May Pho Culture

I found this restaurant through an introduction from a Singapore food blogger. I wanted to try out how the Vietnamese food tasted so I dropped by the restaurant on one of my working days for lunch. It is located in Chinatown, Singapore. The Google reviews show it has 4.8 stars.

I went to the restaurant with a colleague, and we tried different kinds of noodles for the first time. I ordered the beef noodles and my colleague ordered the pork ribs noodles.

The broth tastes just like a home-cooked soup. It is full of flavours and it does not need to add extra sauce to make it better. The beef noodles are served with plenty of beef slices. If I am not mistaken the types of noodles used in both bowls of noodles are different.

Usually, Vietnamese shops love to provide a lot of different kinds of green vegetables. I did not really know how to eat them raw or go with the noodles. I hope I can learn it again next time when I visited this restaurant with a Vietnamese friend.

The restaurant is just behind the Hong Lim Food Court. There is another Vietnamese stall that I loved to eat. It is called Quan Co Ba 2. I will share it in another blog post in the future.

Address: Fook Hai Building, 150 South Bridge Rd, #01-16, Singapore 058727.


Quan Co Ba 2 (3.9 stars) at 153’s Cafe, 153 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207566.

Old Airport Road Lor Mee

It is a famous lor mee stall at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. It has a branch at 406 Tampines Street 41. The stall name is Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee. The Google reviews show it has 3.5 stars.

Lor Mee Background

Lor mee is a Hokkien noodle dish from Zhangzhou served in thick starchy gravy. The thick gravy is made of corn starch, spices, meat, seafood and eggs.

There was no queue when I placed my order. They offer the basic lor mee and add-on ingredients. I decided to add on some fried popcorn chicken. Other ingredients include a half-hard-boiled egg, some beansprouts, and shredded meat. The vinegar, parsley and minced garlic are must-have for lor mee. If you do not like vinegar, you can opt-out. It is the same goes for chilli paste.

The cashier asked me whether I wanted to mix the noodles, they have the yellow noodles and vermicelli (bee hoon). I opted for mixed noodles so that the vermicelli can absorb some of the sauces.

If I crave for lor mee, this stall definitely is my choice in Tampines. I guess there are not many lor mee stalls in Tampines too. The other famous lor mee is Ma Bo Lor Mee which has fewer add-on ingredients than Old Airport Road lor mee.

Address: 406 Tampines Street 41, #01-07, Singapore 520406 (Wu Fu Coffeeshop)


Other lor mee stalls in Tampines that I found from Google Maps.

  • Jue Shi Lor Mee (3.9 stars) at #01-45, Our Tampines Hub Kopitiam.
  • 137 Lor Mee Prawn Mee (3.8 stars) at 137A Tampines St. 11, #01-09, Singapore 522137.
  • Ma Bo Lor Mee (4.1 stars) at 216 Bedok North Street 1, #01-76, Singapore 460216.

Sam Kan Chong in Singapore

I think it is rare to find Sam Kan Chong (pork ball noodles) in Singapore. Mostly, the hawker stalls serve the minced meat bak chor mee here. Last month, I went to Chinatown Food Complex for lunch. The food court is big. I tried to walk to a different area of the food court, not too far from where my colleague was seated.

Then, I saw a picture that looked like the pork balls that I used to eat in Kuala Lumpur. I tried to search the stall name on Google and found it is really serving the KL-style pork balls noodle in Singapore.

I am delighted to find one here but I am not sure about its tastes. The stall runs by an uncle, and no queue at the time I made my order.

However, I still needed to wait for quite a while for him to prepare the noodles. He did not ask if I want to add chilli to my noodles. By default, the sauce does not have chilli; it is the same style as those in Kuala Lumpur.

By the photo itself, it looks authentic. The sauce is a savoury black sauce, and it goes well with my kway teow. It comes with 3 pieces of pork balls and sausages. From Google reviews, the pork balls are said to be imported from Kuala Lumpur on weekly basis.

Overall, it is delicious yet it is expensive too because it is a rare gem in Singapore. It would be good if the uncle can consider not using disposable bowls and chopsticks.

Address: 335 Smith St, #02-118, Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore.

Ho Seng Kee Wanton Mee

I bumped into Zermatt’s Youtube channel, and one of his videos was recommending a restaurant at City Square, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It is located nearby Malaysian Immigration. So, I think there should be quite a lot of Singaporeans trying the food here.

I did a google search and found a few bloggers shared their views on this restaurant in the years 2017, and 2018. Google rating is 4.1 stars. The brand started since the year 1936.

At the first glance at its menu, it looks quite expensive for a bowl of noodles. However, I think I have to factor in the cosy environment; eating in an air-conditioned restaurant. Also, the noodles are made of 100% duck eggs and chicken eggs with wheat flour. It is the quality of the noodles that count. Next, the portion of the meat, I think it is generous too.

It comes with a customizable ordering app, and the serving is quite fast. It uses the robot to deliver the food to the table. The sauces seem to be quite similar to those that I can find in Singapore. I feel it lacks Malaysian authentic wanton mee taste if it is mixed with chilli and so on.

It is my opinion based on the Youtube above. Whether I will try it one day, I think it depends.

Address: Johor Bahru City Square, Lot J6-07, J6-07A, J6-08 & J6-08A, Level 6, No. 106, 108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Food That I Liked In Tampines

This blog entry compiles all the food that I liked in Tampines. My preference is subjected to my own taste buds, budget and location of the stalls or restaurants. It may and may not be the best food in Tampines.

One of my favourites is the fish soup noodles from the Jia Kee zi char stall at Blk 144. It is located not far from the Tampines Round Market. I tried other fried noodles before, and they tasted okay. Only these fish soup noodles always bring me back to the stall.

For the yong tau foo soup or curry soup base, I think the stall at Our Tampines Hub Kopitiam, Jia Le Yong Tau Foo. It is a handmade kind of yong tau foo.

There are two ban mien stalls in Tampines Central that I liked most, one is at the Tampines One Food Tempo, L32 Handmade Noodle stall. Another one is at Our Tampines Hub Kopitiam food stall.

For chicken rice, I think the hawker stall at Tampines West is the most worthy when it comes to a trio combination of meats. If not mistaken, it serves with white rice. [Note: I tried the chicken rice before Malaysia announced the export ban of fresh chicken].

The chicken rice at the U-Taste shop near the Tampines MRT station is nice and economical too. However, over the years, the portion became lesser for a basic $2.00 chicken rice. Now, I am not sure if it still sells at the same price.

Another chicken rice stall at Block 505 is nice too, however, the portion of the chicken meat was reduced. I think it could be due to the limited fresh chickens in Singapore due to the export ban from Malaysia.

JOFA Meepok

From the Google reviews’, this stall has 4.4 stars. I liked its noodle texture; cooked al-dente with a good mix of chilli paste and vinegar. The ingredients are much the same as normal BCM except it does not have the pork livers that I do not eat that much too. Overall, it is pretty delish, fulfilling and worth a try. IMHO, for this bowl of noodles during my visit deserved a 4.5 star.

Address: 824 Tampines Street 81, #01-38, Singapore 520824.

Economic Fried Bee Hoon

I would go to four places to get my fried bee hoon in Tampines. They are nice, economical, well-tasted and the right portion. First, two were the stalls from the nearby hawker stall where I used to stay for 6 years. First stall at the Everyday Come Coffeeshop. My usual ingredients are egg and vegetarian goose. I asked the vegetarian goose to be packed separately; it will not become soggy after getting home.

The second stall is not far away from the first coffeeshop, located at Henly Huat Coffeeshop. It is the mixed rice stalls that sell the fried bee hoon in the morning. The bee hoon goes with my preferred dishes.

The other two stalls are nearby to where I am currently staying, and I will pass by when I am on the way to work. The economic bee hoon stall at block 505 adds beansprouts into the noodles making it stands out among others. The stall name is called Holland Village Economic Bee Hoon. The fourth stall is at the bus interchange, U-taste.

Rumah Makan Minang

Just a few days ago, I shared with my aunt my favourite nasi padang and its dishes. So far, I still prefer the beef rendang from this restaurant. The second option I will go for Hjh Maimunah at Kopitiam, Tampines Mall.

I will update you more when I come across any delicious food in my neighbourhood.


All the addresses of the stalls that I mentioned above:

  • Jia Kee: 144 Tampines Street 12, Singapore 521144.
  • L32 Handmade Noodle: 10 Tampines Central 1, Food Tempo, Singapore 529536.
  • Mee Hoon Kuah @Tampines Hub: Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub, 495 Tampines Ave 5, Singapore 529649.
  • Jia Le Yong Tau Foo: #01-32 Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 529649.
  • Roasted Chicken & Pork, Food Park Tampines West: 823A Tampines Street 81, Singapore 521823.
  • JOFA Meepok: 824 Tampines Street 81, #01-38, Singapore 520824.
  • Rumah Makan Minang, Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, #B1-47A, 528523.

Chef Kin Hong Kong Wanton Noodle

Hong Kong wanton noodle differs from the local Singapore/Malaysia wanton noodle. Even, Singapore and Malaysia have slight differences in the sauce mixture.

The noodle is thinner and sticky than usual wanton noodles. The texture is still quite al-dente. But, I had a hard time eating the noodles. It did not appear to be springy or mushy to me.

Usually, Hong Kong-style will not add chilli sauce to the noodles. For some Hong Kong wanton noodles, there is some alkaline taste. It did not taste bitter to me, maybe the alkaline level was not high.

The wanton size is always bigger than usual but it is not as big as those in Hong Kong. Also, Hong Kong-style wanton usually consists of prawns. These wantons are fresh, crunchy and well-tasted. I think it still can be better.

Helmed by an ex-Crystal Jade chef

It comes with a small bowl of soup that tasted quite plain for my preference. Overall, it is good for a try, but I do not like the texture of the noodles.

Address: 808 French Road, Singapore 200808. (It is the food court next to NTUC FairPrice)

Singapore Hawker Food – Part 5

I have been trying to blog differently recently by having a theme. To support local Singaporean hawker food, I set up a new theme called Singapore Hawker Food, tried out the local food shared by Singaporeans on social media and shared my opinions. I am sure you are the same as me, would like to know the views from a non-food blogger’s or Youtuber’s point of view.

I am glad that one or two people are willing to eat with me so that I can try different food and give more food reviews. I wish we could continue to try more food together and share our thoughts. Also, I am happy whenever we are together enjoying our food.

I may be active on Instagram and Facebook Page, and I try the food by myself without getting sponsorship or partnership. It is purely based on my opinions and preferences. No offences.

Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee

I visited the Dunman Food Court twice but did not order any food. I walked around and found a few stall opened, while the rest were closed during weekend. Hence, I decided trying some food here with my friend. The queue at the wanton mee stall was quite long but moving fast.

The chilli paste is quite spicy according to the lady who took our order. So, we told her to put the chilli at the side of the plate. When I mixed the noodles together with the chilli paste, the whole plate of noodles was spicy and slightly flavourful. I am unsure whether chilli overpowered the sauce. I loved the egg noodles texture; I believed it is handmade because of the size of the noodles. Lastly, I loved the soup too.

Address: Dunman Food Centre, 271 Onan Rd, #02-19, Singapore 424768.

Cheng Mun Chee Kee

It is located at Foch Road; it is not the same stall as another shop with a similar name at Jalan Besar called Authentic Mun Chee Kee King Of Pig’s Organ Soup. There is a history between these two shops. They originated from the same family but subsequently went their own ways. Both shops serve a similar kind of food.

My preference is Cheng Mun Chee Kee because the soup matches my taste bud. I can go with and without rice for a bowl of soup. My usual ingredients include lean meat, meatballs, beancurd and a generous amount of salted vegetables. The amount is always generous, and the price is reasonable. The soup serves with some Chinese parsley too.

I tried their other dishes, such as the steamed minced meat. It has salted fish added to the minced meat making it more flavourful. Another dish that my friend always eats (because she does not eat pork) is sesame oil chicken. The aroma from the sesame oil is pretty strong, and the chicken is well-marinated and tastes delicious. It is suitable to eat with white rice.

Address: 24 Foch Road, Singapore 209263.

Satay Solo

Bedok Food Court, this Malay stall sells a delicious mutton satay at the same place. However, the satay serves at night only. The mutton satay is well-marinated and serves in its perfection. The meat is still juicy and tender, and the same goes for beef satay.

Address: Bedok Food Centre, 1 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469572.

Mui Siong Minced Meat Noodle

Mui Siong Minced Meat Noodle at Koufu Tampines St 44. I saw it in Instagram posts. Today, I dropped by to give it a try. I liked the noodle texture and gave generous portions too. I ordered the special meatballs noodle with slightly sweet yet peppery pork soup for the dry version. So far, it is my next best BCM noodle after Dalian Minced Meat Noodle.

Address: Koufu, 478 Tampines St 44, 01-221, Singapore 520478.

Ayam Panggang, BBQ Riverside

On the day I wish to eat rice, and I happen to be at Tampines Mall Food Court, the ayam panggang (grilled chicken) dish from BBQ Riverside is one of my choices. I liked their grilled chicken which is tender and well-marinated. The kicap manis (sweet soy sauce) mix well with the curry sauce. Sometimes, it is a little bit sweet for my taste bud. Besides the grilled chicken, it includes a fried egg and some cabbage.

It is a pretty balanced meal with a bowl of sweet corn soup.

Address: Kopitiam Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, #04-27/28/29, Singapore 529510.

Li Yuan Mee Pok, Bedok

A Japanese fusion mee pok that I tried at the Bedok branch. It was a dry version of mee pok with shoyu and chilli sauce. I can request without chilli sauce. Also, I tried the dry mushroom with minced meat during the second visit.

The bowl consists of springy mee pok noodles, abalone slices, pork balls, lean pork, minced pork, pork lard, and two fatty pieces of Japanese chashu. While mushrooms with minced meat do not have the Japanese chashu. Their mee pok is springy and cooked al-dente.

It had a little bit of vinegar taste when I ate the mushroom with minced meat. The noodles have too much sauce so I have to drain off some of the sauce from the noodles. I prefer the drier version.

I will visit again but not when it needs to wait for 45 minutes.

Address: 760 Bedok Reservoir View, 01-337, Singapore 470760.

Chef Kang’s Noodle House

I did not have additional comments about this plate of wanton noodles. It is as good as the Weng Kang Ji Wanton Noodle at Golden Mile Food Centre, but the latter uses different sauces for their dry version. If you are keen to find out more about Weng Kang Ji Wanton Noodle, refer to the below link.

Address: 11 Lor 3 Toa Payoh, Block C Jackson Square, Singapore 319579.

Mandarin Hainan Chicken Rice (文华海南鸡饭)

In my previous post on Singapore Hawker Food Part 4, I mentioned that I would like to try this stall to compare it with the roasted chicken and pork stall at Food Park in Tampines West. I managed to head down to Ang Mo Kio to visit my cousin’s house, and I dropped by the Mayflower Food Centre located next to the Mayflower MRT station. Google’s review of this stall is quite low, and it has 3 stars only.

My opinion is the rice was nice and fragrant. The soup was nice too. The roasted chicken and roasted pork were on average only. I think maybe barbecue pork (char siew) is better, I could not remember now. I did not manage to try their char siew on that day.

This stall does not have a mix of the three items set. It could be more expensive compared to the Food Park at Tampines West. Check out the link below for part 4 to know more.

Address: 162 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-11, Singapore 560162.


Burp Kitchen & Bar

Soon after my return from my holiday trip back to KL, Malaysia, I was called to join the farewell lunch of my colleague. His last day was at the end of March, and many people wanted to farewell him too. We worked from home, so we met for a slightly longer lunch at Bedok Reservoir.

The little cafe has a good rating on Google reviews. It has 4.2 stars, and many people give it 4-5 stars. Since I could not book Refuel cafe, I booked this cafe for a table of four people.

Grilled sausage platter

We ordered the platter as an appetizer. It consists of grilled beef and pork sausages mixed with green vegetables. It is pretty crunchy on the skin. The portion is large, but I do not think it is worth ordering because, with the same price, I could eat other food such as chicken wings. Their recommendation was fiery chicken wings.

Smoked Salmon Carbonara

I am not a real carbonara fan, but this carbonara pasta is light and easy to eat. Besides the smoked salmon on the side, the linguine was cooked with some bacon strips. It was not too creamy or too oily to eat.

The portion is good for one person or sharing. I think it is one of the recommendations too. We ordered another plate of paste, too, for sharing.

Grilled Unagi Aglio Olio

I find it unique, so I ordered this pasta to try it. Usually, Aglio olio goes with bacon and prawns. This cafe offers unagi at a reasonable price that I think is a must-try.

It is pretty flavourful; the taste is more toward Japanese style with bonito flakes, some chilli powder on the side, and cheese on another side.

Beefy Three Cheese

The waitress recommended we try the Hog. However, one of my colleagues did not eat pork, so we decided to try the beef burger. It turned out to be a generous beef patty and an amount of cheese. The flavour was not very strong, but it was still decent. I like their chips.

Good for sharing

During this Covid-19 period, food sharing can be a concern to everyone. I do not mind sharing good food together as long as we practise good personal hygiene whenever and wherever we go to. By doing that, we can try more food together, just like today.

I wish to bring my loved ones to visit this cafe one day. I think there is plenty of food we can try together for few times. They serve cocktails at night, if I am not mistaken.

Free half a waffle

It is their promotion; we spent above $50 and got half a waffle with ice cream. The dessert was ordinary. It was a Tuesday afternoon, so there was no crowd during our visit. The service was good, and the waiters were attentive to our requests. I am keen to return one day for dinner.

Address: 740 Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-3165, Singapore 470740.

Singapore Hawker Food Part 4

I have been trying to blog differently recently by having a theme. To support local Singaporean hawker food, I set up a new theme called Singapore Hawker Food, tried out the local food shared by Singaporeans on social media and shared my opinions. I am sure you are the same as me, would like to know the views from a non-food blogger’s or Youtuber’s point of view.

I am glad that one or two people are willing to eat with me so that I can try different food and give more food reviews. I wish we could continue to try more food together and share our thoughts. Also, I am happy whenever we are together enjoying our food.

I may be active on Instagram and Facebook Page, and I try the food by myself without getting sponsorship or partnership. It is purely based on my opinions and preferences. No offences.

Fu Zhou Oyster Cake

I might look quite expensive for a piece of fried delicacy. The oyster cake stuffed with lots of minced meat, and some oysters. It is full of meat actually. The last time I tried it was in year 2017 at Maxwell Food Centre. It is rare to see it everywhere. I bought a piece of oyster cake back home, and guess what, the brown bag absorbed most of the oil. Even, I did not eat it immediately, it remains crispy from the outside.

Address: Bedok 85 Market, 85 Bedok North Rd, #01-39, Singapore 460085

Prawnaholic 虾的传人

With a Google rating of 4.1 stars, this prawn noodle stall is one of the prawn noodles stalls that I would visit again because of its prawn soup. I am not fancy about the noodle portion that is large. I liked their effort to make this bowl of prawn noodles different from the traditional prawn noodles in Singapore. IMHO, it is as good as 4.5 stars.

Overall, it is an excellent bowl of prawn noodles. What I liked the most was the prawn soup. It is thick, not too strong tasting. It is something that I do not feel jialat after having the whole bowl of noodles. Also, I liked the torched pork belly. Other ingredients include 2 medium-big prawns and a meatball. For vegetables, they gave beansprouts and kangkung. If I were to visit it again, I would ask for fewer noodles.

Address: 110 Pasir Ris Central, #02-12, Singapore 519614.

Jia Le Yong Tau Foo

Huge portion for a bowl of curry yong tau foo with bee hoon. The curry is delicious, tasty, and pretty authentic for a Chinese curry style. The taste is closer to the Malaysian style. If I am ordering the same food again next visit, I will go without the additional noodle and would love to try the other ingredients too.

They offer clear soup yong tau foo as well, and I tried it on one of the Sundays as my lunch. I think clear soup is made of the soup used to cook the ingredients, and the flavour goes into the soup.

So far there are no Google reviews yet for this branch at Our Tampines Hub. IMHO, it is a 4-star food. The only thing about this stall is the waiting time to get the food prepared sometimes can be quite long.

Address: #01-32 Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 529649.
Google link:

Roasted Chicken & Pork, Food Park Tampines West

A decent one with crispy roasted pork skin. It is something good to worth for the price, value for money. I might be paying more if ordering it at other hawker stalls, but the quality and taste surely be different. More comments are below in the Instagram photograph.

I may want to compare it with the stall at Ang Mo Kio, Mayflower Market and Food Centre.

Address: 823A Tampines Street 81, Singapore 521823.
Google link:

Xing Ji Wanton Noodle, Tampines Round Market

Revisit Tampines Round Market and the wanton noodle stall, Xing Ji. You may think it is shredded chicken with mushroom and noodles. Actually, It is wanton noodles without char siew. All in one bowl except char siew (barbecue pork).

Address: 137 Tampines St. 11, #01-35, Singapore 521137.
Google link:

Dynasty Fried Porridge

I came here to try the KL-style Hokkien Mee after logging for it for quite a while. I do not eat KL-style Hokkien Mee that often, or it was not my favourite when I was in Malaysia. It turns out to be a good experience having a plate of noodles that taste similar to those that I can get in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It uses a lot of pork lards to cook it because after a while, when the noodles get cold, the taste and the thick noodles turn to be quite jelak (sick of eating it).

They offer other types of zi char dishes, and it is actually famous for its fried porridge. My preferred fried porridge will be at Bedok, but I do not mind trying this version to make a comparison in the future.

Address: 30 Foch Rd, #01-02, Singapore 209276.

Fish soup at Tampines EastLink Food Court

I order these fish soup noodles whenever I head to the Tampines East Link food court. It is one of my favourites food in this food court. It is not the best fish soup in Tampines; however, I love their generous ingredients and add seaweed.

Address: 8 Tampines Central 1, #01-18, Singapore 529543

The Noodle Memories

The stall runs by two youngsters and serves a pretty delicious ban mian in Chinatown. The dry version looks pretty similar to KL-style ban mian because they added shredded wood ears. The missing ingredients are probably shredded mushrooms or the mani cai.

They did not use chilli paste in the black sauce, and their chilli paste did not look similar to KL ban mian’s chilli paste. I think it would be great if they have it.

Address: Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross St, Singapore 051531.

JOFA Meepok

From the Google reviews’, this stall has 4.4 stars. I liked its noodle texture; cooked al-dente with a good mix of chilli paste and vinegar. The ingredients are much the same as normal BCM except it does not have the pork livers that I do not eat that much too. Overall, it is pretty delish, fulfilling and worth a try. IMHO, this bowl of noodles during my visit deserved a 4.5 star.

Address: 824 Tampines Street 81, #01-38, Singapore 520824.

VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 8

It was a beautiful Monday morning without having the morning blue feeling. The sky was clear and sunny, making it an excellent day to go out and get my things done. Remember that I have a few things that I have to do before leaving Malaysia.

Morning activity

Yes, I headed to the city to close the bank account that I opened when I started working. It was the 3rd time that I had headed to the town during my stay in Malaysia. Today, I travelled a little further because the bank has moved to another building down the road.

There was a waiting time before I reached the waiting lounge to get the assistant to work on my account closure. The cafe is called Ted Boy and is located within the bank, and I think it does not serve walk-in customers. If you are a priority holder in this bank, you may enjoy complimentary coffee from the counter.

No, I am not a priority holder. I went to the counter and checked out the price. It is relatively cheap to drink coffee in Kuala Lumpur compared to Singapore. For a cup of hot flat white, it is SGD4.00 to SGD5.00. I left the place once I got everything done. I did not get a cup of coffee and try.

I leave the address of the cafe in the reference section below.

Buy lunch

I wanted to eat pork noodles so much that I told my aunt that I would go buy and eat them as lunch. Initially, I thought of buying it from Lot 10 Hutong’s Imbi Road Pork Noodles stall at the basement food court. After settling my banking stuff, it was the nearest place to get a bowl of delicious pork noodles.

However, my aunt has another idea to buy pork noodles from the hawker stall at Taman Maluri. Yes, the place that my aunt went to on Sunday to introduce food around the area. I did not know the chances of buying pork noodles on Mondays because most of the butchers did not work on Sundays.

I bought two packets of pork noodles. The portion of the noodles is very generous with green vegetables too. Many pork noodles do not come with green vegetables. I ordered lean meat and minced meat only; my aunt and I did not eat the liver and innards. My surprise, the ingredients were generous enough, and we split each of our portions into two servings.

The above is just half of one pack of pork noodles. I finished all the noodles as it would not be nice to keep them overnight. I reheated the other half of the portion the next day for lunch.

I share the location of this stall located in Taman Maluri in the reference section below.

After heavy lunch

I headed out to the town again. Yes, again! This time I roamed the place alone. My earlier plan was to drop by the chicken rice stall at Jalan Bukit Bintang to find out why it is so famous. The stall is called Nasi Ayam Hainan Chee Meng. I did not manage to walk down from the Bukit Bintang MRT station to check out the place because I made a stop at Sports Direct.

I leave the address of the chicken rice stall in the reference section below. There were a few other cafes that I wanted to go to, but I found my time was limited to exploring many places.

I will plan to buy my sports shoes here next year. It has a wide range of selections at a reasonable price. It is a good avenue to source a good pair of running shoes.

McDonald’s crossing

New installation in the Bukit Bintang traffic light crossing near the McDonald’s restaurant. I took the photograph of it when I crossed the road to visit Sports Direct.

I did some shopping and walked around before settling down at a cafe while waiting for pick-up.

Coffee break at Eden

I bumped into some bloggers’ posts promoting the cafe on the rooftop of Lot 10. It is located next to the Bukit Bintang MRT. So, I decided to go up here to check out. Affordable drink, well agreed. They have both indoor and alfresco seating. I ordered a cup of matcha latte.

The view up here is pretty nice and serene. I did not manage to roam around to another side of the cafe to check out the interior. However, based on some bloggers’ photographs, the place looks great.

Prepare dinner as usual

Probably this was the most straightforward dinner of my entire trip in KL. I did not prepare many dishes. I cooked a plate of vegetables with sliced pork and a plate of vegetarian. Maybe, I was tired of the day.

Again, I ate rice!

Working on my blog

After taking a week of break, I continued blogging at home whenever I was free. The initiative to start the VTL blogs began during that time when I was in KL. I did not manage to finish after Day 3’s story and delayed the publication. A lot of things ran into my mind 0n that Monday evening after a few colleagues contacted me via WhatsApp and asked me to advise them on some of the issues.

It was my most active day on WhatsApp for my entire trip. The messages came in even after 8PM at night, and I carried on to reply to some other messages from colleagues regarding the issues and fixes that I needed their help to do. I did not bring my laptop back to KL, and I could not work on it.

There was a moment when I missed someone too. I wanted to talk with a person while I was away. After dinner and showering, I felt alone at night, and the house was so quiet. Since I was on WhatsApp, I texted and asked questions like, “how are you doing?” or simply dropped a hi to tell them that I am in KL or away from SG.

I did not draw anything that night, mainly focusing on the blog contents. Let me check out my photo album on my phone to find out whether there are more drawings to share.


  • Ted Boy: Lot 1.4, Ground Floor, Menara AIA Sentral, No. 30, Jln Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Nasi Ayam Hainan Chee Meng: 50, Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Pork noodles: Ground Floor, 51 & 53, Jalan Jejaka 9, Maluri, 55100 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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