Petit Pain

It has a pretty good Google rating and reviews. Finally, I got a chance to try it after turned away twice because they sold out before 12pm on weekends. My friend who was on leave and made a trip down to Joo Chiat and managed to get a few of them to try.

My apology for the bad lighting during the photo-taking session. For an enhanced photo (added filter), you can click on this link that leads to my Instagram.

Personally, I would love the croissant smells a little more buttery. I loved its crispy and fluffy texture. Next, I liked the escargot, and it tasted better than the apple danish, although apple danish has a great filling. Escargot is less sweet compared to apple danish. Both pastry texture is good. The least I liked is the pain au chocolat. I don’t take much sweet stuff, so that is why I choose croissant as my favourite.

Maybe I will try their baguette one day. And of course, can get 1 more croissant. Keep up with the good work.

Address: 315 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427566.
Google link:

Pre-Phase 2 Heightened Alert

As Singapore residents move into what the Health Minister labelled as Phase 2 Heightened Alert that takes effect from 16 May 2021 through 13 June 2021. These are the few highlights during this Phase 2.

  • Work from home as default. Everyone is encouraged to work from home whenever it is possible. I, myself, have been started working from home since 3rd May as instructed by the management.
  • Dining-in suspended. Dining-in at F&B establishments will also not be allowed, including hawker centres and food courts, both indoors and outdoors. From now onward, I have to be more careful whenever I take away a cup of drink or a small snack that I cannot take off my mask to enjoy immediately.
  • Two visitors per household. While I do not invite visitors to my rented unit, I have avoided seeing or interacting with other people in the house.
  • Social gathering reduced from five to two. I am fine with it as I did not meet up with a big group of people since my last gathering of seven people in March.

For more information everyone can Google out the news.

14 May 2021

When the news came to me on Friday’s morning just before I started my lunch meeting, I wondered whether I shall cook at home or take away food for dinner that night. Little that I know, I began my first no-dining-in experience after my meeting by having the Petit Pain’s croissant and pastries as my lunch. I will put up my review of Petit Pain soon and update the content here so it can be linked up.

After Friday’s work, my friend and I were thinking about whether we need to check out the supermarket at Tampines Mall and get something to cook over the weekends. In the end, we headed out to get some frozen pack food, a slice of salmon, and a pack of vegetable. There was no crowd during our visit to the supermarket and no long queue at the payment counters or self-checkout counters.

Next, we headed to our preferred stalls to get our takeaway food for dinner. I ordered the D’Laksa using the GrabFood self-pickup promotion. D’Laksa is located at Century Square. This laksa is different from the Singapore Laksa that is curry based. The number of ingredients although not a lot, it was enough for me. It has plentiful vegetables such as shredded cucumbers, onions and some lettuces. It goes well in a hot bowl of laksa soup. I liked its aroma, appetizing whenever I walked past the stall at Century Square. Unfortunately, it is hard to get a seat at the stall itself, and most of the time I order the takeaway laksa. For more reviews of D’Laksa, you can check out this link on my Instagram.

15 May 2021

The next day morning, it was a rainy day, I made myself a cup of black coffee. I wanted to finish up the coffee powder before I move house. It was a relax in the morning without disturbance.

When it came to lunchtime, my friend and I made two sandwiches, the turkey ham with wholemeal buns, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese that we bought from Cold Storage on Thursday. The turkey ham was bought from Cold Storage too. The leftover scrambled eggs, ham and lettuce were placed on a small bowl to make it as a salad. We put the Japanese sesame sauce as the dressing. It was a simple and fulfilling lunch. There is no recipe for this sandwich.

For the dinner of the night, I cooked a small piece of salmon that has been seasoned with salt, pepper, mixed herbs and garlic powder before I air-fried it for 10 minutes. I ate along with a small portion of stir-fried royole chives (qing long chai) with garlic. Sometimes, I liked the salmon air-fried because of the crispiness on top of the salmon.

With the begin of the new measurements, there will be more sharing of home-cooked food in my future updates.

Two Bakers

Again! After the Christmas’ visit, I went back to Two Bakers, an artisan patisserie shop at Horne Road, Singapore. It is an impromptu visit to have a share of cakes with a colleague after lunch. It was just a distant walk from the food court to cafe.

Litchi Rose

Litchi in French means lychee in English.

It is made of raspberry favoured light sponge cake, with rose infused buttercream, litchi bits and rose petals and carefully designed with a small stalk of rosemary on top of the cake.

See the picture, it looks so pretty. At the first glance, it gives me an impression that the sponge cake is quite dry. It may look better and give better texture if the cake is slightly moist. Overall, the cake is not sweet, not overwhelmed with rose and not creamy, it is quite suitable for my liking.

Two bakers always give me a surprised combination of natural ingredients to make their delicious cakes. I hope to try their main course one day.

Address: 88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083.

Miam Miam

Miam Miam, Singapore.
Address: #02-14 Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street, Singapore.

Soufflé De Nuage
The fluffy egg soufflé on top of the thin layered of the tomato fried rice with ham and mushroom. It has plenty of thick ham on the right side and I hardly see any mushrooms in the fried rice. It is slightly imbalance.

Overall, it is a delicious, worth to try and very filling because it is slightly creamy too.

Original Soufflé Pancakes
It is a regular plain pancake, very thick, soft and not very fluffy as I expected. The maple syrup and the pancake blend well and the whole piece of pancake is not too sweet.

Mon Bijou

Mon Bijou, Orchard, Singapore.
It is located at Claymore Connect, the French cafe serves all day breakfast, lunch and desserts. I was tasked to check out what to ate for lunch when both princesses just woke up from their beauty sleep. A quick search from the Internet, recommends this French cafe as it has something great to try. Since, we are nearby, we just walk over and we are greeted with their friendly waiter.

I start with translating the name Mon Bijou to English, it means My Jewel. I quite agreed with it, this place is a hidden gem.

The chef recommendations list on the menu includes this MB Crabby Patty burger serves with mango salsa and fries. Food presentation is good, taste for the crab patty is good too. My friend likes the mango salsa.

The second chef recommendation is the Truffle Scrambled Egg with toasts, hash brown and sausages. I wanted to smell the truffle after seeing a TV programme sometime ago. Just curious how it is actually smell when we cook it with our food. I quite like the two-tone toast (black and white toast), I cannot be sure what is the favour of the black colour, and online search, some says it is squid ink. And, then the hash brown used to be handmade, however, the hash brown that I got that day was those frozen ones.

The third chef recommendation under the same menu is the Spaghetti Carbonara which my friend ordered. She says it is really nice 🙂  Overall, the food here is delicious and worth to try. All food served after waiting for some 15 to 20 minutes, I believe they prepare the food with ‘heart’.

For drinks, we choose three different drink, the healthy green juice consists of the green apple, celery and cucumber, the mango smoothie and mocha.
Address: #01-19/20, Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Road, Singapore 238879.


Poulet, Singapore.
Amazing French Roast Chicken.

Dinner time with two lovely girls. They picked this restaurant and it was my first visit. Being the first timer, I let both of the girls to pick the best ones, however, it was a little late when we reached the restaurant and some of the dishes finished.

We ordered the classic lemonade and ginger lemonade. The top view of the drink looks pretty good with the restaurant’s name as the background. I have no idea why the ginger lemonade has a piece of mint on it.

The two girls ordered the countryside mushroom soup, creamy and tasty.

I try something different that what is recommended. The Pissaladière – it is a classic dish from Provence.  I tried the Pissaladière de Poulét,  a puff pastry with its golden crust that was crispy to the bite. It has two types, I chose the chicken and another one is the mushroom. It is something unique to me, light yet filling.

My friend chose the signature dish, Poulet. The chicken or the drumstick looks tenders with the thick sauce on it. I believe it must be a very nice dish and it has a very good review on it.

Next, my another friend ordered the Salad de Canard Fume, a garden salad with smoked duck slices and raspberry dressing. The orange wedges and roasted pine nuts lent it a tangy flavour.

Since it was getting late and we did not spend much time to enjoy the food and drink to the fullnest. However, it is still a good dining experience here. Next time, if I visit the restaurant again, I will make sure I will try the Poulet and be there early to enjoy the signature dish to the fullness.

Address: Terminal 3, Changi International Airport, 65 Airport Blvd, Singapore.

Miam Miam

Miam Miam – A Japanese French restaurant locates at the Tampines One Shopping Mall. We discovered it by accident on one of the Friday’s afternoon lunch after trying to redeem some freebie for our Puma Night Run 2015. Yea, it was some time ago. I realised that I have not written my reviews on this restaurant.

It did take quite some time for 4 of us to decide what we wanted to eat. It looked very delicious for each of the item in the menu. And, we decided to order our own meal and added on with desserts. It is really a very satisfying lunch session.

While waiting for our food, one of my colleagues eager to learn how to take food pictures to share to his friends. Therefore, we all took out our phones and started to snap all the way. From the plain water to coffee, we tried a few shots.

And I randomly took the interior and crowd in this restaurant. It is pretty okay business for them during the lunch time. The restaurant setting is considered as simple but I do not so like to have too many light bulbs.Below is the group picture of our food for the day including main dishes, drinks and desserts.

Their signature dish, the Miam Miam Spaghetti. The spaghetti cooked al-dente and the ingredients were enough for each bite. The ingredients include the bacon strips, the soft boiled egg, some tomatoes and vegetable. The taste is just alright for myself, it is not too salty because of having the bacons. Do mix the soft boiled egg together before start eating.

After mixing it, my colleague told me, the spaghetti has turned into a plate of Cantonese Fried Noodle. Another spaghetti that you may wish to try is the Riz Noir Squid Ink Pasta.

Next, the Souffle De Nuage. To be honest, I have no idea what is this dish and I have to get the description from the Internet, “Home-style fresh tomato sautéed rice topped with fluffy clouds of egg and cheese.”

The fluffy clouds of egg and cheese on the top makes it very presentable. Lastly, it is our desserts, the Chocolate Souffle. It is really melt in my mouth. Great piece.

French toasts which you cannot get it wrong at any restaurants.

Address: #B1-05, 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1, Singapore.

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