Kelly Jie Seafood

Back in February this year, my friend from Perth, Australia came to visit Singapore after her family trip to Japan. We met up at Kelly Jie Seafood is formerly known as Melben Seafood which is located at Toa Payoh. It is her friends’ recommendation to try their crab here.

Seriously, I did not really go for branded restaurants to eat crabs. Since, it was a recommendation, I just followed with my friend’s craving. It was my first visit to Kelly Jie Seafood.

Being the first time visit, I opened up for any recommendations from the restaurant and we chose to try their signature chili crab. I myself always do not think Singapore chili crab is anything nicer than a black pepper crab and sometimes, I do feel that a steamed crab is always a good way to eat.

Besides that, we ordered lobsters cooked with buttery sauce and a plate of fried mantao (little buns) which can dip the sauces.

Overall, I prefer the lobsters over the crab probably also because I did not like the crab’s starchy sauce. The dish got cold very fast under the air-conditioned room and it made the starchy sauce even worse.

The service was a little slow on the day I visited the restaurant. I have no ideas whether it was due to Chinese New Year period or the restaurant simply has so many people eating there. It was crowded and noisy. My friend and I did not manage to spend a quality time chatting there and decided to finish the food and back to her hotel.

Address: Blk 211, #01, Lor 8 Toa Payoh, 11/15, Singapore 310211.


Easy Noodle Bar

It is located at Foch Road, Singapore, closes to Jalan Besar, an old district in Singapore. Now, it is accessible via the Bendemeer MRT (Downtown Line). This road features the old and small shop lots and Easy Noodle Bar is Japanese restaurant which is located in between the famous pig organ soup and Vietnamese restaurant, Lang Nuong Vietnam.

I found this restaurant through an introduction made by a fellow Instagram friend and I brought two other colleagues to try this restaurant for one of the dinner together.

Their menu is simple and easy as mentioned by its restaurant name. The selection of food is not many but good enough to give some tries.

They took some pictures of the food and put into a photo album to display on the table, it is not all the best shots, but they are good enough to give you some idea of their food, otherwise, you can ask the waitress to explain them to you before you order.

During my first visit, I tried plenty of good ones.

My favorite of all the dishes we ordered. A Japanese beef stewed with vegetables and the stock was sweet and tasty. According to, they use grain-fed Angus beef which is marinated with shoulder, mirin and sake. The beef was tender and easily melted in my mouth.

Recommended dish, the Yang Chun noodle. A simple noodle comes with good soup based, I think, else my colleague may not be trying to finish up the soup. Generally, it gives some homely feel while eating it and it is meatless, except a soft boiled egg.

We tried Tori Nanban, fried chicken cutlet. Crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside and dip with their sauce. Perfect match.

The Tempura prawn was great too when it was served hot and the breadcrumb did not look oily. It was used fresh prawns and the meat texture was crunchy.

Lastly, the Chicken Roulade, minced meat rolled inside a chicken breast I think. Everything was meaty. It comes in two portion, nicely grilled, still tender and delicious.

It is recommended to try their lunch set too because their price is quite reasonable and the portion is just right to allow us to try many different dishes.

The ambiance at night is a little bit dark and under light, however, it is still comfortable to enjoy the dinner together.

Address: 20 Foch Rd, Singapore 209261

Werner Oven

It has been a while since my last food review shared on 3rd March. Today, let me share another restaurant locates in Joo Chiat, Singapore. The authentic German cuisine restaurant at one of the quiet street in Joo Chiat area, the Werner Oven.

A little bit history of this German restaurant, it is run by Auntie Nancy and the restaurant is named after her husband, Werner Hochbaum, a German man. There is a framed old newspaper featuring Auntie Nancy and her husband at the main entrance of the restaurant which did not have many fancy decorations and it looks a little old school. Okay, it is vintage. The restaurant is the first German bakery in Singapore, opened in year 1988. Ahha, around the same age as me.

I visited the restaurant with a group of 12 colleagues for a farewell dinner. It was a large group of people and I think the restaurant did not really cater for such a crowd. So, we were first sitting together in a row of tables in front of their counter. And, because we were too crowded (and noisy), they moved us to another side of the restaurant. It did not improve much but at least, we were at one corner.

The service is expected to be slow, judging by the waiters and waitresses working there are aunties and uncles, maybe they are family members or relatives. For such a crowd, our food served slow too and I did not get to take many pictures before we just too hungry for food.

As the video I watched earlier before I started writing, Auntie Nancy described about the unique of German bread is sourdough, a multigrain, no fat, no sugar. It is exactly what I loved. I tried their pretzels, served hot, which I tasted it was slightly salty to me but it is crunchy from the outside, soft inside. They served with a few of pretzels which I am not sure whether it was part of our orders.

Photo by Burpple, Kel Song.

While some like it, some do not.

We waited for a while more, they served us with two bowls of soup. Yes for a crowd of 13 people, having two bowls of soup look like we are not afford to have each person a bowl. However, I think it is just nice for trying and it is one of the good try of the Beef Goulash Soup. It is appetizing and nice. We wanted to order more soup but they finished the soup before we could re-order. Again, I forgot to take its photo but I google one which is perfectly taken by another blogger.

The serving for food is really slow, even they served us the homemade, smooth and buttery mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, a pickled cabbage, we also wanted to finish them before the platters were served. Because the
sauerkraut is a sour tasted, we did not eat it without our platters.

And, finally, the main Schlachtplatte, the platters were served. That is the only 1 picture I took for that night and the platter consists of a pork knuckle, 4 large homemade sausages, Kassler and meatloft. It is often served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. This platter is for 4 persons which I think it is just nice for us because we ordered other side dishes as well.

Overall, I am satisfied with this platter and loved the mashed potatoes. I did not try much the sauerkraut, just a bit to go with the sausages.

Kasseler in German cuisine is the name given to a salted (cured) and slightly smoked cut of pork similar to British gammon. It can be either hot or cold smoked. Pork necks and loins are the most often used cuts although ribs, shoulders and bellies can also be used.

We tried the fried calamari which is done perfectly good.

It is a little pricey for the platter, however, judging by the portion and the taste, it is still a good try, if not, you can try for a smaller version of pork knuckle or farmer sausage which is good for a portion of one person.

Address: 49 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427773.

Tsukada Nojo

Bijin Nabe

The Tsukada Nojo at the Plaza Singapore on one of the weekdays after the working hour. We travelled from office to Plaza Singapore by bus instead of taking the MRT during the rush hours, however, it made no different. I have another colleague waiting for us at the restaurant, queuing up in front of the restaurant.

Together with another two colleagues, 4 of us tried one version of the beauty pots from their menu after waited for about an hour. We ordered the Tsukada Nojo’s house specialty is the Bijin Nabe, the signature golden jidori chicken soup. The soup is stewed 8 hours until chicken bones fully dissolved and cold down at room temperature to make silky smooth pudding beancurd… Is to make silky smooth and super rich collagen. Ingredients for soup was said to be imported from Japan.

This is how the food served on our table excluded the pork meat. We have to order the same pot as it just has 1 stove for our table, so it means for each group of people, only 1 type of based is allowed.

The second picture shows the portion of pork meat for 4 persons.

Initially, we felt the portion was not enough for us as dinner while waited the broth to boil because every ingredients just nice for four of us. The first round with all the vegetables and meatballs. It is served by the waitress who is quite friendly.

After that, she served us with a small bowl of the broth. The taste of the broth is quite similar to the Din Tai Fung’s steamed chicken soup. You will like it. I do like it and asked for top up too. It is free to top up once. And, you can order more ingredients to go with it.

While we’re trying out the soup, the waitress gave us some seaweed to go with the broth, and she said it tasted good too with seaweed. I did not realize the seaweed was in heart shape.

It did not make the soup tasted better or not, so just can go with or without it based on your preferences. Do not cook the vegetable for too long.

Soon after, we started to serve ourselves the second round with the prawns and the pork meat by ourselves. Just like the waitress, I did a nice presentation when I dipped the prawns into the soup before I took a picture of the pot.

And, the waitress saw it and told us the prawn would not cook if we put it that way. Haha… I told her it was just for us to take picture 🙂

Then, we told her to start serving the udon and we cooked it with the pork meat. The portion of udon for 4 person was quite reasonable and we did not get to finish all the udon even we asked to top up the soup once.

The waitress told us to give them a Google rating and we can get a free ice-cream after showing them the rating from our mobile phones. It is simple mission to get a free ice-cream, so give a try to rate it according to your preferences.

There are two favours, but I just remember the one we chose which was the Yuzu ice-cream. It’s refreshing, concentrated but not too sweet, good for a try if you want to have dessert of the meal.

After all the great meal and ice cream, the waitress is friendly enough to serve us another plate of dessert, I think is sour plum pudding and again, it is nicely decorated and presented to us.

It is a great dining experience at this Japanese restaurant, although it is expensive, it is the fresh ingredients and services make me feel it is still worth for a try during special occasions with a small group of friends or family.

Address: 68B Orchard Road, #03-81 Plaza Singapura Atrium@Orchard, 238891 Singapore.

Chinese New Year Celebration

The second year I spent my Chinese New Year’s celebration with a bunch of great people from my workplace. It was full of laughter, good food, great people and awesome entertainment. This year, we changed from lunch catering to BBQ dinner at our office’s balcony.

The celebration started at 5.00 PM, slightly late because of the HOD meeting before that. First and foremost, we started with the lou hei (prosperity toss), a Chinese tradition which we practice since young in Malaysia and Singapore. Thanks to my HR and Admin’s team who prepared the loh hei’s ingredients

Shortly after the lou hei, we continued our feast with the dinner we bought from some zi char stall before we started to grill our wagyu beef at the balcony. The weather was still hot and the sun has not set yet, so we started with some light meal and of course playing games, such as mahjong, cards and etc. The BBQ session started shortly after the sun was about to set. We have to do it quick before there was no lights at the balcony.

Then, I did not join the birthday celebration and the gambling session back in the office. I missed some fun I believed!

The whole session ended around 10.30PM and we all headed for second round which I joined too but decided to leave earlier at 11.45PM to go home for a rest for Saturday’s gathering. Now, I am a little a bit regret for joining, knowing that alcohol is bad for myself. Moving forward, I have to be more discipline and control my food intake.

Melt Cafe, Mandarin Oriental

This year company’s Christmas celebration was held at the Melt Cafe at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. The cafe was chosen by my colleagues with the helpful hands from her husband to do the research and presentation slides to our boss. It was a Christmas month’s menu so we can expect some Christmas’ theme desserts. From their long listed menu, we can find they have included turkey, log cakes and etc in the list on top of their international buffet.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.”

For a start, I chose to eat seafood first and concentrated on eating more than the red meats. The seafood is rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals. The first plate before I began to dirty my hand with the food,

I took the cold seafood selection which consists of lobsters, prawns, oysters, snow crab and mussels. There is clams as well but I did not try them. It is fresh, well cooked and smelt seafood. With some lemon sauce, I started my dinner. Then, I continued with second plate of seafood with more lobsters, prawns and crab to fill up my stomach, before I moved on with dishes from the salad bar.

The Prawn Salad was good and finished quite fast when I tried to get some again. Next to the salad bar is the ham section. They offer some pretty good ham. Around this corner, we can get our bread, fruits, aloe vera drink and juices. The pink guava juice is one of it which tasted good. I am not sure whether they are freshly made or from the packed drink.

At the other section, we can have all the cooked food including the roasted pork, chicken and of course turkey. Some vegetables and Indian food as well. Outside, we can get the BBQ-ed salmon, prawn, lamb and beef. All of them were delicious and not over burnt.

I started to feel full and decided to slow down with a little intake of carb from the Japanese section. The sashimi section looked a bit not appetizing so I gave a skip and took the inari, the only one with carb. I tried the deep fried squid which is crispy and crunchy. With this, I moved to cheese and dessert which are something I should limit my intake.

There are four different kind of cheese, I forgot all its names but confirmed one of them was blue cheese. I cut a small slice of cheese and took the crackers. If my stomach can still be filled with food, I would have made a bread with cheese and ham.

Lastly, I took some dessert and a quarter waffle with strawberry ice-cream on top of it. I tried to make it Instagramable picture but the ice-cream was not positioned nicely and the chocolate syrup was a bit too overflowed on the waffle.

We were given some complimentary birthday cakes for birthday babies by the restaurant. I think it is one of the good idea or initiative by the restaurant to give out the birthday cakes to the guests. Five of us received the nice designed birthday cake and we sang them a song and took some group pictures together to wrap up the day.

I could have took the picture from the front view of the restaurant’s entrance against the great views of all the hotel rooms. Overall, this is one of the good international buffets in town one should try. Their menu offers more than what I can eat and I am sure they do have other delicious dishes which I did not try. 


Since after my last post on the 18th December, I briefly stopped writing my blog to enjoy my Christmas. Same as the previous years, I spent my Christmas in slow pace and enjoy the day without having much to do at home. I think this is a best way to enjoy a public holiday too. While many people go for holidays, some remain in town and enjoy the festival with family and friends.

As for myself, I spent the Christmas’ eve with a great Chinese lunch at Swee Choon Dim Sum house with a group of great people after work. We shared some laughter and stories together while waiting for food. It was quite crowded that day and some of our orders got mixed up.

After the lunch, everyone of us went of separately and I joined my colleagues back to her house to catch up some talks and movies. We watched the Game of Thrones.

Later the night, I went to Ang Mo Kio for Christmas’ eve dinner with my family. A big roasted turkey as our main dish for that night. We opened a bottle of champagne to share the moment.

A lot of Instagramable pictures were taken during the feast. The roasted turkey bought from the Fair Price was really huge, we just managed to finish both legs and one of the wings. The turkey meat texture was quite dry and hard. Generally, it is a good experience of eating the whole leg by myself.

Next, after 12.00 midnight, we cut the Christmas log cake and opened our presents. We bought the Strawberry Log Cake from FairPrice too. The strawberry paste is not very sweet to eat with the sponge cake. It was slightly creamy on top (as a design) and unavoidable I ate some of them. I am not a big fan of cake, just give an exemption for special occasion.

Very soon, we will usher the grand new year of 2019. It is time to plan for what to be done next year and work harder to make it achievable.