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Siam Kitchen

Revisited NEX in Serangoon sometime ago to meet up with a friend there. And, we went into this Thai restaurant, Siam Kitchen to give a try on their food. The crowd in the restaurant was so-so only and the service was quite bad. I am not sure whether they are short of workers or there is some reasons for not able to serve food fast.

Mango Salad as our appetizer. It is quite delicious and appetizing with the sauce they used.
siam kitchen
Next, we both ordered the Pad Thai as there is not other nice food that I would like to try. I was looking around for the Thai basil chicken in the menu but in vain. It tastes normal only and the portion is pretty generous. I could not finish it all and it gets cold pretty fast.
siam kitchen
Lastly, we have ordered Fish Cakes too which are quite delicious. Do dip it into the sauce before eating it.
siam kitchen
Address: NEX. 23 Serangoon Central #B1-76/77, Singapore.

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Mad Jack

Mad Jack, NEX, Singapore.
Mad Jack
On the mission to try another restaurant in NEX. The above is the Beef Rye with Black Pepper Sauce.
Mad Jack
And this is Blue Mountain Chicken Burger with chips. It took quite long to be served and the burger is not fantastic to me, although it is filling with its portion.

Address: #B1-27, 23 Serangoon Central, NEX, Singapore.
Rating: 2/5. The service is slow and waiting time to have the burger served is too long. Do not enjoy my dining experience here.
Website: http://www.madjackcafe.com/

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Hot Tomato

Hot Tomato, NEX, Serangoon

It was my first time visit NEX. It is a big shopping complex and it has a lot of restaurants to choose. I was here for dinner because of this restaurant was not having long queue at that time, around 7PM. I decided to go for the main set with add-on drink and soup of the day. Although, the queue was not long, the waiting time was a bit long. The drink and the soup took a while to be served after placed the order.

Iced Lemon Tea with Creamy Mushroom Soup
I liked the mushroom soup, it was creamy, thick and mushy and it always goes well with garlic bread. As for the Iced Lemon Tea was just normal, no additional comments for it.
Hot Tomato
Then the main dishes were included the Fish and Chips and Teriyaki Chicken Chop with Spaghetti. The Fish and Chips was garnished with cherry tomatoes and it looked slightly small portion because it was not whole fish fillet. I may sound greedy, however, its portion maybe just enough for kids.

Meanwhile, the Teriyaki Chicken Chop looked the same to me. It seemed that everything came in small portion and hardly satisfied the stomach. As for the taste, it was still acceptable. The Teriyaki sauce was enough for both of the chicken and spaghetti. It could not go without the sauce.
Hot Tomato
Hot Tomato

Location: NEX, 23 Serangoon Central Mall, #B1- 47, Singapore.
Ambiance: Spacious and noisy.
Rating: 2/5. Small portion and slight waiting time for food to be served.

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Lola’s Cafe

Lola’s Cafe

I was brought to this cafe for brunch last two weeks. It was my first time trying this cafe. When we reached the cafe, it was full house and was told to leave our contact and they would call us when table is available. After waiting for a while, they called and we got a place inside the cafe.

We ordered the Lola’s Full Monty Breakfast with a cup of Caffe Latte. I loved the sausage very much with bacon, ham and toast. It also came with scrambled egg.

I seldom take picture from top-down view
Lola's Cafe
A closer view of the breakfast.
Lola's Cafe
The breakfast was great and filling. Although the environment of this cafe was a bit noisy and crowded, it was still a great place to be as the cafe was nicely decorated. Unfortunately, I was too concentrating on chatting with my friend and did not take any of the pictures of the cafe.

Do not worry, there will be next visit!

Location: 5 Simon Road, Singapore.
Ambience: Noisy, crowded with people, comfy place with nice decorations.
Rating: 3/5. Food is tasted nice, big portion and filling. Services are fast and responsive.

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