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Day 2: Top View at Beomeosa Temple

I was very happy and satisfied with the autumn foliage that I saw at the Beomeosa Temple. At that point of time, I wished more to see throughout my ten days in South Korea. This picture was taken when I stood at one side of the Daeungjeon Hall, facing the mountain right opposite of the temple. I took a deep breath to enjoy the natural air. It was a cooling and slightly cloudy on that day. It rained drizzling a little while.

For a short moment, I sought for a peaceful mind.

The visitors were freely walking around the temple compound, exploring the beauty of the place and make prayers, while for me, I took some time to immerse myself into the atmosphere and the thoughts in my mind.

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Day 2: Foliage At Beomeosa Temple

The first autumn foliage began at the Beomeosa Temple, Busan, South Korea. There are some trees turned red and golden-yellowish along the way to the main hall but not all of them are maple leaves. Still, they looked beautiful. There was these two maple trees nearby the parking lots, at the side of the temple turned red and looked stunning against the backdrop. I saw few people were taking pictures before me and I patiently waited for my turn.

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Day 2: Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple (범어사), Busan, South Korea.

I woke up late on my second day after I off my daily alarm and the room’s window did not allow outside sun shined into the room. However, I did not miss my trip to one of the recommended temples to visit in Busan. It is one of the old architectures which I wanted to visit during my stay in Busan.

Some history about this temple which I picked from the visitkorea website. It is  located at the Geumjeongsan Mountain, a famous mountain in Busan, which I planned to visit too. According to the website, most of the structures in this temple were destroyed during the Imjin War and then it was being restored.

Daeungjeon Hall is one of the most delicate and luxurious architectures of the Joseon Dynasty. This is how it looks like.

From the entrance to the main hall, you need to walk pass 3 different gates. Do spend some time at each gate and enjoy the surrounding area before continue walking. During my visit, the temple exhibited some drawings of the temple. I was not sure if the drawings were for sale.

The temple does not have huge crowd of tourists as compared to Yonggungsa Temple, therefore, it is much freely to walk around and enjoy the quiet and serene atmosphere. I am able to take plenty of good pictures around temple and of course, I made a wish. I did not intended initially, however, since travelled for an hour to the temple and walked through the journey, why not make a wish. I will keep secret of my wish and I know if I were granted one day, I should return to the temple for thanksgiving. Let see how things go, hopefully, I will write an update next time.

The temple is free admission and they offer temple stay. To reach the temple, the nearest subway station is Beomeosa Station Line 1 Exit 5. Once exiting from the stairway, make a U-turn to the T junction where you can see the signage of the Beomeosa Temple Bus No. 90 bus stop.

From this junction turn left and walk up the little slope and you will see the bus stop. You can use T-Money card to pay the bus fare, 1000₩.

For more stories about my exploration at the Beomeosa Temple, stay tuned for next article.

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Day 1: Missions Accomplished In Busan

My planned first day in Busan mostly be covered by arriving safely at Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea, taking the KTX train to Busan city from Seoul Station and visiting Gwangalli Beach and Gwangandaegyo bridge. The planned dinner at my hostel area was easily located and satisfied.

A lot of time spent on travelling from one place to another place. This made first day seemed to be little unproductive and I missed the visitation to Kyungsung University district and Yongso-ro food street after my dinner which I covered later of the days.

However, It was a quite fulfilling day for my solo trip.

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Day 1: Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach (광안리해수욕장) is a famous place filled with restaurants and cafes as well as shops. I did not spend my time at those restaurants or cafes. I took a picture of a stretch of cafes along the Gwanganhaebyeon-ro when I was walking along the beach.

It is pretty nice to sit at the al-fresco cafe with a friend, chit-chatting, drink a cup of coffee and spend time together.

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Day 1: Gwangandaegyo

Busan Gwangandaegyo (부산 광안대교) or Diamond Bridge is longest bi-level bridge over the ocean in Korea, connecting to many places in Busan. What is bi-level bridge? It is two levels of the bridge with cars travelling both sides with some fees.

It showcases beautiful artistic LED lights during the night and it said to be different each day each season. The people were preparing the 14th Busan Fireworks Festival and arranging the VIP seats.

It is a romantic place to be and it attracts a lot of local people and tourists to visit. Nearby this beach, there are many restaurants and cafes overlooking the majestic view of the beach and the bridge during the day and night.

During my first night, I took a long walk all the way to the left side of the beach where I met up with the full moon. Bright and round full moon with the cooling atmosphere, it is definitely a perfect place for dating too. But, there was no oppa next to me.

You can walk further down to the left side of the beach to the Millak Waterfront Park (민락수변공원) where it gives another stunning view of the bridge. It homes the largest raw fish centre where you can look for fresh seafood.

A picture picked from the Internet of how the Millak Waterfront looks like.

To reach this beach, take their subway and disembark at Gwangan Station Line 2 and go to Exit 5, follow the signage. Make a left turn upon exiting from the stairway at Exit 5 and walk straight along Gwangan-ro toward the beach. Sometimes, you just follow the crowd and walk if you are going there at night.

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Day 1: Dinner at Ssangdungi Dwaji Gukbap

Ssangdungi Dwaji Gukbap (쌍둥이돼지국밥).

돼지국밥 in English is called pork soup. It is one of the famous food in Busan. It looks like a pork boiled soup with rice. You can search online how to go to this restaurant which is within a walking distance from the subway, easy to be located or spotted and it is located nearby my hostel too.

The restaurant is located opposite of the convenient store, C & U, right at the pedestrian cross. It is easily spotted with two pigs on its signboard.

Generous amount of meat in a non spicy boiled soup topped with some spring onions, easy to eat with side dishes such as kimchi. It comes with a bowl of white rice. The kao chye or leek is raw with chili paste, it seems odd for me to put into my soup so I left it untouched.  Raw garlic and onions are fine but not the raw green chilies which I left it untouched too. I’m not a fan of green chilies. Oh, they gave salted shrimps as well, which is used to season the rice. Also, I did not touch it.  The side dishes can be replenished, you just need to tell the ahjuma.

The taste of the broth is clear sweet, completely non-spicy type of soup. The meat are tender and not overly cooked. I dipped the meat into the ssamjang, a Korean sauce. Except for some of the side dishes I did not like, the rest of the food on the table I finished 90%  of it. It costs at 7000₩ which I think it is just good for a try.

Address: Ssangdungi Dwaji Gukbap, 87-1, Deayeong-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea.