Hawker Food

Recently I have been trying a few of the hawker food and I would like to share some of them here.

Kang Le Fried Prawn Noodle, Changi Village Hawkers Centre, Singapore.
Address: 2 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 500002.
The hawker centre is full with people during my visit on one sunny Saturday after my marathon. When I approached this food stall, there were six plates of fried prawn noodle in queue. The cook prepared all the fried prawn noodle at one go for seven portion including mine. At first, I am a bit worries about the quality of the fried noodle because he cooks in big portion. When the fried noodle is served, they put the chili paste and it is superb as per said by auntie, his wife. She said the chili paste is homemade and she even told the foreigner the chili paste is better than other chilies.   I’m not sure if it is home made or not.

Kway Teow Soup, Eastlink Food Court, Tampines, Singapore.
Address: 8 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529543.
Although I feel its slightly pricey for a bowl of noodle which some minced meat, fish cakes and fish balls, I feel satisfied for having a bowl of hot soup after a long day in the cold office. The soup broth tastes normal in the beginning and as it cooled off, I am able to taste the sweetness of the soup broth. I almost finished the soup. The uncle cooks with care as how I see him cooking for the first two customers.

The Western Co, Singapore.
Address: 30 Foch Rd, Singapore 209276.
Our colleague wanted to try this food stall which offers TWC Raclette Chicken which waited for an hour. The making process is more interesting than the chicken itself. The amount of cheese on top of the chicken chop is just right, however, the overall taste does not really match or blend well.


Yew Chuan Claypot Rice

Yew Chuan Claypot Rice At Beach Road Hawker Centre.
After a jogging session with some of my colleagues, we decided to stop by at the newly reopened food court, the Golden Mile Food Court at Beach Road for our dinner. We went around the food court and we settled down at this stall, Yew Chuan claypot rice.

I let my colleague to order the claypot while the rest of us look for table and ordered drink. The waiting time for the claypot rice to be ready seem quite long even though I do not see many customers around.

Well, good food is worth to wait. We conquered the whole claypot rice which comes with generous amount of ingredients such as chicken meat, some salted fish, Chinese sausages, vegetable and I couldn’t recall the name of the black colored sausage. I added some black sauce, mixed them around and let the ingredients’ essence immersed into the rice before start eating them.

Address: Golden Mile Food Court, Beach Road, Singapore.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore. 
Sometimes ago, I went to search for restaurants that serve nice, authentic and reasonable price for Thai food in Golden Mile Complex after my friends suggested to meet up there. I short-listed the Nong Khai Beer House and Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant and suggested my friends to look for a table in either one of these restaurants. They selected Nong Khai instead. During my next visit to the Golden Mile Complex, I decided to try Diandin Leluk to check out their food with my cousin.

Mango Salad is one of the first dishes that we ordered. It is appetizing because of the sourness from the mango salad sauce and the green mango itself. They put a bit red chili so it is a bit spicy. If not mistaken Nong Khai’s waiter asked my friend before how spicy we wanted our mango salad last time 🙂

The green milk tea taste is just right, not too sweet and not too strong milk tea. As the ice melt, the drink maintains it tastes. Meanwhile, my cousin told me her lemongrass drink is boiled mild lemongrass water and added syrup. 😦

Next, the clear tom yam soup with seafood is served. It looks pretty good, right? It is generous with ingredients such as fish, squids, prawns and vegetables such as mushroom, tomato, red onions and lemongrass. My first sip of the tom yam soup is a little disappointed because it tastes salty. Where is the hot and sour favours?

The Pad Thai and Hot Basil Chicken Rice are served. The presentation of both food is not really appealing especially my hot basil chicken rice with a fried egg and my photo is not well taken and I am not able to share it here. The taste for both the Pad Thai and the rice are just normal and plenty of improvement is needed because I tried the hot basil chicken rice served by 7-11 in Pattaya and it tasted better than this one.

Address: #01-67/68/69, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199588.

Two Bakers

Two Bakers, Lavender, Singapore.
Again, I revisited this cafe after the last Christmas visit with two other friends. Wow, I cannot imagine it has been so long since my last visit. During my second visit, I went with another friend and we targeted to have more for dessert and shared one main course. Okay, these are what we tried during the visit:-

Bagel with bacon, egg, hash brown and salad with special sauce. And, I forgot the name of this sandwich. ^^ Anyway, our main desserts are these two beauties in which both of us caught in first sight.

The Matcha Swiss Roll contains strong green tea taste which I feel slightly overdo. First few bites are great but when the green tea taste covers all over my mouth, I need to find other things to balance out.

Here is the next dessert we ordered:-

The pear almond pie. The pie isn’t sweet, taste just right and nicely presented.
Address: 88 Horne Road, Singapore.


The Lighthouse, Lavender, Singapore.

It is an impromptu dinner with a group of four people after an evening run at the usual route. That night was a quiet night with two groups of people in the restaurant.

I choose the seafood angel hair pasta with sambal as my main course. It is a fusion cuisine, mixing western with local hot and spicy flavour. The prawns are fresh and crunchy. Good to give a try or even try to cook one on my own.

We shared a lot of travel stories during the dinner especially on my friend’s stories about her recent road trip in Australia. Also, another road trip in Iceland from another male friend. Those stories do make me feel it is time to travel again.

Address: 75 Jellicoe Road, #01-00 Wavelink Building, 208738 Singapore.

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan, Aperia Mall, Kallang, Singapore.
Hong Kong Most Famous Dim Sum.

A lunch outing with colleagues to the Michelin dim sum restaurant which is located quite closed to our office. I am a fan of dim sum and like to spend time eating dim sum and drinking the Chinese tea to spend time.

Of course, during office our we cannot afford to spend so much time for lunch and everything has to be quick within the hour. We ordered a few nice dim sum for our shares. It included the baked buns with BBQ pork, vermicelli roll with BBQ pork, congee with century egg, salted egg and pork, glutinous rice with lotus leaf and steamed egg cake.

The baked buns with BBQ pork is a must to try among others. The buns are crispy from the outside and chewy from the inside. The gravy from the BBQ pork is heavenly nice. Next, you should try their vermicelli roll with BBQ pork. I guess they use the same BBQ pork as the baked bun, that makes it so nice to eat.

If you like to eat glutinous rice, you can order it and it tasted nice too with generous ingredients such as chicken meat, mushroom and some inner stuff. Otherwise, their siew mai (pork dumpling with prawn) and har gao (prawn dumpling) are good as well.

It is my first time trying the steamed egg cake and it is so spongy and light. It is also my first time trying the congee, which turns out to be a simple congee. You can skip it altogether for other dim sum.

Address: 12 Kallang Avenue, #01-01/02/03, Aperia Mall, Singapore.

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan, Aperia Mall, Kallang, Singapore.
Hong Kong Most Famous Dim Sum.

I joined a group of colleagues for a so-called farewell lunch together at this famous dim sum house located at Aperia Mall. We bumped into another group of colleagues and we sat at the same corner to enjoy the meals together. It was my first time visit and we did try a lot of their dim sum. Their menu is pretty simple, just around 20 different dim sum.

Here is all of our orders for the day, quite many of them to name it, so I just leave it without naming them. It is shared by three persons including myself.

Overall, their dim sum is rather expensive if I were to compare with those that I can get from other normal dim sum shops. However, for the price of a Michelin’s restaurant, some of the dim sum are really worth to try for the second time especially the baked bun with BBQ pork because of the texture of the baked bun and the gravy of the BBQ pork make it so special.

There are many others we did not get to order and it looks good too, so I hope during my second visit next time, I can try other dim sum too.

Address: 12 Kallang Avenue, #01-01/02/03, Aperia Mall, Singapore.