Foodie Is Running Out of Recipes

I’m getting used to the current stricter COVID-19 safe management in Singapore, and I’m trying more local food around Tampines, Singapore, using the self-pickup promotion from GrabFood. Some friends took advantages of Grab’s bundle offers too. Do check it out if you are interested. This week I did take-aways more than cooking at home because I am trying to use the self-pickup promotion from GrabFood.

Let me start with what I get to try from some restaurants this week.

Una Una

Una Una, an affordable hitsumabushi with a Google rating of 3.9 stars. This set consists of steamed Japanese rice, grilled unagi with sweet sauce and pickles. It comes with a bowl of seaweed soup, and an additional bowl of soup to go with the rice.

The main difference between Una Una and Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant is the Wasabi, where Man Man gives raw Wasabi. Una Una provides the wasabi paste, so I do not want to make my own Wasabi. 😅 Also, I find that the rice is quite a lot. However, the taste is fine, quite comparable with Man Man. If this can be slightly more smokey, it would be the most affordable grilled unagi in Singapore.

For homecooked food, I have tried some Korean recipes and it was delicious.

Kimchi Guk

I am sharing a recipe to make kimchi soup. I do not know if kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae) and kimchi soup (kimchi guk) are the same because both use kimchi, the meat of your choice, hot pepper paste and tofu to cook. If you know what the difference is, can you share it with me? This kimchi soup fills up my stomach, and I feel delighted having it with my golden Korean pot.

I used a recipe from a Korean ahjuma (auntie). Please refer to link website below. I tried several of her recipes.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Another Korean dish for dinner this week, the Kimchi fried rice.

Pork Don

A rice bowl dish featuring grilled pork slices with caramelized soy sauce. The pork slices are bought from Medi-ya, and it came with a pack of ready-made sauce to cook with the pork slices. It is easy and convenient.

Homemade Scones

I made some scones with the remaining of the plain flour. It turned out quite okay and I expected it to be more buttery tasted.

And, lastly, I cooked instant noodles for one of the lunches because I wanted to clear off some frozen food. Previously, I purchased a pack of impossible luncheon meat from FairPrice supermarket and air-fried it to eat with instant noodle. The texture of the impossible luncheon meat is slightly different from the actual ones. The taste is better for someone who prefers less sodium.

Personally, I would prefer to have the real luncheon meats (with less sodium). For a healthy choice, the impossible maybe a good option.

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Stricter COVID-19 Safe Management Measures Works In Singapore – Foodie Will Still Cook at Home

Stricter COVID-19 safe management measures are working for now, and there is no need for a “further tightening of posture” at this point, said Mr. Lawrence Wong on Friday. More updates will be given on next Monday.

This is my third post sharing on home-cooked food during the Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) in Singapore from 16 May 2021 through 13 June 2021. You can check out my first post, Pre-Phase 2 Heightened Alert, to share how I cooked salmon with an air fryer and made turkey ham sandwiches. In the second post, Foodie Cooks When Dine-In Is Not Allowed, I shared how I prepared chicken drumstick using an air-fryer and tried one of the popular minced meat noodle stalls at Tampines Street 43’s Kopitiam. I will continue in this post and stay-home dine-in experience with some good food that I bought home in this weekly post.

Korean Japchae

I followed ahjuma’s recipe to make japchae. The first photo looked like making bibimbap. The photo was taken before mixing the ingredients together. It tasted delicious and flavourful. I added extra ingredients into the japchae, the kimchi and seaweeds. The recipe link, For the meat, I used sliced pork and prepared it using the bulgogi recipe link,

Mala Xiang Guo

I was trying to cook mala xiang guo at home by using the lao gan ma chilli sauce but the taste was totally different than the expected taste. Guess, I will try it again next time with pre-packed sauce for mala stir-fry that I can get it from any supermarkets.

ChiCha San Chen

It is established in 1998, and my first try is in the year 2021. I’m not a really true fan of milk tea. Only on the occasion where I wanted to try out. It is a new drink on the menu to promote taro. Taro milk tea with taro pearls or fresh milk with taro and taro pearls.

What interested me the most is the teapresso machine and the tea aroma at this stall. It is something that I do not mind sitting down and enjoy my tea. The story of the teapresso machine can be found on their website,

There was a queue before us during dinner time when I dropped by to get my first drink. Surprisingly, the Google rating at Tampines One is 3.4 stars only, while branches located in the city rated between 4.1 and 4.5 stars.

After having eaten so much, it is a good time to do some walking. On Saturday’s morning, I took a walk before it started raining. It was a relaxing walk with no target location, distance and timing. If you are keen to follow me on Instagram, you can check out the link below.

Alright, that is all for this week. Let us catch up again in my next post. Stay home, stay safe.

Day 3: Saturday’s Brunch at Jagalchi Market

I spent my next 1.5 hours enjoying my brunch at this quiet restaurant runs by a family. The main reason I stepped into this restaurant because they can speak a little English which could help me in food ordering. I still need some English to converse.

I did not take the picture of the main entrance of the restaurant. So, I missed out the restaurant’s name. I will google it and update the name and address again. And of course, the menu has its name too. 

I saw a couple inside this restaurant. Both of them could be from either Malaysia or Singapore. I did not sit around them and I chose to sit further away on the tatami floor dining area. 

It was pretty comfortable to sit here, breezing cold with wind coming from the main entrance. I took a while to see through the menu and decided to order their set meal, the grilled fish set meal for one person. Again, there is no issues for me to order 1 person portion.

It took quite a while for them to cook the dishes and as usual they served me with the side dishes first and free flow of plain water. The weather was cold and still they served me cold water. I wondered if I could have warm water.

Tada, my grilled fish was served. I did not know what kind of fish it was and it tasted just alright, not salty at all and did not smell stinky. Initially, I did feel that the whole portion of the set meal was quite little. However, half way eating the grilled fish, I started to feel full. 

Then, I started to dive into my kimchi soup and took a few spoons. It was sweet and tasty, not spicy at all. I believed the soup based was made of fish bones, again with plenty of kimchi and pickled radish cooked with cucumber and some fish meat, I did find it delicious and go well with my plain rice.

The weather was quite cold and my grilled fish very soon started getting cold and I sped up my eating to make sure I finished my fish and the soup before getting cold. The ahjumah was quite friendly to help me to replenish the kimchi while I was slightly being entertained by the two young kids, the grandsons of the ahjumah. The kids cannot speak English but they are not shy at all.

Day 3: Saturday’s Morning at Jagalchi Market

I woke up at the usual hour on my lovely first Saturday in Busan. Since, the place I stayed did not provide breakfast, I decided to swap my itinerary to visit Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장) instead of going for a morning drink at  the Jeongnangak House and cafe hopping after that somewhere in the city.

The journey from my place began at Daeyeon Station to Jagalchi Station at Line 1 took about an hour and I needed to change my train at Seomyeon Station. Upon exiting the station at Exit 10, I followed a group of ahjumah (aunties) to the market entrance.

If you ever missed the entrance, you will not miss this huge sign of the Jagalchi Market. The interesting and fishy journey began inside the few stories high of seafood market. I did not spend much time inside the market because I did not like the fishy smell at all. 

I could not take the smell anymore and decided to walk the outside wet market, hoping it is much better with open-air market. The atmosphere at the open-air market is different and I found myself walking along the market to find interesting seafood products. There are a lot of these similar stalls here and I am sure you will able to find one good stall to buy the freshest seafood. I took a picture of one of the stalls which the ahjumah was shouting at us to look at her seafood at her stall.

Since it is freshest seafood place, I did not see any reasons to miss out any seafood meals here. I started my breakfast with a gigantic fishcake and a grilled fish set at one of the restaurants around this market area. 

As I walked passed the stalls, I found a little push cart selling fried stuff. It was operated by a couple and I bought a stick of fish cake from them. It was the fake crab meat wrapped with fish paste, seaweeds and corn, deep fried and served hot. It was 6 inches long. It costs me 2,000₩. Besides this fishcake, they sell other deep fried stuff. 

Then, I walked further down to check out food for my early brunch. I saw a few stalls inside the wet market selling seafood set including snow crab, king crab, oysters and etc. I could not make up my mind whether I wanted to try the snow crab or leave it for later day before I go back to Seoul, so I kept walking to decide. Also, I walked passed a stretch of food stalls selling similar food, the pork meat soup with pig blood. I am not a fan of pig blood, so I walked away and found myself back to the original main road. 

Still, undecided what I wanted to eat while I was still biting my fish cake, I bumped into a row of seafood restaurants again. Along this stretch of restaurants, I found one with English menu and I gave it a try.

Check out my next article which I will share my review of the food of that restaurant. 

Day 2: Eating Street Food in Busan

After walked for an hour or so and the food in my stomach digested, I found myself landed nearby a street full of street food. The hawkers sell almost the same food, same price along that street which no cars can pass through. Many Koreans love to eat here as it is quick, easy and convenient.

I think it can be quite merry as well when you eat with a group of few people, standing together, surrounding the pushcart and eat during the cold season. But, it does not mean you cannot having your street food alone.

It is interesting to hop on at any of the stalls, eat the hot and spicy tteokbokki, (떡볶이) and steamed fish cake.

If you wish to try those stalls which you can sit inside the tent (similar to those you see in the Korean drama), you can find it here too. Personally, I did not try this in any of my visit, but they do look interesting. I did not walk further down to check what food do they sell. I would love to try it one day when I re-visit Busan with another person travelling with me. Solo trip sometimes can be quite hard to try to many different food.

Day 2: Dinner at Hwajeon Guksu

Hwajeon Guksu, Busan.

After detoured to my hostel to rest and re-charge my phone and power bank, I got ready for a dinner nearby the Seomyeon Station. Having the daily pass which costs 5000₩, I was able to travel around Busan using the subway unlimited time. It is convenient to use and I am able to travel more places at anytime without hassle.

That was why I could plan my dinner further from my hostel. I took the subway from Daeyeon Station to Seomyeon Station Line 2. I took the Exit 2 upon reached Seomyeon Station and followed the Google Map to the location.

Unfortunately, I was not able to locate the restaurant when I reached the destionation. Little that I know, the restaurant is located at the back of a little alley in between two shops. The shop is selling guksu (Korean noodle) at the price of 2500₩, the cheapest meal so far in Busan. The concept in this restaurant is pay first when ordering the food, before they serve it.

It was a meatless guksu with plenty of seaweed and sesame seeds. The soup broth was clear, easy to go with the noodle. The amount of noodle was generous, no wonder so many people ordered it without extra dishes. Most importantly, the noodle did not turn soggy. As usual, the table will have a pot of kimchi, free flow for us. You can help yourself to get a cup of plain water which is also free. I saw the man in front of me walked to the counter to get some pickled radish. Although it is simple, yet it can be quite feeling without taking much of the soup. 


The ambiance of the restaurant is decent and level of noisiness is normal. The waitress is attentive, just a little language barrier with my limited Korean. Again, there is no issues to eat alone and some walk-in patrons just sit together with me on the same table.

Address: 17-2 Jungang-daero 702beon-gil, Bujeon 2(i)-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea.

Day 2: Special Appearance at Beomeosa Temple

It was spotted by a family of three and the daughter was busy taking the pictures of the cat with the family but the cat was too camera-shy and tried to avoid the camera. The daughter still managed to capture a few pictures together with the cat and I waited for my turn to take picture of the cat. My new boyfriend from Busan. Annyeonghaseyo, oppa!

Korean Dessert Cafe

Korean Dessert Cafe, Nunsongyee 눈송이 .
Address: 534 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188749.

I came back to Singapore after a two-week break in Kuala Lumpur. Since, I am holding the Singapore Visitor Pass, I have to plan my trips down to Singapore with careful consideration, only be here when there is interview, event or course to attend. Yes, I am looking for new job after quitting the previous job.

Last weekend, I was meeting up with my cousin, aunt and my friends and this week, I will go for a class on Google Cloud. Then, I will head back to Kuala Lumpur for another two weeks or until there is an interview schedule. Well, looking for job is a full time job for me right now and hopefully, there is a right opportunity this new year.

After the Christmas event at the Garden By The Bay, my friend and myself went to this cafe for a talk. She wanted to have some talks and stayed late night. This cafe sells all the Korean bingsu (ice shaved dessert) and Korean toasts. They served drinks are well.

For my first time I tried the Americano (아매리카노) after another of my friend shared her experience in drinking Americano during our gathering in Kuala Lumpur. I always think Americano is bitter and black. It is not my cup of coffee.

However that night I felt my life needs some new experiences. Do not let my perception deter myself from having new adventures. I kept my mind opened when I tried my first sip. And, then I write my story here.

First bitter, then sweet.
That night, my friend ordered the Injeolmi Bingsu (인절미 빙수). It is not a good idea to have heavy dessert at night and I took a bit share of the ice shaved dessert. It is nice, love the shredded walnut and chewy mochi bites on top.


라떼야 (삼청점) Latteya, Seoul
By searching through my receipt I get to find the name of the little quiet cafe that I visited. The coffee isn’t fantastically nice but the surrounding environment is super relaxing and quiet while looking at the autumn foliage. No regret for paying ₩4500 for a cuppa of 커페라떼 (coffee latte).

See below for all the pictures that I took at this cafe.

Caffe Bene

It is a challenge to me to eat an ice-cream when I feel cold or at a winter country. Caffe Bene, Myeongdong,Seoul which is located right at the exit 8 of Myeongdong station. It is one of the famous brand in Korea and can be found in Malaysia too. I’m not sure if the Singapore’s branch has been opened for public.

The dessert for the Day 1’s night was the yoghurt favoured ice cream. It does sound too plain but the sourness of the yoghurt made me feel very appetizing after walking home from Namdaemun for dinner.

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