Menya Musashi

Menya Musashi, Raffles City, Singapore.
Address: 252 North Bridge Rd, B1-44C, Singapore 179103.

It has been two months I stopped writing food reviews and it is time to resume and put up some nice photos and some reviews about the food which I have tried so far in the month of June.

Firstly, I would like to share with you a worth-to-try premium set from Menya Musashi. It is a Japanese restaurant located at Raffles City shopping center. The premium set which I ordered is called Cha Shu Ramen.

The Chashu ramen, karaage (fried) chicken, a chawanmushi, salad and a glass of drink.

You can choose type of the ramen, thick, thin or matcha noodle. You can choose the soup based too, original, garlic and spicy. Also, you can choose to have fried gyoza or karaage chicken.

My ramen is using original soup broth, thick ramen and it has 1 chashu only with some shredded wood-ear, half egg, seaweed and some pickles. If you order the Chashu ramen set, you will get additional pieces of meat without the karaage chicken and chawanmushi. It depends on your preferences.

The drink is refillable and you can choose between hot or cold houji cha, plain water or other drinks with additional costs.

The lunch is filing, sumptuous, delicious, worth to try. You may want to avoid fried chicken cutlet if you do not want to eat oily food.

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee, Capitol Piazza, Singapore.
I have been to this Japanese cafe at Capitol Piazza for twice and both occasions are for colleagues’ farewell. We went there in a group of people, so this restaurant is one of the good place to cater big group of people.

During my first time visit, I could not try the Japanese hand drip coffee and this time I ordered it. I was a bit disappointed when I found out the hand drip coffee was served to me in a ready-to-be-served condition as shown above. I am looking forward to see the dripping process and being explained on how to handle it. Sad, it is a fake experience.

It is a black coffee when it is served and they give us some milk if you want to add them in. Unfortunately, due to the disappointment, I did not even try the black coffee and added the milk into my coffee.

Then, I wonder, what does it means by “Refill” option? If we order this coffee, we can opt to refill with additional cost. However, what is the purpose of refill when the most important experience is not there?

Okay, back to the coffee, it is not strong with caffeine, taste similarly to Americano. For this price, it would be better to choose other drink and forget about the dripping experience.

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, B2-55 Capitol Piazza, Singapore.

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant, Liang Court, City Hall, Singapore.
On one of the raining Friday’s afternoon, we decided to have our late lunch and it was at a far away place. We travelled by bus to Liang Court to have our lunch. What made us travelled so far for a lunch? It is because of the supermarket, Medi-ya.

And we tried the omurice which is located inside Meidi-ya supermarket. I tried the tomato pork tonkatsu omu which I saw in the menu stating recommended. The tomato sauce is tangy and generous to the amount of rice. The pork cutlet portion is big, hot and crispy when it was served. It is slight different omurice that I tried at Hoshino Coffee.

Another try by my colleague was with the cream sauce which looked great as well. I did not asked how it tasted because, I believe cream sauce taste cannot be any differences.

Address: #B1-31, Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, Liang Court, 179030, Singapore.

Mandalay Style

Mandalay Style

My first Myanmar food experience with my “brothers” in Singapore. It was a farewell dinner with them as one of my “brother” went back to his home country, Myanmar in early July. It was really sad that my another brother also decided to leave me after two months. It is a really heart sickening period of time when both of them left. Our relationship is really close and we supported each other whenever we can. It is no where else I can find the same “brothers” again.

They brought me and my boss to try the Myanmar food with local taste somewhere in the city. From our office, we took MRT to City Hall MRT and walked about 10 minutes before we reached the place. It houses a few Myanmar’s restaurants inside this place. So, where is it??? It was located at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, 5 Coleman Street, #B1-29, City Hall.

Upon arrival, the restaurant was full house. Lucky enough, we did not have to wait too long to be served. We placed our order as soon as we sat down.
mandalay style

Deep Fried Pork Rib

The main purpose to visit this restaurant was to try this unique dish called, Deep Fried Pork Rib. It is a must-to-try dish. According to them, the pork rib is chewy and easy to bite and I believe the taste would be great and goes well with their special sauce. I did not try the pork rib myself because, I have phobia of eating it.
Mandalay Style

BBQ Fish

The fish was fresh and tasty. It did not overly cooked until dry. I believe this is also one of their specialty.
mandalay Style

Spicy Mixed Vegetable

This dish looks like Chinese style cooking except it is spicy. The level of spiciness was moderate for me, the overall taste was good, not salty and the gravy went well with plain rice. As for the vegetable, it was not overcooked.
Mandalay style

BBQ Lady Fingers and Chicken Buttocks

Yea, do not get shocked to see this chicken buttocks. Actually, it does have a lovely shape. Hahaha 🙂
Mandalay Style

Claypot Noodle

My brothers know that I like to eat noodle and ordered the claypot noodle for me to try. Hmm, I think it is a nice try of Myanmar style’s noodle than going for plain rice. Wow, indeed, it is a nice claypot noodle with more than generous amount of ingredients inside. The soup based was a little spicy but not salty. It came with meatballs, I am not sure is what kind of meat, sausages, lots of vegetables and I saw white fungus inside. It is a kind of unique combination. They also gave generous amount of noodle. Yummy!
Mandalay Style
Overall, the dinner was wonderful, it just like having food feast and the total costs for the food is on average as I saw their prices for the dishes are affordable. The Myanmar food is quite close to Chinese food, just that it was a little spicy for some of their food. I believe you can request for less spicy if you wish. However, for me, I prefer to go according to their local taste. This is how we can taste their food! It was a wonderful Myanmar food experience. I will definitely come again.

Location : #B1-29, Peninsula Excelsior Shopping Centre, 5 Coleman Street, City Hall, 179805 Singapore.