For those who follow Pastor Prince, year 2018 is the year of God’s hesed wisdom. I picked this lines, “God wants to teach you how to make every moment count, make decisions that lead to good success, and turn around every situation of lack and defeat!” from his website and the video from the Youtube.

On one of the late Friday’s evening, just before I left the office, I overheard a conversation between my project manager with the team and part of the conversation surprised me. I walked up and reached them. I advised them the right way of doing thing. I believed it was God’s wish to deliver the God’s hesed wisdom through me. God has given me the wisdom to do things right.

However, I stunned with the reply which left me speechless. I felt time was just wasted and I decided to leave myself alone, packed my stuff and went back home.

In the video, the last words shared was God will turn the valley of trouble into a valley of blessing. So, I believed God, no matter how difficult the situation, He will lead me to the brighter path, a successful path. Amen.


Leo and Aquarius

Susan Miller says,
As you begin the month, you will be thinking in terms of “me,” for the lunar eclipse in Leo will make it so. Later, as you will see, at the February 15 eclipse in Aquarius, a sign six months away from yours, you will be thinking in terms of “we.” When we see Leo and Aquarius emphasized, there is always the meditation about how much of me will I have to give up to have the privilege and bond of we. You have nothing to be concerned about – you’ve thought about this before, and the fact is, you can have both in the right, loving proportions. When there is care for the partner on both sides, both individuals flourish.

Eclipses in your own sign and opposite sign (in this case Aquarius) only happen every nine years or so. When a new series of eclipses start up, such as this one, in Leo and Aquarius, they remain in the same signs for two years, coming by every five-and-a-half months as a pair, two weeks apart. The ones after these this month will come July 27 and August 11.

Ponder Eventful Last August

Susan Miller says,
Think back to the eclipses that occurred in 2017 on February 10 (highlighting Leos born on August 14, plus or minus four days), and the next two that arrived August 7 and 21, ones that may have highlighted your birthday, plus or minus four days. Do you recall anything important happening on any one of those three dates? Of course, if August 7 or August 21 is close to your birthday, you were sure to see many changes in your life start to happen almost immediately. An eclipse opposite your Sun, in Aquarius, such as the one you will have February 15, if it touches a degree in your chart, would have just as powerful an effect too.

Events back in August 2017:
Aug 27: A friend from Seoul visited me and we spent some time together at Telok Ayer, Singapore.
Aug 26: SQLSaturday event at Microsoft, Singapore. I met a person who used Fitbit as well and we talked for a while during the break. Unfortunately, I did not keep in touch with him even I took his name card.
Aug 25: Celebrated birthday together with August and September babies.
Aug 24: Complimentary drinks from Starbucks.
Aug 22: These stories are giving me a lot of illusions and false hope that it works for us. Anyway, I am glad to see you tomorrow if I am required to attend the meeting.
Aug 20: Celebrated birthday together with my cousin and my aunt at East Coast, Singapore.
Aug 18: 16 people lunch together gathering for my birthday with healthy food. It is a blessed moment. One said, you just joined 4 months only, everyone comes to join your birthday lunch.
Aug 16: I’m extremely happy when my colleague shared us a word from our big boss. Project W’s owner likes our teamwork and asks not to change this team at all. Thank you team!
Aug 13: I have been worked almost 7 days a week for past 3 weeks to meet 2 projects’ due dates (developing concurrently).
Aug 6: Worked on the poor ERD.
Aug 4: Some colleagues say, I have two boyfriends named WY and Win. I’m thinking I’ll get a real one pretty soon!!
Aug 2: How am I supposed to answer my client when client asked, “How hard is it to comment out the extra parameters and upload it to AWS?” and I know the code has been changed by CTO yesterday and I haven’t tested it.

Indeed, these were the things that changed me a lot. For all things I did in past 6 years, it just happened to me within four months in the new environment. I am looking forward to February 15.

Feeling Free For A Day

February 2, 2018 – Friday.
I was quite free for whole day since I have done the testing for a project. I did not want to retest the whole portion. I think it must be the laziness hit my mind and I decided to end the testing after I received the final answer from my project manager.

I have no ideas, whether to welcome my on-and-off project manager back to the project team or just let go things and not to bother it. It seemed I could not bother much.

“There are words can be said, there are words cannot be said, because it could affect someone”. It applies to this situation too.

I was little surprised to see my client was in the office when I saw my client in the meeting while I was on the phone, however, since my project manager was back in the office, I avoided all the direct communication with my client.

Somehow, on that evening, I started to feel inconvenience. Just a question, “can I deploy to server?”, I have to wait the project manager to ask the client, who was just sitting in front of me. Funny, that was the first adjective in my mind to describe the situation. I was not getting used to this protocol again, after months we were directly communicated.

SQL Server Export Data into Excel

How to export data from the SQL Server Management Studio into Excel file?

I used to save the data into .csv file and transfer the file out into my local machine via FTP or use the copy and paste command to transfer the data into the Excel directly from the database. This happened when you have control on the servers and security is not a big concern. Another method is using the SSIS.

Due to various reasons, my client did not allow installation of Excel into the database server and recommended me to use the Export Data function in the SSMS. I seldom used the Export Data function, anyway. Instantly, I gave a try after I was guided.

The steps are simple, guided and straight forward to follow. Here is the step:-
1. Right click the database > Task > Export Data.

2. Choose a data source. It means where the source location is. For this example, we select SQL Server Native Client 11.0. Enter the user credentials if you are using SQL authentication, otherwise, you can just continue with Windows Authentication.

Select the database which you want to export the data from.

3. Choose a destination. It means select the location where you want to save or export the data to. Destination selection, we choose Microsoft Excel, then enter the Excel file path where you want to save the file at. As for the Excel version, I believe it is based on the driver version we installed. If you want to keep the first row with column names, please check the checkbox.

Then, we can proceed with Next button.

4. Specify table copy or query. Here, we can choose either to select which table or tables we want to copy all its data into the Excel or we can write a SQL query to specify the dataset to be copied or exported. Let see how we can export a table out from the SSMS.

Choose the first option, Copy data from one or more tables or views. This allows copying the entire dataset from the selected tables or views into the Excel file. Select the tables by checking the checkbox at the Source.

The destination will name the Excel sheet according to the table’s name. If you want to change the name, you can click on each destination table’s name and edit it. If you do not want to export the entire table, you can select to write a query by choosing the second option from the previous screen.

Write your SQL statement in the next screen, just like below, which I selected top 1000 rows of records from the selected table. You can rename the table name at the Destination similarly to what I describe earlier in the next screen.

The table name will appear in the Excel sheet. One sheet for one table and as you know Excel has maximum number of rows, 65,536 for Excel 2003 and 1,048,576 for Excel 2007. I believe there is no concern about maximum column.

Next, we move to the Edit Mappings… button which is important to look into it especially when we want to format the Excel’s cell format.

In the Edit Mappings, you can select the data type of each field by clicking the dropdown selection list under the Type column. And, click OK to save the mappings. Then, you can view the dataset by clicking on the Preview button. A limited row of data will display in the next screen.

After editing the mappings and preview the dataset, it is time to review the data type mapping

5. Review Data Type Mapping. Click Next button to proceed and run the package.

6. Run Package. Nothing much you can choose, either run immediately or cancel the process. Click Next or Finish button to complete the wizard, it will run the package and save data into the Excel file.

Lastly, navigate to your Excel file path to retrieve the Excel file and check the data inside it.

Air-Fryer Salmon

I wanted to cook salmon for dinner, so I went to buy a fresh and good piece of salmon from the supermarket in the morning. With just salt and pepper and some mixed herbs, I put it into the air fryer and set the temperature at 200°c for 12 minutes. It worked the wonder for you.

My verdict for this piece of salmon is…
It was crispy on the top, juicy on the bottom, it was not overly marinated, can taste the lovely fresh salmon.


The recommended appetizer, the shrimp cakes come in 3 pieces, which we cut them into smaller pieces for everyone to enjoy. Served hot, smell good and go great with the sauce. 

It is a recommendation from the waiter who served us. It is well marinated with some familiar ingredients which my aunt used to use in cooking. Truly a home cooked style, simple and good for a try although it is not a fantastically great for second time.

After the long wait for the fried basil chicken rice, it was served with a beautiful sunrise fried egg on top of the white rice. The basil chicken is not spicy, tasted normal and can still be improved.

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