologies, getting updates from community members, and learning new things, I love food a lot. This is why I decided to combine food and technology. I update my food blog quite often too, and re-post them to various Facebook pages based in Singapore.

My favourite quote in my LinkedIn’s profile reads as,

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.

What I do like to do in my spare time?

I love travelling, experiencing different cultures and meeting up with people from other countries. I believe that learning about a country starts with people and food, telling most of the stories.

While my current job will not often bring me travelling around, I still try my best to mingle with different people. Some are coming from other industries, some are foreign expats, and some are local entrepreneurs that I met through various platforms during the talks, seminars, etc.

The world is so much bigger than your brain.

What projects I have been working on?

In the past, most of the projects I worked on were sensitive to be shared because they involved data privacy issues. However, there are some websites involved in the integration work that is publicly available here.

Li Yen Yoong

J-Space is a statistical portal for Singapore’s industrial property market managed by JTC Cooperation. On this website, users can view the market statistics, access the map services and download the market report from the portal.

Li Yen Yoong

It is Playpark’s member page that authenticates the user account. It has various payment gateways and manages the game accounts for mobile games or computer games published by Playpark Singapore.

Li Yen Yoong

Also, from Playpark Singapore, i-gacha is a website that allows users to get in-game items that are not available from the game MapleStory and use them in the game later. iGacha borrows the idea of the Japanese’s vending machine mechanism.

What I am doing right now?

II am going through server architecture stuff from Microsoft Learn and updating my Python programming posts in this blog. Both of them are being used in my current organization.

I am open to anyone who wants to re-post my articles on your websites and welcome all kinds of feedback. If the COVID-19 situation is getting better in Singapore, I do not mind meeting up with some ladies who want to start learning IT and need a companion. I might not know all the topics you may be interested in, but I will guide you.

As for my food blog updates, I will continue exploring and sharing the food worth trying. You can find my updates on my Instagram account and Facebook page. Do follow them! Also, I am trying to cook at home by following some of the online recipes. Hence, I can share which recipe works the best. I plan to make a video and upload them to the Youtube channel that I have created. Once it is ready, I will share the link to my Youtube channel.

My passion in blogging about food and technologies.

How we can get connected?

For any good opportunities, I would love to be connected via LinkedIn’s.

Otherwise, you can check out my blog here and some stories at Medium. I am still developing the contents in Medium and it will be focus heavily on technologies.

I still devote myself into food blogging and also, write travel blog. I use Instragram to share photographs online and you can follow me on either or both accounts, @liyenz and @liyenzfoodprints or hashtags #liyenzwordpress. Besides that, you can find my Facebook Page at

Last but not least, follow my blog too!

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