Ban Heng Restaurant

Ban Heng Restaurant
Address: 181 Orchard Road #11-01/02, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896.

I was with my aunt and cousin for my aunt’s birthday celebration at Ban Heng Restaurant which located at Orchard Central. It is my first time visiting this Chinese restaurant. They serve dim sum eat all you can during weekday and we went on to try it.

It starts with their default dishes which are 8 of them.
– Drunken live prawns with Chinese herbs
– Shark fin soup with crab meat
– Deep fried Halibut cod fish in Thai style
– Chilies crayfish
– Braised whole abalone with brown sauce
– Deep fried soon hock with superior soya sauce
– Steamed half shell clams with garlic and ginger
– Steamed red Garoupa with superior soya sauce in Hong Kong style

After finished with the default main dish, we ordered other steamed dim sum, fried dim sum and dishes from the menu. The portion which they served us was not small at all. The quality of the dim sum is normal and nothing great to share. The taste is mild and need a lot of improvement to bring up the quality of the food.

It is not a good selling point when you focus on giving a big portion of food to your customers and forgo the quality and taste of the food. End of the day, your staffs complained about the customers were not able to finish the food they ordered.

The prawns with wasabi mayo, prawns with oats and fried squid rings.

We ordered a plate of the braised Ee Fu noodle which turned out to be slightly flavoured and I ate it with the plain green vegetable and a fried chicken.

The fish maw soup has the same soup based with the shark fin soup. Even  soup, they serve more than enough for three of us.

Lastly, we ordered the yam paste in Teow Chew style. I was slightly shocked with the yellowish liquid in my bowl of dessert and I was thinking how come it has so much oils inside. It does not taste anything and I did not know what it is. I skipped the entire “liquid” and just scooped the yam paste.

Again, quality of food is important too as customers enjoy the taste and presentation of the food more than the quantity of the food served. Hope there is improvement from the chefs.


Mookata Charcoal Thai Steamboat

Mookata Charcoal Thai Steamboat at Vivo City, Singapore.
Address: #03-07, 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, Singapore 098585.

Friday’s night, after staying back and finishing up some works, there was a call for dinner and I did not know the location even when we took an Uber car to the place. When we reached the Vivo City drop off then I realised our dinner destination was at the west side, a place which recently quite popular by Pokemon players.

Without any ideas what we wanted to eat, we walked around to look at the information counter as well as the restaurants around the first floor. Then, we decided to try the mookata. It is my first try of mookata in Singapore. The word mookata derives from a combination of a Korean barbecue and a Chinese hot pot. In Thai language, Mu (moo) means pork meat and kata means pan or skillet. For Thai version of barbecue, they use charcoal.

For this mookata restaurant which is located at the level 3 of the Vivo City, it does not use the charcoal. It is using gas. It is just a name of the restaurant. It is sad that this restaurant is not using authentic method to serve. The selection of meats and ingredients lay on the two rows of counters and another row of counters with cooked food and desserts. We put most of our meat on top of the steamer and the rest of the ingredients into the steamboat pot. It is optional to have the steamboat, the price differences is just minimal.

There are various soup based, we chose the tomyam and chicken clear soup. We went for two rounds of meats and vegetables before we ended our dinner with desserts. On the other side of the steamboat, it is the  Overall, the dinner was just another steamboat and I do not really enjoy the fun of mookata-ing, I am not eating it authentically with charcoal.

Steamboat at Liang Seah Street

Liang Seah Street at Bugis, Singapore is very famous with many steamboat restaurants. The whole street houses more than 10 steamboat restaurants and some of them are similar styles. I have been here for few times and different steamboat restaurants. When it comes to steamboat, the most important ingredients must be the soup based because the rest of the ingredients are not marinated and it cooks inside the hot pot.

Head down to the city if you wish to have your steamboat fix for today since it is a wet Saturday 🙂


Big Apple Restaurant

Weekend Hi-Tea at Big Apple Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They offered the intercontinental hi-tea on the day I visited the restaurant before I took my bus back to Singapore. They offer quite a big selection of food, desserts and coffee and tea are included. The food comprises both cold meat, Sashimi and normal cooked dishes or cooked on the spot per request.

After trying few different dishes are the the best ones that you can choose next time if you visit here:-
Cold meat selection with salads.
The cold meats and salads are fresh and plenty to choose. For salads, they have few different salad dressings for you to choose from the salads bar. If you love breads, they have made few different breads and put at the baskets for people to choose. I tried it with the ham.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio cooked in a very small portion which I think it is good and we can try a little bit without wasting the food. I added every ingredients inside and added some salads from the salads bar. It tastes good and portion is just right for tasting.

For those who love desserts, the desserts bar has more than 10 different desserts to choose and you can find some local kuih too. Overall, their food is quite okay, portion of food is reasonable and they keep replenishing the food as well. However, try to avoid their steamed egg, it is totally overcooked steamed egg. It is hard and tasteless. Other than that, do press their coffee machine for some crafted coffee.

Address: Big Apple Restaurant, Level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Pagoda Steamboat

Jiu Mao Jiu, Pagoda Steamboat, Selegie.
Three girls decide to conquer the four-layer steamboat tower on one of the Saturday. This steamboat shop offers buffet style with wide selection of meats which include the chicken, pork and beef and vegetables. All the vegetables will be cleaned and cut into smaller pieces before served. The drink is not included in this buffet.

We choose to have two different soup based, the hot spicy soup with lowest level of spiciness and the clear soup. The clear soup we add the radish, corns and the prawn heads to make the soup tastes sweet and better than just a clear soup. You can add other ingredients into the clear soup to bring up the taste. Even, putting the meat into it would make the clear soup slightly tastier.

Since, the steamboat comes with grilled pan, we marinate our meat with butter and garlic before putting it to grill. You can marinate it with little sesame oil and soy sauce, will do. The marinated meat tastes better than the raw meat that we just take from the fridge.

There is no time limit of how long you want to eat or you can eat. The buffet does include a crab per table and two big prawns per person. We then, add in the crab into the clear soup to make the soup based even better. If you wish to eat the crab, best it steam it with garlic and some parsley.

Address: #01-16, Pomo, 1 Selegie Road, Singapore.


Ssikkek BBQ

I have forgotten what was the occasion that my friend asked if I would like to have dinner together. It was in June 2015, we went to  Ssikkek BBQ, a Korean Grilled BBQ restaurant which is located at Thomson Road. I took the Novena MRT to its nearest station and went up to the restaurant to meet up with my friend who was waiting in line. The restaurant was full house and we have to wait for about 20 minutes before getting our table.

It is a buffet dinner style and it has a wide range of meat selection. My friend cannot eat chicken so we took beef and pork most of the time. I think they have lamb too. While waiting for my friend to get all the ingredients, I took the pictures of the restaurant.

When the ingredients laid on the table, we started to grill all of them one by one.

Of course we had a good chat on that night too. I am glad to have my friend around all the time to talk with me and share my ups and downs in my life in a foreign land. Thank you so much.

Address: 101 Thomson Road, #B1-14/15/16 United Square Shopping Mall


Old Hong Kong Kitchen

First time visit to the Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant in Singapore, Old Hong Kong Kitchen. The restaurant is very hard to be located and it took quite long for us to figure out where it is located as the signboard was not helping.

When we reached the restaurant, there was a table of people started eating. We placed our order based on the menu and slowly enjoyed the rest of the time.

The drink is not included in the Groupon’s offer, additional charges will be billed. However, it is refillable. Besides that, using the voucher on weekend also charged extra surcharges.

The services and waiting time are on average as there were no crowd, the taste of the dim sum is average, believe there are some better ones. Out of so many dim sum we tried on that day, I think there are few which are quite nice and the rest were oily, I cannot remember which ones as it was three months back.

Ambiance: Very quiet restaurant, spacious, suitable for a big family.