Liyenz, is a full time and experienced IT professional who is based in Singapore. She loves travelling, experiencing different cultures and meeting up with people of different countries. She believes that to learn about a country, it starts with people and food in which it tells most of the stories. Her job gives her opportunities to work with people from different countries and there is where she builds her social network and expand her horizon.

Besides that, she loves sharing her experience and knowledge she learned from other communities as she believes as she shares she learns more. Inspired by the Techladies’ ideas, she keens to get more women into the IT industry. Currently, she learns how to code using Python.

She devotes herself into food blogging in the past years and gains a significant increase of visitors to her website. She has started to write travel blog too and uses Intstragram to share her photos online. Try to follow her on Instragram @liyenz and @liyenzfoodprints or hashtags #liyenzwordpress #liyenzfoodprints. Besides that, she has created herself a Facebook Page. Please share and like her Facebook page at

Sharing the experiences with people around the world is always as fun as meeting up with people. Besides her travel blog and her food blog, she also writes food and travel reviews in other websites. If you come across a nickname called Liyenz, it is likely to be her 🙂

Do follow her to catch up with her new findings!


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