BGain Food Court, ARC380

The food court revived, and I saw it is getting more popular lately, with some stalls getting good food reviews from the public. I visited this food court after seeing Youtube’s video introducing the Hakka noodle.

Pang’s Hakka Noodles

Pang’s Hakka Noodle serves Hakka noodles and yong tau foo. I like the yong tau foo, it is nice, but the soup is oily. I believe the yong tau foo consists of the mui heong salted fish. They gave chilli paste at the side of the bowl. I did not remember in KL, do the Hakka noodle stall puts chilli paste.

Happy Congee

As recommended by the public, I ordered the char siew (barbecue pork) chee cheung fun for a try. I did not order the Cantonese porridge as recommended because I had a bowl of Hakka noodles. I agreed that the chee cheung fun is smooth and soft. I liked the chilli paste and light soy sauce that used to pair with the chee cheung fun. They did not separate the chilli paste from the chee cheung fun, mixing the chilli oil with soy sauce on the side. I pretty liked the taste.

Food that yet to try

Er Jie Curry Puff

They offer homemade savoury, crispy curry puffs with a few different combinations. The main branch is in the basement of the Golden Mile Tower at Beach Road. They have opened another stall at ARC380. When I was at ARC380, I was told that plenty of people was waiting for the curry puffs, and some of them bought many packets of curry puffs. It seems to be quite delicious. It has a rating of 4.1 stars in Google reviews.

Xiao Long Bao

It seems quite nice and quite several people ordering it during my visit. I hope they have a small portion for me to try as a side dish instead of the day’s main meal.

Food that you can skip

It sounds a bit cruel or bad; there is one of the food items in this food court that I would not recommend trying. It is the pan-fried bao with pork filling. As mentioned, the bao is plain, and the chilli paste did not go well with the bao. If you are looking for a similar kind of pan-fried bao, I recommend you try the Hand In Hand restaurant, which is located at Jalan Besar.

Address: Bgain @ Lavender Food Court, 380 Jln Besar, Singapore 209000.


Little that I know, the Saizeriya is a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurant which has a few branches in Singapore. It is a wallet-friendly restaurant which serves a fusion food of both Asian and Western food.

It has been a while since the last visit. They have something new for this visit, the chili crab spaghetti. It tasted so-so only. It would be better you order a real chili crab and take the gravy with spaghetti for best satisfaction.

Another type of spaghetti I always order whenever I visited their branch at Aperia Mall is vongole spicy tomato soup, the spicy tomato clam spaghetti in other words. It is tasty, spicy sweet soupy type of spaghetti.

I think other than having spaghetti, the rest of the food is not quite worth as the portion is quite small. If you wish, you can order the set which comes with a bowl of salad and drink which you can self-service at their drink section. Otherwise, plain water is free flow.

Two Bakers

Again! After the Christmas’ visit, I went back to Two Bakers, an artisan patisserie shop at Horne Road, Singapore. It is an impromptu visit to have a share of cakes with a colleague after lunch. It was just a distant walk from the food court to cafe.

Litchi Rose

Litchi in French means lychee in English.

It is made of raspberry favoured light sponge cake, with rose infused buttercream, litchi bits and rose petals and carefully designed with a small stalk of rosemary on top of the cake.

See the picture, it looks so pretty. At the first glance, it gives me an impression that the sponge cake is quite dry. It may look better and give better texture if the cake is slightly moist. Overall, the cake is not sweet, not overwhelmed with rose and not creamy, it is quite suitable for my liking.

Two bakers always give me a surprised combination of natural ingredients to make their delicious cakes. I hope to try their main course one day.

Address: 88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083.

Chuan Chuan Le

Address: 64 Horne Road, Singapore 209072.
It is a fusion Chinese cuisine, specializing in BBQ, according to the website after a Google search. They serve Sze Chuan food too. We were there for dinner on the March 14th, after the weekly run for our upcoming marathon in April.

One of our colleagues suggested to try the food here and we walked down to Horne Road from the office. The restaurant opens until late, 4 am in the morning, however, they begin their business in the evening time. Since, it is a BBQ restaurant, it is reasonable to open at late hours.

Unable to recall the name of the dish. However, the dish is delicious, tasted well, not over-cooked, not too oily and most importantly, it is not too spicy although the dried chilies on the surface seems a lot. The best thing is it is not too oily, where the amount of chili oil controls the taste of the food quite well. It consists of generous amount of chicken meats, vermicelli and bean sprouts.

Then, we ordered two other dishes. The hot plate tofu, which I hardly do it myself at home and a plate of vegetable. The hot plate tofu serves with the Chinese sausage, not the dried Chinese sausage, just to be clear. It is quite unique in a way. Other ingredients are quite normal which are small sized prawns, vegetables and sliced mushroom. Overall, it is well tasted, just a little a bit oily.

Lastly, we added on the grilled enoki mushroom with chilies and garlic. A simple dish with minimal ingredients and yet, it is tasted good too. I can try to make this at home one day.


The Lighthouse, Lavender, Singapore.

It is an impromptu dinner with a group of four people after an evening run at the usual route. That night was a quiet night with two groups of people in the restaurant.

I choose the seafood angel hair pasta with sambal as my main course. It is a fusion cuisine, mixing western with local hot and spicy flavour. The prawns are fresh and crunchy. Good to give a try or even try to cook one on my own.

We shared a lot of travel stories during the dinner especially on my friend’s stories about her recent road trip in Australia. Also, another road trip in Iceland from another male friend. Those stories do make me feel it is time to travel again.

Address: 75 Jellicoe Road, #01-00 Wavelink Building, 208738 Singapore.

Miam Miam

Miam Miam – A Japanese French restaurant locates at the Tampines One Shopping Mall. We discovered it by accident on one of the Friday’s afternoon lunch after trying to redeem some freebie for our Puma Night Run 2015. Yea, it was some time ago. I realised that I have not written my reviews on this restaurant.

It did take quite some time for 4 of us to decide what we wanted to eat. It looked very delicious for each of the item in the menu. And, we decided to order our own meal and added on with desserts. It is really a very satisfying lunch session.

While waiting for our food, one of my colleagues eager to learn how to take food pictures to share to his friends. Therefore, we all took out our phones and started to snap all the way. From the plain water to coffee, we tried a few shots.

And I randomly took the interior and crowd in this restaurant. It is pretty okay business for them during the lunch time. The restaurant setting is considered as simple but I do not so like to have too many light bulbs.Below is the group picture of our food for the day including main dishes, drinks and desserts.

Their signature dish, the Miam Miam Spaghetti. The spaghetti cooked al-dente and the ingredients were enough for each bite. The ingredients include the bacon strips, the soft boiled egg, some tomatoes and vegetable. The taste is just alright for myself, it is not too salty because of having the bacons. Do mix the soft boiled egg together before start eating.

After mixing it, my colleague told me, the spaghetti has turned into a plate of Cantonese Fried Noodle. Another spaghetti that you may wish to try is the Riz Noir Squid Ink Pasta.

Next, the Souffle De Nuage. To be honest, I have no idea what is this dish and I have to get the description from the Internet, “Home-style fresh tomato sautéed rice topped with fluffy clouds of egg and cheese.”

The fluffy clouds of egg and cheese on the top makes it very presentable. Lastly, it is our desserts, the Chocolate Souffle. It is really melt in my mouth. Great piece.

French toasts which you cannot get it wrong at any restaurants.

Address: #B1-05, 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1, Singapore.


After the previous visit last August, I went there again with my colleague on the night we finished work late. We walked one round at the lower ground of Tampines One and could not find a seat at any restaurants there.
As we seated, we looked through the menu for quite long before we decided what to order. The food which we ordered is delicious and we enjoyed our food that night.

Location: #03-K1/K2, Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1. Singapore.
Ambiance: Great atmosphere as usual, the place is spacious and it is not crowded when we reached at the restaurant.
Rating: 3/5. Although previous rating was 4/5, it is not because of the quality and service drop. This round the food is good too and worth for trying.

Pasta Zanmai

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.
I just realised that I did not write enough review for Pasta Zanmai which was first introduced by my brother. He asked for a dinner at Pasta Zanmai in Mid Valley sometimes back in Year 2011.

I was introduced to this yummy-licious restaurant and fell in love since then. It is because of their set meals which allow us to try many different dishes. Here is some of the set meals that I tried so far.

For the first visit, we tried these sets:-
Mini Ebi Ika no Spicy Pasta with small mushrooms, prawns and squids. I like this pasta, cooked al-dente.
Pasta Zanmai
Mini Chicken Onsen Tamago Pizza
Another good try is this pizza with half-cooked egg at the middle of the pizza.
Pasta Zanmai
Kaki Kimuchi Pasta. I hope I get the right name, it is a soup based pasta where they use the kimchi broth.
Pasta Zanmai
Tori Karaage Garlic Rice It comes with four pieces of fried chicken breast meat. The fried chicken is well-marinated before fried. The garlic fried rice is aromatic and it comes with some salad. It is not very oily meal.
Pasta Zanmai
For just two set meals we got so much food on our table,
Pasta Zanmai
We also ordered the Itachoco Monaka a biscuit with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fillings. I guess we just too greedy for our first visit. However, do not worry, this set meal portion is not big. You can finish it by yourself or share it with another person.
Pasta Zanmai
Months later we try again at this restaurant. We tried another two different set meals. Another soup based pasta that we tried, Mini Asari Wafu Soup Pasta uses the mini shortneck clam. The soup is nice.
Pasta Zanmai
Mini Kani Avocado Gomadare Pasta consists of crabmeat and avocado. It uses the sesame sauce as the based of the pasta. It has a strong sesame taste.
Pasta Zanmai
Mini Unagi Omi Rice. It is a garlic fried rice topped with roasted unagi and omelette. It served with miso soup.
Pasta Zanmai

And, we ordered the same pizza again,
Pasta ZanmaiPasta Zanmai gave me the best memories of all restaurants in Mid Valley. Here is the place where we celebrated the best moments together, even farewell also held it here and some occasional lunch with friends. Other set meals that I have tried,
Pasta ZanmaiPasta Zanmai
Pasta Zanmai
Pasta Zanmai
My previous visit was before 2014 Chinese New Year, where the lou sang took place with some ex-colleagues.
Pasta Zanmai
Pasta Zanmai

Location: F-051, 1st Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Ambiance: Spacious and private.
Rating: 5/5. Wonderful place to have lunch and dinner with sumptuous delicious food to be chosen. It is a great place for gathering with friends and families too. The food is great and the services too.


Lenas, under MOF (Ministry of Food)
It was my birthday celebration!. The earlier celebration was at Swensen’s, Mandalay Style and Thai Express. We went out for a late lunch, I guessed, it was about 2.00PM when we were free to go for lunch.
Upon reaching the restaurant, there was no queue and quite empty. So, we did not have to wait for long for our food to be served.

Smoked Salmon Spaghetti with Cream Sauce
It looks really creamy for me and I can smell the strong taste when it is served.
Grilled Fish with Salad
I wanted to eat fish and I ordered it. The fish is grilled to its perfection and it tastes good. I do not have to add salt or pepper for extra taste. It comes with salads and sauce.
Seafood Set with an Fried Egg
It comes with has 2 prawns, half grilled fish and a baked potato. It is most expensive fried egg that she ever had.
Location: #03-K1/K2, Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1. Singapore.
Ambiance: Great atmosphere as it is quite empty during our visit. The space is spacious.
Rating: 4/5. The food is tasted good, perfect for my taste bud and the services are great and staff is very attentive to our orders.

Kungfu Paradise

Kungfu Paradise

It is a Singapore brand for local food and snack that went into Malaysia’s market recently. It has two branches in Malaysia, namely Mid Valley and Paradigm Mall. I went to the Mid Valley’s branch with my two other colleagues for lunch.

We ordered from the set lunch menu of our choices. I chose to have Curry Chicken with Rice. It came with a fried egg and a glass of Iced Lemon Tea.
Kungfu Paradise
The curry sauce was tasted quite okay with fried chicken. The portion may look little but it was quite filling after finished it with the drink. You may give a try on this set if you are in Mid Valley next time.

Location : LG074A, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ambience : Not crowded during lunch break. Easily can get table for two or four persons.
Rating : 3/5. Easy to find place to sit during the lunch hours. It comes with set lunch with wide range of selections at different prices.

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