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Korean Dessert Cafe

Korean Dessert Cafe, Nunsongyee 눈송이 .
Address: 534 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188749.

I came back to Singapore after a two-week break in Kuala Lumpur. Since, I am holding the Singapore Visitor Pass, I have to plan my trips down to Singapore with careful consideration, only be here when there is interview, event or course to attend. Yes, I am looking for new job after quitting the previous job.

Last weekend, I was meeting up with my cousin, aunt and my friends and this week, I will go for a class on Google Cloud. Then, I will head back to Kuala Lumpur for another two weeks or until there is an interview schedule. Well, looking for job is a full time job for me right now and hopefully, there is a right opportunity this new year.

After the Christmas event at the Garden By The Bay, my friend and myself went to this cafe for a talk. She wanted to have some talks and stayed late night. This cafe sells all the Korean bingsu (ice shaved dessert) and Korean toasts. They served drinks are well.

For my first time I tried the Americano (아매리카노) after another of my friend shared her experience in drinking Americano during our gathering in Kuala Lumpur. I always think Americano is bitter and black. It is not my cup of coffee.

However that night I felt my life needs some new experiences. Do not let my perception deter myself from having new adventures. I kept my mind opened when I tried my first sip. And, then I write my story here.

First bitter, then sweet.
That night, my friend ordered the Injeolmi Bingsu (인절미 빙수). It is not a good idea to have heavy dessert at night and I took a bit share of the ice shaved dessert. It is nice, love the shredded walnut and chewy mochi bites on top.

Cafe, Korea - Seoul City, Korean Food


라떼야 (삼청점) Latteya, Seoul
By searching through my receipt I get to find the name of the little quiet cafe that I visited. The coffee isn’t fantastically nice but the surrounding environment is super relaxing and quiet while looking at the autumn foliage. No regret for paying ₩4500 for a cuppa of 커페라떼 (coffee latte).

See below for all the pictures that I took at this cafe.

Desserts, Korea - Seoul City, Korean Food

Caffe Bene

It is a challenge to me to eat an ice-cream when I feel cold or at a winter country. Caffe Bene, Myeongdong,Seoul which is located right at the exit 8 of Myeongdong station. It is one of the famous brand in Korea and can be found in Malaysia too. I’m not sure if the Singapore’s branch has been opened for public.

The dessert for the Day 1’s night was the yoghurt favoured ice cream. It does sound too plain but the sourness of the yoghurt made me feel very appetizing after walking home from Namdaemun for dinner.

Korea - Seoul City, Korean Food


유가네(Yoogane): The most popular Chicken Galki in Korea which is originated from Busan. You can find it in Singapore which are located in Bugis Junction and WestGate.

I bumped into this restaurant by accident. I did not know how famous it is before entering this restaurant. But hey, I have new discoveries and it is lunch time, everywhere is full with people, so does this restaurant. I went through their menu which is available on their restaurant’s wall too and decided to try the basic entry for a try.

Chicken marinated galki set with chicken meat, cabbages, potatoes and rice cakes. It is not spicy though it looks like. The chicken is well marinated. It is not small portion as it is filling and good enough for one person.

In Seoul, somehow you do not have to worry that you do not know how to cook it, the staffs will handle it for us and they are more than willing to help us up and doing the job. Now, it is ready to be served. They gave me an apron to wear before they start cooking. I do not know why…
Location: 유가네(Yoogane), 명동, 서울.

Desserts, Korea - Seoul City, Korean Food


The Organic Soft Ice Cream – SoftBee.

It has a very nice and cute name for this shop which happened to pass-by when one of my colleague wanted to buy a pair of shoes. This tiny shop located somewhere around in MyeongDong, Seoul.
The most attractive part of this ice-cream shop is the honeycomb ice-cream. The below picture showed the smooth vanilla favoured ice-cream with one small cube of honeycomb on top of it. I wondered how it tasted because I was not the one eating it 🙂 I believe, I will have another chance to revisit this shop again and I will definitely give a try by myself.
Lots of honeycombs being displayed outside the glass door. It is very real.

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Cafe, Korea - Seoul City, Korean Food

Caffe Pascucci

Caffe Pascucci (카페 파스쿠찌)

On my second day in Seoul, we met up at the lobby and headed down the road for breakfast. We stopped by few cafes before we ended up at this cafe. It was pretty crowded at 8.30AM. And, we sat at one of the corner before we placed our orders. It was my big breakfast, where I chose the Panini Toast Set with coffee. By default, they gave Americano, however, I ordered Coffee Latte with addition 500 won charges.

The Panini was super cheesy as you can see the cheese was melting onto the plate. It gave a lot of ham as well with egg. It was a very filling breakfast which I think it can be shared with two persons. It tasted good with the half toasted bread.
Caffe Pascucci
As for the Latte, it was great. I guess, it is best for me to drink Latte in the morning, when it brings up the best taste.
Caffe Pascucci

Since, we were about time to leave at 9.15AM to wait at the nearest train station, I quickly finished my breakfast and left the cafe with my coffee. We did not have much time to spare at the cafe. Walking toward the station with a cuppa of hot coffee during that time was pretty warm. It was an interesting experience as I have never tried to walk in the street with a cup of coffee. Haha.

Ambiance: Great place to be, even at the time we visited the cafe was crowded but, it was not too noisy.
Rating: 3/5. Superb breakfast, the services were still okay even though the cashier was not really able to converse in English. The waiting time for the food and drink at that hour was a little long due to the crowd, so if you are take-away, it might save your time.

Cafe, Korea - Seoul City, Korean Food

Hollys Coffee

Hollys Coffee, MyeongDong, Seoul.

I was in Korea for a week business trip. It was my first time travelling to Korea and I felt glad that I went with a group of people who have been to Korea before and we are able to travel without any problems.

Being in the city of Seoul, where the coffee culture is so strong. You can find many coffee houses or cafes along the main streets. Even the small roads, you can also find at least one coffee house.

I was brought to this cafe after a short walk in MyeonDong. I was not really sure which branch I went into as there are plenty of Holly Cafe in this area. It was located on the 2nd floor of the building. It has a pretty good interior decoration in the cafe and it was not crowded or noisy.
Holly cafe
One of the special items that I found in their menu is the sweet potato coffee, which I hardly see it anywhere. However, I did not give a try. It was weird to me and I just had an ice-cream before that, so I was not really keen to give a shot. As normal, I ordered the Latte.
Holly Coffee
First latte in Korea and it was not same as what I usually tasted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was slightly less taste but still acceptable and it warmed up my body.
Holly Coffee
Holly Coffee
It was not really expensive to drink coffee in Seoul. A cup of coffee could be ranging from 3500 won to 5000 won. There would be more write-up on Seoul City’s cafes introduction in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!