Fried Rice Noodle

It is also known as fried bee hoon. It is based on a Taiwanese recipe made by James Easy Cooking. The link to the Youtube can be found in the reference section below. The ingredients are simple, and I think I can add more ingredients or change it to other ingredients as I wanted.

How to Cook?

I am not the cook for the fried rice noodle, my friend did it at home. The bee hoon that we bought was also from Taiwan. It is sold in NTUC supermarket too.

It tasted delicious, flavourful and I think can have more garlic and shallot oil for more fragrance. The rice noodle cooked al-dente and dry. It is exactly the texture that I liked for bee hoon. I did not like those oily, wet and breaking.

It can be remade for Chinese New Year first day’s lunch with no meat version.


End of P2HA: Foodie Still Cook At Home

It comes to the last day of the P2HA. This whole week has been quite busy with work because my project has moved into live production stage and there are many things to look after. Lucky enough, things go smoothly and I am able to enjoy some cooking time and continue studying before my exam.

Singapore is exiting the P2HA and moving into Phase 3 Heightened Alert (P3HA) that allows 5 in a group, and resume some of the activities. However, dine-in is not immediately available after today, 13th June. It may resume on 21st June. According to the ministers, dining is considered a high-risk activity because of masks are off. Then, cycling, jogging and running in the park are not high-risk too?

Steamed batang fish

Previously, I followed a steamed batang fish recipe that someone shared online, and it turned out great. I remake it many times and never go wrong with it. Check out my blog that I shared the recipe.

Soba noodle

Soba noodle is noodles made of buckwheat flour. It can be eaten hot or cold. My friend cooked a bowl of cold soba noodles. They are eaten with a soya-based dipping sauce (tsuyu), and we added some wasabi to give extra flavour. It tastes delish when it eating cold.

Cantonese Wat Tan Hor

Being a Cantonese, I do miss some of the delicious Cantonese food back in Malaysia. Unable to return home for almost 1.5 years now, I do have dishes that I want to try my luck to cook it here in Singapore. Lucky enough, most of the ingredients can be purchased in the nearest wet market without the hassle.

I followed a recipe shared by the KL Foodie in their group post. I will update this post once the blog is ready to share the recipe with everyone. For now, let me share my photographs.

DIn Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung 50% off promotion for 2nd plate of pork fried rice. I got a buddy to share it with me. Surprisingly, no queues at Tampines Mall when we reached the restaurant. Back at home, I added some Korean seaweeds for extra Flavours.

Stricter COVID-19 Safe Management Measures Works In Singapore – Foodie Will Still Cook at Home

Stricter COVID-19 safe management measures are working for now, and there is no need for a “further tightening of posture” at this point, said Mr. Lawrence Wong on Friday. More updates will be given on next Monday.

This is my third post sharing on home-cooked food during the Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) in Singapore from 16 May 2021 through 13 June 2021. You can check out my first post, Pre-Phase 2 Heightened Alert, to share how I cooked salmon with an air fryer and made turkey ham sandwiches. In the second post, Foodie Cooks When Dine-In Is Not Allowed, I shared how I prepared chicken drumstick using an air-fryer and tried one of the popular minced meat noodle stalls at Tampines Street 43’s Kopitiam. I will continue in this post and stay-home dine-in experience with some good food that I bought home in this weekly post.

Korean Japchae

I followed ahjuma’s recipe to make japchae. The first photo looked like making bibimbap. The photo was taken before mixing the ingredients together. It tasted delicious and flavourful. I added extra ingredients into the japchae, the kimchi and seaweeds. The recipe link, For the meat, I used sliced pork and prepared it using the bulgogi recipe link,

Mala Xiang Guo

I was trying to cook mala xiang guo at home by using the lao gan ma chilli sauce but the taste was totally different than the expected taste. Guess, I will try it again next time with pre-packed sauce for mala stir-fry that I can get it from any supermarkets.

ChiCha San Chen

It is established in 1998, and my first try is in the year 2021. I’m not a really true fan of milk tea. Only on the occasion where I wanted to try out. It is a new drink on the menu to promote taro. Taro milk tea with taro pearls or fresh milk with taro and taro pearls.

What interested me the most is the teapresso machine and the tea aroma at this stall. It is something that I do not mind sitting down and enjoy my tea. The story of the teapresso machine can be found on their website,

There was a queue before us during dinner time when I dropped by to get my first drink. Surprisingly, the Google rating at Tampines One is 3.4 stars only, while branches located in the city rated between 4.1 and 4.5 stars.

After having eaten so much, it is a good time to do some walking. On Saturday’s morning, I took a walk before it started raining. It was a relaxing walk with no target location, distance and timing. If you are keen to follow me on Instagram, you can check out the link below.

Alright, that is all for this week. Let us catch up again in my next post. Stay home, stay safe.

Little Taiwan

This Taiwanese restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants in Mid Valley City where I used to work when I was still in Malaysia. Unfortunately, this branch has ceased its operation, including the other branch in Pavilion. Since my posts have the photographs removed due to the broken links, I did think of deleting the three posts about Little Taiwan. However, this restaurant gave me too many good memories, and it still has other branches in other places that I seldom visit. Maybe, I can keep it as a reference for future visit if any.

From the Google search first page, the blog posts are quite old, and the rating of this restaurant is 3.3 stars. Not many reviews too. Their website uses Adobe Flash that my laptop does not support anymore. Therefore, I cannot browse their website to search for menu. If you still have Flash installed in your computer, you can continue browsing it.

Below is the compilation of the food that I tried.

Tang Tang Noodle

It came with salted vegetable, minced meat, an egg and two sliced of beancurd. It was a set lunch menu for sometimes before they removed it from the menu.

Tang Tang Noodle that I ate in Year 2012
Tang Tang Noodle that I ate in Year 2011

Spicy Dumpling Noodle

I did not put any descriptions in my blog, sadl 😦

Claypot Loh Su Fun with Sausage

It was one of my favourite food in this restaurant although it was quite oily.

It was my first time trying out this noodle. The base of this claypot was the loh shu fun and topped with minced meat, some sliced sausages, a half-cooked egg and a mushroom. The portion was pretty generous.

Claypot loh shu fun that I ate in Year 2011
Claypot loh shu fun that I ate in Year 2012

Siew Ngo Rice

If you are going for vegetarian, this Siew Ngo Rice set was one of the best offers. Siew ngo is vegetarian duck. It can be ordered separately as a side dish. And, it is delicious but oily.

Dumplings or gyoza

Remember, I can choose either regular or chilli oil dumplings. It comes with some tiny-sliced gingers dipped into the vinegar. Try to eat the dumplings with the shredded ginger and vinegar sauce, as for some people feel it blends well.

Some other food that I did not introduce last time that I still think it was quite delicious would be the salted chicken set that came with a plate of salted chicken popcorn, meatball, tofu, vegetable and a bowl of rice.

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